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The Profit Box Review

Created by Richard Bullivant, The Profit Box is a blueprint for selling niche products and collectibles online.

What is the product?

The Profit Box is a subscription based service provided by Richard Bullivant in which he teaches you how to sell online profitably. The Profit Box is a “blueprint” product which is supported by training videos from the creator. The Profit Box fundamentally follows the oldest of trading philosophies of buy low sell high, in this case targeting less competitive niches. These niches are updated monthly with Richard Bullivant advising The Profit Box subscribers of new opportunities. He claims that The Profit Box is so easy to make money for because of the lack of competition (something that I shall look at later). The items that you are selling are available from a number places and may involve purchases from the high street or even other online retailers.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

The first month’s access to The Profit Box is available for just £7.95 which represents a 60% discount on the £19.95 it would usually cost. On top of this Richard Bullivant offers a refund of the first month’s cost if you are unhappy with The Profit Box. The profitability is claimed to be high with Richard Bullivant saying that he makes over £25,000 per year using the principals laid out in The Profit Box on a part time basis.

Does the product provide value for money?

At £7.95 I think that The Profit Box is fairly priced and may well be worth a look. In terms of subsequent months, I would evaluate the profits of the first month before making up my mind.


The Profit Box looks to be a pretty solid proposition and the discounted first month and money back guarantee are all reassuring. My problem with The Profit Box is however lies in the fact that Richard Bullivant says that these niches are profitable because there is a lack of competition. However, if even 20 people suddenly crop up in a given niche selling the same products you are inherently put at a disadvantage.

That aside this would probably best suit anybody who is new to trading online and wants a head start, but otherwise I don’t see there being much to hold your interest.


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