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DS Domination Review

Created by Roger Langille, DS Domination uses drop-shipping to generate income through eBay.

What is the product?

DS Domination claims to teach users the best ways to profit by using drop-shipping. For those who may not know drop-shipping is the process of selling a product to a customer then arranging for your supplier to send it directly out to your customer. The examples given on the sales site are given as selling on eBay and buying from Amazon or Walmart. As well as the “core” business, DS Domination lets users generate additional commission for signing up new users as affiliates. There are also a series of ongoing sales contests with a host of bonuses supposedly available to the top sales people. Read more

Commission Jailbreak Review

Developed by Travis Stephenson, Commission Jailbreak creates websites to earn affiliate marketing and ad revenue income.

At its core Commission Jailbreak claims to be able to create websites that can be used out of the box to start generating income. The websites themselves are designed to use “viral traffic” although there is no real information on how you get this. It looks like the creator has looked at the number of views that viral videos get on YouTube (which he mentions quite frequently) and reached the conclusion that those views can be redirected to another website that shares the content. This could hypothetically generate the traffic that Commission Jailbreak is supposed to attract but the majority of viral videos are spread based on the source rather than other sites. Read more

Sports Bet Edge Review

Developed by Boyd Merkins, Sports Bet Edge is a betting system that says it has a strike rate of over 80%.

Sports Bet Edge claims it can teach you a system that will allow you to make predictions on sports betting. It’s worth noting that this is not a tipping system. Unfortunately there’s not much information about the system outside of this which I find to be a cause for concern. There is a bonus that apparently increases your strike rate from 80% to 90% which is insanely high for a betting system. Read more

Profit in 60 Seconds Review

Profit in 60 Seconds say that their software makes binary options trading almost risk free.

The software that Profit in 60 Seconds uses is claimed to provide indicators on binary trades alongside a percentile probability. The system is dependent on you calling or putting (whichever Profit in 60 Seconds tells you to) when the probability is at 90%. Profit in 60 Seconds gives you these indicators on over 20 currency pairs from the Euro and the Pound right through to US Dollars and Japanese Yen. All in all it sounds pretty promising but with no word on where the indicators come from it’s a little bit worrying in my book. Read more

SEO Enigma Review

Created by John Shawcross and Anton Nadilo SEO Enigma is a search engine optimisation (SEO) training course.

The course provided by John and Anton is a PDF document that allegedly will teach you mastery over SEO. The course is broken up into modules and advanced modules. The core modules are about the basics of SEO, mainly for standard internet browsing (i.e. on a PC/Mac). These cover everything you would expect like how Google’s algorithms work, making your website “look natural” etc. The advanced modules cover more niche signals like optimising your site for local and mobile SEO. Read more

UK Racing Madness Review

Provided by Deyan Huang, UK Racing Madness is a tipster service for UK and Irish horse racing.

What is the product?

UK Racing Madness provides daily tips with back to win and placement via email to subscribers. All the selections are made by self-professed horse racing fanatic Deyan Huang. This suggests that may of the selections are made based on form and statistical analysis. At the time of writing this review UK Racing Madness has produced a respectable strike rate of 37% for wins and 67% for placement. Also provided by Deyan Huang is information on staking which seems somewhat eclectic but he claims will help you make the most profit possible out of his selections. Read more

SES Ratings Review

Developed by Mark Andrews, SES Ratings is designed to show users realistic footballing odds with a view to allowing users get the best value bets.

What is the product?

Using its unique algorithm system SES Rating is able to provide users insight into the “true” odds of a game. Creator Mark Andrews says that on many occasions you are not receiving realistic odds from bookmakers and so are losing out when you bet. He claims that by checking odds against the ones that are produced by SES you can gain perspective on whether or not you are getting a good deal. The system itself is claimed to be very similar to the ones used by bookmakers and covers a variety of leagues in England, Spain, Italy and Germany. There are also provisions made for European football and the upcoming World Cup. Read more

Free Sports Tips Review

Free Sports Tips has a team of experts that provide users with daily sporting tips for free.

What is the product?

Each day Free Sports Tips subscribers can expect to receive 5 tips with the exception of Christmas day and New Year’s Day. Free Sports Tips also provides users with access to systems and strategies that they like. These appear to be where Free Sports Tips makes their money with affiliate fees likely involved. The selections come from a team of 50 experts although there is nothing said about how many of these are actual tipsters. As a bonus Free Sports Tips will teach users a method they claim can take £200 from bookmakers but there is very little available about how this works. In terms of a strike rate there aren’t figures provide but Free Sports Tips claim to have an excellent strike rate. Read more

Sharp Betting Review

Provided by “Don”, Sharp Betting is an American sports based tipster service that provides tips on major league and college sports.

What is the product?

Sharp Betting is the culmination of a claimed 20 years of experience working in American book makers by “Don”. He is now living in the UK and works as a consultant for a number of American bookies and continues to make additional bets to supplement his income. Now he has moved into a tipster service providing tips on basketball, baseball and American football with basketball and football being covered at college level too. Sharp Betting’s selections come from an alleged 50 plus hours each week on betting analysis. Read more

Total Ad Explosion Review

Created by David Mosher, Total Ad Explosion is marketed as a complete solution to your advertising needs.

What is the product?

According to creator David Mosher, Total Ad Explosion uses its 147 partner text ad exchange to bring your adverts to over 82,000 users. Subscribers to Total Ad Explosion can send out a certain number of ads per month covering things like banners, solo ads and traffic links. To complement this system there are also several bonuses in place such as an ad tracker, My Lead Market which generates web pages that are designed to capture other users information and an allegedly vast market of digital downloads with all products coming with resell rights. Read more

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