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Super Naps Daily Review

Super Naps Daily is a back to win tipster service provided through Betfan. Selections are form based and are sent out daily via email.

What is the product?

Super Naps Daily is a tipster service that draws heavily on form analysis with the creator of the system claiming that form is often the difference between first and fifth. Tips are sent out daily before 11:30 am 7 days a week. Super Naps Daily allegedly looks at breeding, past performances, race times and running style in order to ultimately make an informed decision about potential winners. There appears to be some merit to this as (although not mentioned explicitly) the strike rate for Super Naps Daily looks to be around the 40-50% mark which is respectable enough. As well as the selections Super Naps Daily also provides users with details of a betting bank for a level stakes system. Read more

Oddsonuwin Review

Provided by John Wilson, Oddsonuwin is a horse racing tipster service that covers Flat, Jump and All Weather Races for the UK and Ireland.

What is the product?

Oddsonuwin is a tipster service that provides tips for a variety of different races with a claimed profitability that frankly, is astonishing for a tipster service. John Wilson provides tips for all weather, flat and jump races across the UK with said tips being to back or lay the favourite horse. Oddsonuwin selections are made on the basis of extensive research and analysis carried out by John Wilson. He says that on certain tracks the favourite has an increased chance of winning or a reduced chance (hence the back and lay bets). Using this information Oddsonuwin is allegedly able to predict the best type of bet to place. As Oddsonuwin uses lay betting it is recommended using Betfair to ensure the best possible income. Read more

Signals to Profit Review

Created by David King, Signals to Profit is software for trading binary options. The software is free but you do need to sign up with TradeRush Brokers to access it.

What is the product?

Signals to Profit is an application for download that provides users with indicators for binary options trading that according to David King, is able to predict currency pair movements with a 92% accuracy. The software is shown in a sales video to be simple to use with the software showing indicators that with the push of a button can automatically be traded for you. There is no information in terms of how Signals to Profit’s indicators come about i.e. following markets, currencies etc. which I always find a cause for concern. In order to gain access you have to sign up with Signals to Profit which David King claims is the only broker he trusts. It is worth noting that in one of his promotional videos he shows 2 other brokers being used. Read more

Copy this Idea Review

Written by well-known businessman Andrew Reynolds, Copy this Idea is a combination of his life story and the methods used to build his empire.

What is the product?

Perhaps before addressing what Copy this Idea is, I shall address what it isn’t. Contrary to the way it is marketed this isn’t really a guide to making money, nor does it really offer any solid advice on setting up a business. What Copy this Idea is is part auto biography and part an exploration of running a successful business. The book runs to around 200 pages and one thing that many people will find off putting is the amount of times Andrew Reynolds refers to his paid monthly service “Creating Multiple Streams of Income from Home”. This is a big part of it with some Amazon reviews going as far as to say they feel like they paid for an advertisement. Based off what I have read I find this to be something of an exaggeration. As well as the book (signed by the author) you get a one month trial to the aforementioned monthly service, a few videos and an email session with Andrew Reynolds himself offering you access to his knowledge. Read more

Quick Start Guide to Online Selling Review

Written by Amanda O’Brien, Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is a comprehensive guide that teaches how to create an online eBay/Amazon business.

What is the product?

Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is a PDF guide to setting up a successful online business using both eBay and Amazon. Really Quick Start Guide to Online Selling is built on the simplest of premises i.e. buying low and selling for a profit, but Amanda O’Brien goes deeper than that. She talks you through all aspects of setting up the business from getting the right products through to marketing them not just on eBay or Amazon, but social media websites etc. Amanda O’Brien has put the culmination of her trading time into Quick Start Guide to Online Selling and this is reflected in the quality which is generally pretty high. Read more

Progressive Property Review

Created by Rob Moore and Mark Homer, Progressive Property provides potential investors with property investment advice and how to get joint venture capital.

What is the product?

Progressive Property uses a number of techniques that Rob Moore and Mark Homer employed in creating their own property empire. For this review I will be focusing primarily on their range of CD’s, DVD’s and books as well as briefly looking at their seminars. As you would expect from a product called Progressive Property, property investment is central to what Rob Moore and Mark Homer do with a focus on educating people on the best ways to invest and making profit in this field. As well as covering property investment there are several products dedicated to raising joint venture capital in order to avoid putting yourself in debt. Read more

Craig Harris Forex Trading Review

Developed by Craig Harris, Craig Harris Forex Trading is a mentorship program and training scheme that aims to teach users how to trade on Forex.

What is the product?

Craig Harris Forex Trading allows user’s access to Craig Harris and his support team for mentorship and training in Forex markets. Craig Harris says that he has mentored over 1000 students successfully “from raw rookie to those with masters-level savvy”. The course comprises live sessions with Craig Harris, access to over 400 hours of videos showing previous lessons and access to his forum where you receive support from Craig Harris, his staff and other users. By enrolling in Craig Harris Forex Trading, Craig Harris states that you will receive the same knowledge that has allowed him to amass an income of over $750,000 through trading. You can also access his live trading five days a week as well. Read more

Tycoon Society Review

Created by Joe Gamons, Tycoon Society is a training course that teaches users ways to improve their conversion rate on product sales.

What is the product?

Tycoon Society uses a series of training videos to teach users the best ways to improve their sales conversions. There are 4 videos that cover a variety of topics from list building, to sales funnels even covering the psychological aspects of advertising. The videos are quite informative and run to a total of around 3 hours. The information seems to be based on the knowledge of creator Joe Gamons and it is actually relevant although beginners will probably be out of their depth with Tycoon Society. Really what Tycoon Society does is help you to get the most out of your existing marketing sites through a variety of methods. Read more

All Weather Edge Review

Created by Richard Parker, All Weather Edge is a horse racing system that puts the focus on the trainers rather than the horses themselves.

What is the product?

All Weather Edge teaches users the same system that Richard Parker claims to use to generate an income. The system differs from many horse racing systems in that the focus is not on the form of the horses themselves, rather those who are responsible for training them. Richard Parker claims to have invested a lot of time into horse racing analysis and has noted a pattern of certain trainers consistently producing horses that are capable of winning in all-weather races. This has been developed into All Weather Edge. Read more

Eachway Winners Review

Developed by Robert Taylor, Eachway Winners uses his own personal methods to provide tips for backing horses each way.

What is the product?

Robert Taylor sends out his tips via emails and the tips (as is implied in the name) each way. The Eachway Winners seems to be rather basic and uses level stakes with around 3 selections per day. This suggests to me that this is something of a prudent system with a focus on small but consistent wins (something I feel is backed up by the nature of the bets). In terms of how selections are made, Eachway Winners and Robert Taylor play their cards close to their chest with very little information made available. Read more

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