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  Wholesale or Dropship? - Which is best? - UKDropshop.com

Suppliers Below:


Wholesale prices in the UK, can be difficult to find. During the research we have done over the many years, there are 3 websites which consistently come out on top, for not only providing great prices, but already fantastic customer services. wholesale man

Many wholesale companies in the UK have now decided to change the way their business model works, which in turn gives the average person wishing to start their own business a great advantage. The days when you had to visit a wholesale company in the hope of purchasing low volumes of stock at the right price, have gone. These days, the best way to generate a relationship with a wholesale supplier, is by using a dropshipping company.

Dropshipping companies do all the hard work for you. They purchase the wholesale stock in advance, store the stock, and even deliver the stock for you. Meaning you don't have to tie up large sums on money in products. If you are just looking for a product source to maybe sell on eBay, or from your own website, then buying wholesale many not be the way to go.

Let us explain. If you were a new business, or website, then you would usually go to your local wholesale company, or phone around using The Trader magazine in the hope of finding the products you wish to sell. You would usually have to spend on large volumes of product to be able to secure a good enough price to compete.

The other considerations, when buying stock wholesale yourself, is additional expenses like insurance, storage space, and the likes.

Alternatively, if you use a dropshipping company, they will actually act as the wholesale supplier for you. Dropship companies already have a agreements in place with wholesalers; good prices, storage, but the main advantage is that the dropshipper will also pick, pack and post the products for you - saving you valuable resources.

Please feel free to have a look at both websites below:


dvd wholesale supplier

The following supplier, is a wholesale and dropship supplier of profitable, niche DVD products. DVD products can be used to sell on eBay, or your own website with great results. It is said, that at Christmas time, 1 in 7 presents purchased are DVDs. And at other times of the year, DVDs are also fantastic sellers. We would seriously advise you to visit this website, with a view to make profits from promoting DVDs. Prices start at 99p, and you can also have your own website promoting them. This , together with selling on eBay will give you the best of both worlds.

Visit the website today: www.DVDdropship.com


general wholesale and dropship supplier

The following website offers you the fantastic opportunity to make profits from a wide variety of popular products, including dvds, dropshipping lingerie, beauty products, aftershaves & perfumes, football souvenirs, wedding and accessories, and much, much more. By having more products in your inventory, you open yourself wide open to the prospect of generating passive sales from each range, and the end result is increased profits. You can also opt for your own website superstore. Why not become the next Amazon, and start your own website business promoting an array of great products.

Visit the website today: www.Dropshipland.com


The following is a new phenomenon in the United Kingdom. For only 14.97 you can have your own website business promoting the products of your choice. Installed inside 1 hour, you can be making profits before the end of the day. The following website also give you a much-needed business package, and free gifts worth hundreds of pounds. This ensures you launch your new business with flying colours. With no dropship fees, the following website offers you the great opportunity to work from home in your own website business - without the usual headaches.

Visit the website today:  www.UKDropshipgroup.com


As mentioned above, You could do all the hard work yourself, by visiting wholesalers yourself, which would take a lot of time in research, and a lot of revenue in advance payment of stock, storage and the likes, or you can use a business model that has already taken care of the resources you need, when launching your own business, using wholesale prices.

Since the start of the internet, the way wholesale companies work has changed considerably, so much so, that dropshipping has somewhat taken over the expectations of the average wholesale buyer.

You receive all the benefits without the need to stretch yourself financially, and also most responsibility, product-wise is taken away, leaving you free to  concentrate on the most important aspect of business creation - making profits.

We thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you found this wholesale resource helpful.


  Wholesale / Dropship - The Truth? - UKDropshop.com


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