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If you are somebody who is interested in starting a unique business, or simply increasing your current income then this one product maybe of interest to you. SmartSentinel is being launched by Tim Lowe which aims to plan a brand new spin on the mobile technology market.

smartsentinel Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe

Who is Tim Lowe, and What is SmartSentinel?

SmartSentinel is a the name of a software application that is claimed to help literally millions of business owners AND their customers. The aim is to provide a mutual benefit application/software that will help both find each other when required. The software and it’s idea does look sound, and we can see obvious benefits.

How is SmartSentinel software different from what is out there?

We will let Tim Lowe and his team explain that in more details, but basically the basis of the launch is due to the difficulty when trying to read content on a mobile phone, or tablet. The software will allow users to view the content much easier, as well as providing value to the businesses via increased contact and orders. The idea behind the product is due to increased activity on a business website, and the ‘foot-flow’ that comes from that, the business owner will increase their profits.

What will SmartSentinel teach me?

This is a business opportunity that we have not come across before, and the foundation seems sound. Basically, what is claimed, is that all you need is an internet connection and a computer and you can be up and running making profits.

How much can I make with this business?

The advertising claims that you can make up to £400 an hour, by providing a solution that business owners will want to take advantage off. We have seen similar businesses before, and our opinion is, that any solution that provides increased profits to a business owner will grab attention, so this definitely has legs.

Will I be taught everything to run the business?

As the course is created by Tim Lowe, then you can guarantee that the details will be included on exactly how to run the business. Everything you need to run the business is to be provided.

Conclusion, and will this business work?

Mobile applications are absolutely HUGE at the moment, and when you include the fact that profits are going to be increased by the business owners, then we can see this working well. All businesses need, and want to increase their customer base, and attract-ability from prospective new customers, so if you can provide this solution to them, then in actual fact it does not cost the business anything, and on that basis, this is a very interesting proposition.

Is there a money back guarantee?

All Tim Lowe products and services come with a money back guarantee, and this one is no different. The guarantee, is that if you are not making money, then you have 120 days to claim your money back, which is 3 months, and a very good timescale for such guarantees.

Take Action today, by visiting the website below, which will explain more:

SmartSentinel has now closed – For more ways to make money online, as recommended by our members, please click the following link:







  1. TTN says:

    has anybody had a refund from the company before by tim lowe? i just want to make sure i will get a refund should i ned to,

    • Hello,

      As with any product offered, if the guarantee is offered, then all companies have to abide by the letter of their commitments, so you should have no problem there. You will be protected by the payment facility also.



  2. jean says:

    How can I acces smart sentinel website

    • Hello Jean,

      As we understand it, on the letter or email you will have received, there will have been a passcode to use to gain entry to the smartsentinel website.



      • peter wall says:

        to ukdropshop admin can you please tell me where i can see the reply from smartsentinal to all these questions that people have made

        • Hello Peter,

          Questions can be answered directly, by contacting Waverley Media the promoters. We have tried to answer some questions ourselves, as we have seen the sales page, but of course more in depth answers should be requested from Waverley Media themselves.



  3. Jase1 says:

    Hi I have read the page thanks do I need to contact people to sell the product or is that done for me can somebody explain that in more detail please. The page holds loads of talk but I struggle to see if I will be selling direct.

    • Peter says:

      I have bought this product. You are encouraged to sell direct – that is to say you are encouraged to speak to potential customers on the phone. But, there is a method of selling, using e mails, which is probably not as successful percentage wise – if you follow my meaning. I am feeling confident at the moment. I’m still watching the video tutorials. Good luck!

  4. daz says:

    anybody else taken this up yet I am very tempted to give it a go

  5. Richard Sumner says:

    Tim- some questions please:
    – what percentage of Google listed sites do in fact display a live email address which can be picked up?
    – is the software device independent- ie, does it matter if the site is to be used on a Windows/Android/Apple phone?
    – are tablets (as opposed to phones) catered for?
    – how is the site uploaded?
    Thanks- Richard Sumner

  6. RedSRM says:

    I have invested in this and will let you all know how it goes. The idea is good and the problem is something that does need solving. Before I jumped in I also asked a few local shops about it and they also said it is something they would be interested in, so that told me a lot.

    • Ralph Enoch says:

      Hi RedSRM,
      I would be grateful to know how you’re finding working with the Smart Sentinel System. I have considered likewise, so your input would be most useful.

      Many thanks,
      R Enoch.

  7. Jj says:

    My wife and I have decided to join this and the main reason being the company I work for does very similar work for local businesses.

    Call it a conflict of interest but my boss does well out of stuff like this, so I will give it a go myself now as I have been looking to go self employed for time.


  8. MTaylor says:

    Still deliberating on this one. I like the idea of it, just to convince the better half to go for it. Wish me luck!

  9. CPM says:

    Sorry if the questions sound silly but I really like this business opportunity and would love to give it a go!

    I am rubbish at anything to do with computers, however, having said that the video you show makes it look easy, I am sure I could do that!

    Just wondering if I would still get a refund if I DID make a few hundred pounds, but then the sales slowed down & stopped within the 3 month timescale?

    Also how do I deal with customer support? what if a customer starts asking for things that I am not sure of – how quick will you reply to answer my emails? And what happens if something goes wrong with the software – can I contact you to correct it?

    Look forward to hearing any replies

  10. Nigel Hanwell says:

    Well I’ve taken the plunge. Great members site with comprehensive training material and support which can either be submitting tickets through the members area or direct email and Skype with one of the co-founders, Rob Walker.

    You will need to understand, or at least have someone who can, how to host domain names and sites but again there are step by step videos to help you through this.

    I’ve put together a sales website through watching the videos and created a Facebook page just by following two videos again.

    Demo sites are easy to create which you will need for your sales site, dare I say it, there are videos showing you step by step what to do.

    If the guys who monitor this review site let me post links then please visit and “Like” my Facebook page at and feel free to ask any questions.


    • Steve says:

      The training/videos are really good and the product does look fantastic, just having some issues getting some traction on the sales side (which at the end of the day is the most important thing). Anybody having some good early success? Kind regard steve

  11. mo says:

    hi I just received the sales letter to smartsentinel,and wanted to know is it really that easy as they say. Like on the demo video. I don’t like technical work that scares me like building sites and stuff. And do I have to call customers someone here mentioned that. Please give me as much information as possible.

  12. mo says:

    I looking for something easy quick and profitable like this, also I want to start in the future next year hopefully can this programme still be purchased then. Maybe directly through rob and Craig.

  13. John says:

    I bought into this a few weeks ago, and now my website is up and running and I have started promoting I have made 3 sales this week alone. The marketing and way of finding customers is extremely good but I have changed the template slightly and adding some custom writing to mix things a bit.

    All is happy in the John household so far.

    • Jim says:

      Hi, I have just booked for this also. The Diamond Package. Going on the 3rd Dec pm. Which package did you take?

      I was disappointed to find out that the software is not Mac compatible and so are having to get a new Mac with Parallel installed. Puzzles me why they did not make it compatible.


    • Andy says:

      Hi John, it sounds like it’s working for you.
      Did the customers come to you as the sales blurb suggests or did you actively market to them yourself? i.e. ring them up?
      Thanks, Andy

      • John says:

        I am not scared to get on the phone as I have run businesses before that required me to spend half my day on the dog and bone, so the 3 sales I mentioned 2 of them was telephone sales made quite easily I must add, and one from the emails sent which again I did change. I have made more sales since then, some from emails too, and things are progressing well. Not as much time as I would have liked due to a family issue taking me away from marketing it for a over a week.

        Speaking frankly I could have done all this without the investment but the software to find punters is in my opinion fantastic, and saves a lot of time, together with the teaching the guys offer I think was invaluable.

        • Brian says:

          Hi john I thought rob and Craig made the website for you as part of the package. But you built your own. I have been hoping to get in on this also as I have had time email no keep looking at it. Thanks

        • Andy says:

          Thanks for your comments John. I’ve taken the plunge and am having a few teething problems with video content but am sure Rob can help with this.
          Good luck, Andy

  14. neverland says:

    I have now had the chance to read through everything after ordering and I am very impressed with how this has been put together with a lot of thought and effort.

    I have not done anything like this before as I suspect a lot of others have not either, but from what I have read so far and the software this looks like being a winner and I cannot wait to get my teeth into it.

    I will be spending a few more days reading over everything before sending out my first promos.

  15. Patrick says:

    Now The Smart Sentinel opportunity has closed after only 6 months of availability how long will the excellent support continue to be supplied?

  16. Patrick says:

    Please tell me why this Smart Sentinel opportunity has been closed down now?

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