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Peter Makes £50 Per Day From Betfair, Using a 9 Year Old Method, See This.

We heard about Peter back in 2007, when he was receiving rave reviews about some information he was selling about making returns using Betfair. Peter unfortunately decided that he was going to stop promoting his methods, even though they worked.

Finally, after a few years of coaxing, we have pursued Peter to offer his methods again, which makes him on average £50+ per day, every day. Remember also, that Peter has used this information for over 9 years, so this is VERY interesting information, from a professional. Read more

PostCard Cash Review Made Us Over £500 Per Hour In Testing You Have To See This!

Post Card Cash ReviewsFor the last 2 months we have been testing a method called PostCard Cash, and our review of this will surprise you. The reason being, it is one of the simplest methods we have come across, that generates great profits, but the time required is almost zero.

You read that right. Our researchers have put our money where our mouth is, and have been quietly testing this method called PostCard Cash for the last 2 months or so, with the intention of providing you, our members with yet another method that definitely generates profits.

If fact, over the course of 2 months we made nearly £1,500 with just 1 hours work to make it. Amazingly simple. Read More Details.. Read more

Bonus Scooper Reviews – Make £1000 in Quick Cash

Bonus Scooper Reviews. A service that allows you to bank £1000+ in cash, from retailer’s cash giveaways. If you are interested in a way to make quick revenue from your computer, then you will want to check this out.

This is one of the easiest ways we have seen, that converts some simple online activity into instant cash. Money that you can transfer instantly to your bank account, and it works 100%. Read more

The Pasang System Review Streetwise News Alex Sealby

Created by Alex Sealby (a self-confessed pen name), The Pasang System is a method of making money online that is offered through Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

The Pasang System is one of the latest offerings from Streetwise Publications that claims to be able to offer substantial monthly income, allegedly taking just minutes of your time each day. Alex Sealby (for want of a better name) says that The Pasang System simply requires logging into a website, doing some basic math and you can start profiting instantly. In fact, he compares the method to having your own top secret online ATM.  The Pasang System comes as a manual that shows you where to go, what you need to do etc. and most importantly details the algorithm that Alex Sealby says will allow you to use The Pasang System. Read more

Forex On The Go Review Ross Mihal

Created by Ross Mihal, Forex On The Go gives its users access to a number of different trading strategies brought together into a single manual.

What is the product?

Forex On The Go is essentially four different trading methods, each of which is based around its own time frame and currency pairs etc. however all have one thing in common which is that Ross Mihal refers to them as “set and forget”. Whilst I cannot go into too much detail about the strategy itself, Forex On The Go is allegedly grounded in trading strategies developed during the 90’s that are still used today by various major institutions. The first of these is the “main” one and this is based around opening trades on a Monday morning over a one week time scale. Read more

Football Betting Master Review Phil Rushton

Created by Phil Rushton, Football Betting Master is a product that shows users how to identify a certain type of bet for football games from all over the world.

What is the product?

Football Betting Master is a two fold product depending on which services you decide to sign up for. There is a tipster service which can be signed up for separately from the main product itself which is a guide to making selections for games based around over and under betting markets. Through using the betting manual you can theoretically use Football Betting Master any time and for any match with the results Phil Rushton shows suggesting that this can be applied to games from any world league or cup. As mentioned, Football Betting Master is also operated as a tipster service which offers subscribers around 3 tips per week for various games and again, these are in the over and under betting markets. Read more

Insider Betting Bot Review Thomas Anderson

Allegedly created by Thomas Anderson, Insider Betting Bot is claimed to be a piece of software that will identify winning horses for the days races.

What is the product?

Insider Betting Bot is supposedly a piece of software that is based on the same betting methods that the syndicate Thomas Anderson is a member of uses. If you believe the sales material, this “fool proof” method of betting has attained a strike rate of 72%. Selections are sent out on a daily basis covering races from across the UK. The selection process for Insider Betting Bot tips is allegedly based around two key aspects. The first of these is courtesy of alleged insider information which comes from a number of sources but all are people who work within horse racing and are “truly in the know”. Read more

Mobile Betting Club Review Leon Dijskra

Created by Leon Dijskra, Mobile Betting Club is an app based tipster service that allows you to get your tips on almost any internet enabled device.

What is the product?

Mobile Betting Club is a horse racing tipster service that is claimed by creator Leon Dijskra to be different to anything else on the market as you can get your tips sent straight to your phone. Selections from Mobile Betting Club are daily and are claimed to be rooted in “the most reliable and ‘agreed’ selections” (whatever that actually means). Leon Dijskra then goes on to talk about how Mobile Betting Club ignores a number of statistics such as form, the odds, the weather, track and even the RP Ratings. Read more

Greed Machine Loophole Review Streetwise Publications

Created by Anthony Davis and sold through Streetwise Publications, Greed Machine Loophole is a product that claims to show how to exploit a loophole to get free money from companies.

What is the product?

Greed Machine Loophole is advertised as a method to unethically but legally steal money from the same big companies that have so often got one over on the little guy according to Anthony Davis. In fact there is a lot of talk about this kind of set up and how large companies are robbing you blind while they make more money than ever before. This certainly makes for interesting reading but it does not make a product. Anthony Davis then goes on to claim that Greed Machine Loophole is like a bank of safety deposit boxes that are all set to open at certain times or dates during which you can raid them for cash. Naturally this doesn’t allow you to actually gain any insight into how Greed Machine Loophole really works. Of course there are further metaphors with Anthony Davis comparing Greed Machine Loophole to companies giving out money to certain customers for free. However the fact is that this exercise in analogical description seems to have much more in common with a copy writer with an over active imagination than anything that I would define as real. Read more

Prem 10 Review Dave Gibson

Created by Dave Gibson, Prem 10 is a football tipster service that specialises in providing users with tips for the English Premier League.

What is the product?

Prem 10 is a tipster service that provides subscribers with bets for Premier League games. On the surface this isn’t anything new however the bets are typically different to the norm covering things like above/under bets for the number of goals, corners and cards. Dave Gibson will typically release 4-5 bets on a Friday with an analysis of why they have been selected. This is steeped in information that comes from OPTA Sports Data, probably the most recognisable sports data company in the world. This is courtesy of a license for Oxfordshire Press (the company that Dave Gibson also serves as the MD for). Many of the bets that Prem 10 provides are built around statistical predictions that in turn have their basis that historically have a 70% statistical likelihood. Read more

PIE Trading Strategy Review Streetwise Publications

Created by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert, PIE Trading Strategy is a low risk, options based trading product that is currently being advertised and pushed by Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

PIE Trading Strategy is a one day trading course provided by Profitable Investment Education, a company founded by Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert to teach their trading strategy to others. The centre of PIE Trading Strategy is what you are trading as this does involve options trading. Most traditional traders will likely be wary of options as there can be massive risks involved however with the right approach, you can also use options as a method of minimising risk as well. Essentially you are not buying anything with options so much as the option to buy or sell at a certain price at a later date and it seems that this is key to Paul Bent and Glynn Calvert’s trading method. Read more

The Diff Code Europe Review Marting Carter

Created by Marting Carter, The Diff Code Europe is a trading signal that the retired city trader says uses differential trading.

What is the product?

The Diff Code Europe is a simple to use trading strategy operated by Martin Carter. With The Diff Code Europe, all you need to do is log on to the member’s area each day to obtain signals to trade on (with stop loss take profit information as well) and then place the relevant trades. These signals come from a unique algorithm devised by Martin Carter which is based around differential trading (looking at the difference in price of two markets), The Diff Code Europe specifically uses the French Stock Exchange and the German Stock Exchange as these are allegedly some of the most stable markets in the world (CAC and DAX). According to Martin Carter, The Diff Code Europe is based heavily on the same trading methods that he devised whilst working as a city trader. The focus of this trading was to create a low risk strategy rather than just “gambling” with people’s money. Read more

No Money Down Review Progressive Property

Created by Rob Moore and Mark Homer, No Money Down is an information product that introduces you to a number of ways of raising money to build your property portfolio.

What is the product?

Coming over 6 CD’s, No Money Down is a pretty comprehensive guide that shows you how to own property that is making you money, without having to spend any of your own. Coming from Rob Moore and Mark Homer, No Money Down is naturally a Progressive Property product and as such it follows a format that will be familiar to anybody who has used their products before. No Money Down  is primarily based around things like joint ventures and ways of getting mortgages, that is to say, creative methods of financing your property portfolio. Read more

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