1p-per-click.com Reviews Paul Lynch

1p-per-click.com Reviews


Paul Lynch New Product 1p Per Click

We have recently tested the new DVD by Paul Lynch : 1p-per-click.com stating that Paul uses a system that can generate you masses of traffic, for any website, in any industry, all at 1p per click.


Here is what happened:

This is all geared around banner advertising on Google, with the minimum you can bid is 1p, and then using literally thousands of keywords related to your product or website.

Then you advised to create lots of campaigns, using 2000 keywords each time; and Paul himself had 12 campaigns in his example.

Anyway, we created 2 campaigns, with thousands of keywords each, created our banners, which were approved by Google, and 3 days later, we had still only received 1 impression – yes, 1 impression. Not hundreds of thousands, like in Paul’s example, but 1 (single unit = one), which obviously was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

We paid £341.55  for this information, which will obviously be going back for a complete refund.

If Paul wishes to contact us, he can do so via our ‘contact us’ page, because this did NOT work. And quite frankly, we cannot see how it can, because there are simply not enough Adsense opportunities for your banners to go on, not when bidding just 1p per click. Anybody with half a brain would simply bid 2p and upstage your ads, especially if they had an unlimited budget.

Conclusion: The fact is, 1p bids do not even appear on the radar for Google AdWords. And is most definitely not worth £341.55. We would struggle too if the .55 pence would be well spent on this.



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  1. MMO Newbie says:

    I tried this a few years ago, and could not make it work either. I have since gone on to try other Paul Lynch products and made nothing from them either.

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