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New Cash on Demand Review

Created by Paul, the founder of Confidential Publishing, New Cash on Demand is a horse racing system that he claims doesn’t utilise any of the traditional methods.

What is the product?

New Cash on Demand is a downloadable horse racing system that is allegedly unique and allows you to “beat the bookies”. Interestingly there isn’t a whole lot of information available about New Cash on Demand as a product, nor is much supplied in the way of evidence. For example there are a number of long odds horses shown with Paul claiming wins of 3/1 going all the way up to 16/1. How the system works isn’t explained at all in the marketing material with Paul instead reeling off a huge list of what his system doesn’t use. Whilst I won’t state the whole thing it does contain staples of most racing systems which suggests that New Cash on Demand is something truly miraculous or is instead a cynical money making ploy. Read more

The Lay Maker Review

Offered through Betting Gods group, The Lay Maker is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing lay betting selections.

What is the product?

The Lay Maker is fundamentally a pretty standard tipster service and on the surface it doesn’t provide anything new. Betting Gods provide selections every day which you can then (as the name suggests) lay your bet through Betfair. The selections themselves are heavily steeped in analysis with the tipster behind The Lay Maker being described as a horse racing professional and to a degree this is reflected in the results. The Lay Maker has a 93.48% strike rate using a level staking system. The strike rate is very high but as a lay betting system, I would consider The Lay Maker to be low risk, low yield. It is worth noting however that not every month has been profitable despite a substantial win rate. Read more

Bet 500 System Review

Created by Eddie Lloyd, Bet 500 System is a horse racing system that uses online bookmaker’s offers to maximise profitability.

What is the product?

Bet 500 System is a betting system that creator Eddie Lloyd says is entirely unique. The method is said to help you beat the bookies by taking home a consistent profit. Whilst the sales material doesn’t explore how Bet 500 System works at all (always a point of contention for me), Eddie Lloyd is allegedly an ex-bookmaker employee so there is little doubt that this will feature somewhere. The product itself is a downloadable guide and comes complete with a special calculator for Bet 500 System, a results and management sheet and the usual support system. Interestingly, Bet 500 System is actually a betting system sold via Betfan and to the best of my knowledge is their first none tipster item. Read more

All Weather Profits Review

Offered through the Tipster Street stable of tipsters, All Weather Profits is a horse racing tipster service providing selections for all weather races.

What is the product?

All Weather Profits is a pretty standard tipster service in many respects. It is an email based service that offers an average 78 selections per month or around 2-3 per day with a strike rate of 21%. It uses a level staking system of 2 points drawing from a betting bank of 200 points. What is interesting is the fact that All Weather Profits only provides selections for all weather racing. Unfortunately Tipster Street don’t provide any insight into the selections process but based on the limited races that it covers my guess would be statistical analysis and form although this is only speculation. Read more

Pro Betting Network Review

Offered through Oxfordshire Press, Pro Betting Network is a tipster group made up of 6 tipsters topped by Peter Mac. They provide tips for all kinds of events.

What is the product?

Pro Betting Network is a tipster stable offered by Oxfordshire Press. Tips come from 6 different tipsters, many with pseudonyms that provide information on their background. The tipsters cover a host of events from Mr. Hack, who is allegedly involved with the world of media and as such is able to get the latest on who will win awards at things like the BAFTAs or Sports Personality of the Year. Another good example is Mr. Black, an alleged pro snooker player who as well as using his status as a top 50 player to gain insight into snooker, also provides selections for golf based off his own analysis. The bets are hugely varied and cover a massive number of bet types. As well as the more elaborate bets covered, Pro Betting Network also covers more traditional disciplines such as football and tennis. Read more

The Racing Professionals Review

The Racing Professionals is a tipster service operated by an unnamed tipster. It specialises in providing high risk, high yield tips.

What is the product?

The Racing Professionals is a service that provides horse racing selections each day via email. The numbers of tips varies hugely and can be anywhere between 1 and 9 selections per day. The Racing Professionals is all about using high odds to try and maximise return which naturally has a negative impact on the strike rate which comes in at a rather dismal looking 8.6%. This is somewhat offset however by the size of the wins which in the case of the biggest winner The Racing Professionals has achieved which has a BSP (Betfair Start Price) of 607.45. Obviously this kind of victory is exceptionally rare and in fact is the only example of a winner that is above 100 BSP. Because of this style of betting a large betting bank is a must have, as is patience. Read more

Betsoon Review

Created by Owen Hargreaves, Betsoon is a daily tipster service that provides selections for a large variety of sports and horse racing.

What is the product?

Betsoon is an interesting proposition that offers tips for a number of sports that is broken down into packages. These are comprised of horse racing, football and finally US sports and tennis (with these two being lumped together). Selections are daily and can be anywhere between 50 and 200 per month although this is namely down to you the package that you select. Information about how Betsoon’s selections are generated is unfortunately absent but I can tell you that the strike rate stands at 57.55% for the last 12 months according to Owen Hargreaves. Looking at the results however shows that since January the strike rate is actually around 47%. Read more

The Jolly Punter Review

Created by a tipster who only goes by the name of Billy, The Jolly Punter is a horse racing service that uses a number of systems to find selections.

What is the product?

The Jolly Punter is a horse racing tipster service created by a tipster “Billy” (a suspected pseudonym as the sales video on the sales page links to a Circle Media YouTube channel). The Jolly Punter sends out daily selections which can be as much as 6 but would typically be around 2 or 3. The selections come from a number of different systems that “Billy” uses. The first two are relatively standard fair and whilst they dismiss form, study of a large number of typical statistics (looking at the course, race type, jockey, trainer etc.) all seem to be considered. The third system that is used takes advantage of much more obscure statistics such as the type of food the horse is fed and the length of time with a trainer. If you believe the sales material there is some truth in this as The Jolly Punter is claimed to be very profitable. Unfortunately there are no statistics provided to back this up so things such as a strike rate are left to speculation which is based on my research. Reports for The Jolly Punter include people claiming just a 5% strike rate with one win in twenty. Read more

Soap Opera Signal Review

Offered by John Harrison of Streetwise News, Soap Opera Signal is some kind of trading guide that claims you can profit during “Soap Opera Alley”.

What is the product?

Soap Opera Signal is essentially a downloadable trading guide on using an allegedly very simple trading technique to trade profitably. The guide comes over 16 pages and also comes with a CD rom that offers video training supporting this. Information on how Soap Opera Signal works is rather scarce on the sales page for Soap Opera Signal which is rather disappointing. John Harrison says that it involves waiting for two numbers to match up on trading graph but outside of information about what the signal entails, there is very little information. I assume that Soap Opera Signal is a Forex based product but not even this is confirmed which frankly I find rather concerning. The only other concrete bit of information is that Soap Opera Signal will not necessarily have trades every day. Read more

My Post Magic Review

As mentioned, My Post Magic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to capture information via Facebook by linking adverts to videos that you post. The videos must come from YouTube which isn’t really a huge concern as this is undoubtedly the largest video database online. Nor do you have to upload your own videos although I believe that to get the most out of My Post Magic, this is advised. Jeff Long provides full training for My Post Magic in the members area which is in video form and this really teaches you what you need to know about using My Post Magic. Read more

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