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Peter Makes £50 Per Day From Betfair, Using a 9 Year Old Method, See This.

We heard about Peter back in 2007, when he was receiving rave reviews about some information he was selling about making returns using Betfair. Peter unfortunately decided that he was going to stop promoting his methods, even though they worked.

Finally, after a few years of coaxing, we have pursued Peter to offer his methods again, which makes him on average £50+ per day, every day. Remember also, that Peter has used this information for over 9 years, so this is VERY interesting information, from a professional. Read more

PostCard Cash Review Made Us Over £500 Per Hour In Testing You Have To See This!

Post Card Cash ReviewsFor the last 2 months we have been testing a method called PostCard Cash, and our review of this will surprise you. The reason being, it is one of the simplest methods we have come across, that generates great profits, but the time required is almost zero.

You read that right. Our researchers have put our money where our mouth is, and have been quietly testing this method called PostCard Cash for the last 2 months or so, with the intention of providing you, our members with yet another method that definitely generates profits.

If fact, over the course of 2 months we made nearly £1,500 with just 1 hours work to make it. Amazingly simple. Read More Details.. Read more

Bonus Scooper Reviews – Make £1000 in Quick Cash

Bonus Scooper Reviews. A service that allows you to bank £1000+ in cash, from retailer’s cash giveaways. If you are interested in a way to make quick revenue from your computer, then you will want to check this out.

This is one of the easiest ways we have seen, that converts some simple online activity into instant cash. Money that you can transfer instantly to your bank account, and it works 100%. Read more

The Daily Tip Off Review John Doe

Operated by “John Doe” (an obvious pen name), The Daily Tip Off offers subscribers a daily tip that has been whittled down from a large sample group.

What is the product?

At the centre of The Daily Tip Off is John Doe, a tipster of sorts who claims to have connections with 30 of the biggest and top punters in the game. Because of this connection he says that he is privy to their own selections. By taking this information and applying it to a formula that is unique to The Daily Tip Off (and is in turn based on the methods that the afore mentioned punters use) he is able to narrow down all these selections to one that is most likely to win. Despite this method, The Daily Tip Off has a strike rate of around 36% according to John Doe. As well as the winning selection The Daily Tip Off also provides the runner up with the reasons that the winner was chosen. This allows you to also back the runner up if you so choose as well as allowing you to make an informed decision. Read more

The Lazy Money System Review Hans Peter (HP) Jeschke

Created by Hans Peter (HP) Jeschke, The Lazy Money System is a simple method of getting started in affiliate marketing.

What is the product?

The Lazy Money System is a downloadable guide spread over a 35page PDF. The course that has been created by HP Jeschke shows you the methods that he employed in his own campaigns including products, keywords and the type of ads. The Lazy Money System has a pretty simple structure that is based around using Microsoft’s Bing search engine for a number of reasons. Key amongst these is that placing an advert on Bing allows you to put your affiliate link directly in as an advert. Secondly appears to be the fact that it is less saturated than Google. As well as the core guide HP Jeschke also gives users access to two different bonus videos, one on finding the best products to promote and market whilst the second video shows you how to use Bing to track your conversion. As well as this there is an additional 10 step guide for beginners. Read more

1 Point Wins Review

Created by a tipster known only as Andy, 1 Point Wins is an email based horse racing tipster service that utilises level stakes of just 1 point.

What is the product?

1 Point Wins is a horse racing tipster service that provides users with frequent tips on races up and down the UK. With average odds for selections coming in at 4.92 BSP one wouldn’t typically expect a particularly high strike rate but 1 Point Wins still comes in with a respectable 31.45% average Given the title it seems pretty apparent that 1 Point Wins uses a level staking system where there is never a higher liability than one point. As mentioned, 1 Point Wins is email based with Andy sending out his selections about 10am although he professes that this may occasionally be as late as midday. The selection process isn’t detailed however Andy says that he has over 17 years of experience and developing 1 Point Wins. On top of this he also says that he has a long history of horse racing knowledge and experience. Read more

The Midas Method 3.0 Review Steve G

Created by Steve G, The Midas Method 3.0 is the third iteration of the system, this version being a piece of software that automatically applies the relevant filters.

What is the product?

The Midas Method 3.0 is a downloadable piece of software that is actually already preloaded with The Midas Method. This is actually a horse racing system developed by Steve G that can allegedly pick winning horses with a 59% strike rate and an 87% strike rate when it comes to place bets. As well as the pre-loaded set ups you can adjust the filters in The Midas Method 3.0 to allow you to also set up your own systems. Odds for selections using The Midas Method 3.0 default system can, according to Steve G, go as high as 60/1. As well as the core system that the software provides, The Midas Method 3.0 also offers users tips on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday which are sent out on the day, typically before 10am but never later than midday. There is unfortunately little information about the tipping service or the process behind the selections that The Midas Method 3.0 makes in its software form. Read more

FB Easy Money Review Gareth Jehu

Created by Gareth Jehu, FB Easy Money is a guide to using Facebook to generate sales for an online business in a niche of your choosing.

What is the product?

FB Easy Money is a standard downloadable format that is made up of eight “webinars” with a total run time of about 6-8 hours (between 45 minutes and an hour per video). Each webinar covers a separate topic such as choosing a niche, generating traffic and setting up a Facebook fan page. As well as this creator Gareth Jehu provides FB Easy Money users with 6 one hour sessions on Skype in which he offers advice and assistance in making your business a success. The idea behind FB Easy Money lies in the notion that if you can get people signed up to your business’ Facebook fan page you have an in built market to sell products to directly with Gareth Jehu claiming that 51% of people will make a purchase from you. Read more

Bet Alchemist Review Nicky Doyle

Created by Nicky Doyle, Bet Alchemist is a horse racing tipster service that provides selections for a number of different race types with a focus on bigger events.

What is the product?

Bet Alchemist is a horse racing tipster service that provides selections for UK and Irish races. Selections are offered when available with around 6-12 selections per week for a number of races including national hut, flat and all weather races. Bet Alchemist selections draw heavily on the alleged experience of creator Nicky Doyle with him saying that his system uses extensive form and statistical analysis as well as getting to “know” the jockeys, trainers and horses. He also claims to be able to spot when a horse has been primed for a big win although details are scarce on this. Based off the statistics that Nicky Doyle provides, Bet Alchemist has produced a strike rate of 50.21% with average odds of 7/1. Read more

Dobbin Day Review Nigel Dove

Created by Nigel Dove, Dobbin Day is a piece of software that has been designed to seek out and automatically place hedged bets in horse races.

What is the product?

Dobbin Day is a piece of software that allegedly is able to entirely automate the process of identifying and placing hedged bets. Hedged bets essentially involved backing and laying a certain type of horse in order to guarantee a win. Whilst this is usually a rather time consuming process, Dobbin Day aims to streamline this and automatically place bets for you. Nigel Dove claims to have worked hard on the system and from what I have seen, this is a believable claim. Dobbin Day looks to have a pretty simple interface and is able to access your Betfair account to bet on your behalf. Dobbin Day is Betfair approved and it is worth pointing out that an account is required. Read more

The Gambling Don Review

Offered as a part of the Betfan stable of tipsters, The Gambling Don is a horse racing tipster service that has consistently profited of a considerable amount of time.

What is the product?

The Gambling Don is a fairly typical tipster service by all accounts. It provides daily selections for horse races from around the UK with bets usually being a mixture of win bets and each way. The Gambling Don subscribers can typically expect 1-4 selections each day which as of January 2014 have achieved a strike rate of around about 30%. The selections seem to be drawn from two different aspects, the first being the experience of The Gambling Don and the second being a network of informers. These have been accumulated during The Gambling Don’s alleged twenty years of horse racing betting experience, a factor which Betfan say made him a must have for their betting stable. Read more

BetTrader Review Adam Todd

Originally created by Adam Todd, BetTrader is a piece of software that allows you to quickly place bets on the Betfair betting exchange.

What is the product?

There are a number of Betfair API’s on the market, most of which fundamentally do the same thing. BetTrader is one such example of this that has in some shape been around since 2005 when creator Adam Todd was trying to build the programme in Adobe Flash. Since then BetTrader has undergone a number of changes and now stands as a decent program that is the only example that immediately springs to mind when considering Mac users (BetTrader is both Windows and Mac compatible). BetTrader offers a number of different features and displays with the most prominent example being the ladder display that allows you to view a huge number of different bets per race/event. The big draw of BetTrader, as with all Betfair software lies in the fact that you can place bets with unparalleled speed, especially when compared to placing bets on the website. Read more

The Online Business Blueprint Review Robert Tyson

Created by Robert Tyson and marketed by Agora Lifestyles, The Online Business Blueprint is a step by step guide to making money online by taking advantage of your skills.

What is the product?

The Online Business Blueprint is a comprehensive guide to utilising your skills, talents and knowledge to develop your own products which you can then sell for profit. Robert Tyson has broken The Online Business Blueprint down into 6 different steps, each of which must be purchased separately. These are primarily video based but also come with worksheets in PDF format to back this up. The products that you create are recommended by The Online Business Blueprint to be e-books to start out due to the low costs involved although your completed product could just as easily be a video based program. As well as content creation The Online Business Blueprint also provides some information on how to market your products etc. although this doesn’t look to be the core of the product. Read more

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