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Football Accumulators Tips Review

Created by an unnamed tipster, Football Accumulators Tips is a new service that specialises in providing subscribers accumulator bets for various football leagues.

What is the product?

Football Accumulators Tips is sold as the only way to make big money through football betting. This however mostly seems to be down to the use of accumulator bets rather than referencing the service itself. In terms of the service, Football Accumulators Tips provides users with just 6 selections each week, 3 each on a Saturday and Sunday. These are broken down into 2 low risk bets, 2 medium risk bets and 2 high risk bets (which are sent out each Friday). Rather frustratingly there is nothing said about what the selection process for Football Accumulators Tips actually is. Whilst it is clear that the service uses accumulators to get the best possible value, this on its own isn’t enough for my liking.

Football Accumulators Tips is said to look at the major football leagues including the Premier League however this isn’t explored outside of a few choice results that are located on the affiliate page (which shows bets for Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish football).

This is also the only place that anything close to proofing comes into play however with just a few selected winners I am very sceptical about the bigger picture. Unfortunately this doesn’t provide any insight into things like staking or the strike rate (although I wouldn’t expect too high a figure here anyway).

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

One of the most appealing aspects of Football Accumulators Tips is the cost which is definitely on the cheap side. There are two subscription options available for Football Accumulators Tips, the first of which is a monthly subscription which will cost £12 or an annual subscription which will cost just £47.

Because it is sold through Clickbank, Football Accumulators Tips also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee should you find that you are unhappy with the service. In terms of income there aren’t really any claims made and without proofing it is difficult to get an idea of what to expect.

Does the product provide value for money?

Based off the little information that Football Accumulators Tips provide, I am not certain that it does provide value for money.


The biggest problem with Football Accumulators Tips to me is that it just doesn’t seem to be all that profitable. Consider the results that they have published which show that over two weekends there were winning of 16.94 points.

This means that there were then 9 points lost bringing the profit to almost 8 points. Now consider that these are the results that are being used as a selling point which suggests that these results are the best that can be offered. Personally, this doesn’t fill me with confidence however if you are interested in Football Accumulators Tips, it is also difficult to ignore the fact that there is very little risk in the service.



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