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FB Cash Engine Review Brad Stephens

Created by Brad Stephens and Eric Nelson, FB Cash Engine is a product designed to educate users on the best ways of driving traffic to their sales site through Facebook.

What is the product?

FB Cash Engine comes in the form of a PDF document that is essentially a step by step guide showing how Brad Stephens and Eric Nelson make money through Facebook. Refreshingly they don’t advertise FB Cash Engine as a get quick rich scheme and very openly acknowledge that there is a degree of investment in terms of time and effort. In terms of how FB Cash Engine works, it seems to be based on a combination of CPA marketing and the usual Facebook marketing techniques. The idea is essentially that you use the traffic that you generate using these methods to convert to sales of your products on an external website. Read more

The Crazy Millionaire Review Jack Anderson

Created by internet marketer Jack Anderson, The Crazy Millionaire gives users access to free websites that are designed to sell products in proven niches.

What is the product?

Jack Anderson doesn’t give a whole lot away about The Crazy Millionaire with much of his talk seeming like bluff with big numbers thrown around somewhat willy nilly. What I can state is that Jack Anderson provides users with a website from one of 50 available that is designed to operate in a chosen niche. You then use this website to set up a business as an online marketer. There are a few tutorial videos provided on this aspect of The Crazy Millionaire. In order to use The Crazy Millionaire you must use Jack Anderson’s chosen hosting service for your free website. Read more

The Battle of the Tipsters Review

Battle of the Tipsters brings two of Betfans tipsters together for a head to head tip off.

These are held each Saturday with neither tipster being allowed to use their selections from their standard tipping service. The winner gets to compete the next week but perhaps most importantly, gets paid. This means that the selections by their very nature must be pushed to be profitable. There are essentially three different ways that Battle of the Tipsters can go. There can be two profitable tipsters, one profitable tipsters or both tipsters lose out. This means that on paper there is a 2 in 3 chance of a profitable outcome but the results don’t necessarily reflect this. Read more

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm Review Kristie Chiles

Created by Kristie Chiles, Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm is a product designed to teach users about marketing through ClickBank.

What is the product?

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm is an eBook that essentially trains users on the methods that Kristie Chiles uses to sell her own products through ClickBank. According to her you can use Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm to mimic her own methodology of product marketing. Included in the manual are a number of niches that Kristie Chiles personally targets and how she implements marketing to them into her business. Read more

Bring the Fresh Review Kelly Felix

Created by Kelly Felix, Bring the Fresh is a membership website that teaches users how to start an affiliate marketing business.

What is the product?

Bring the Fresh is a comprehensive training course to starting a business as an affiliate marketer. It provides information on a number of subjects such as using free software to build a website (presumably WordPress), search engine optimisation and how to market products. The training for Bring the Fresh is video based and seemingly heavily based on the knowledge of creator Kelly Felix. With his alleged 15 years plus of experience this looks like a pretty safe bet. As well as the training Bring the Fresh comes with a huge forum that has a membership that is claimed to have over 20,000 members. The fact is that Bring the Fresh is very quiet about what it actually contains which I found worrying for a number of reasons that I shall explore below. Read more

Racing Gold Review Tipster Warehouse

Offered by as a part of the Tipster Warehouse stable of tipsters, Racing Gold is a horse racing tipster service providing users with daily emails of their selections.

What is the product?

Racing Gold is a tipster service that, according to Tipster Warehouse, is able to identify consistent winning bets, something that is allegedly reflected in the profits. Whilst this is rather subjective Racing Gold has achieved an average strike rate of 37.32% which is respectable for a service that is comprised of win and place bets. Selections are sent out daily, typically before 11am where about 5 selections will be detailed. There will also be details of staking for bets which will vary from 1-3 points. Bets will be for a variety of odds ranging from about 1.5 to as high as 12.0 (these are based on Betfair prices at the time of publication). The selection process for Racing Gold is rather disappointingly not discussed which I would typically find concerning but because of the set up that Tipster Warehouse use, this isn’t the end of the world. Read more

Binary Options Trading Signals Review

Offered by an unnamed trading partnership, Binary Options Trading Signals gives users real time access to a professional binary options trader.

What is the product?

The premise of Binary Options Trading Signals is actually rather simple. The team behind service Binary Options Trading Signals e allow you to watch an allegedly professional trader who will place trades in real time whilst discussing the details of why that trade was chosen and the like. As a viewer you can then place the same trades yourself. The Binary Options Trading Signals trader will be live each trading day from 9.30 – 11.30 EST which is 13.30 – 15.30 GMT with a typical 2-4 signals generated each day. Whilst there aren’t specifics about the alleged traders or even if they specialise in certain currency pairs, time frames, etc. it seems like a fair bet that if Binary Options Trading Signals is genuine there is a lot of experience involved. Read more

SaleHoo Review Dropship Wholesale

Created by Simon Slade, SaleHoo is a website that provides users with all kinds of tools and training to help in running a successful eBay business.

What is the product?

SaleHoo offers users a number of features. The first of these I shall look at is training which is a decent quality course offered mostly for free (certain modules are only available to paid members). The topics are varied covering all aspects of running a business on eBay from marketing to dealing with Inland Revenue. The second feature that SaleHoo provides is a tool that Simon Slade says will help you to quickly make your own professional looking stores. Finally (and arguably the core of SaleHoo) is a database of over 8,000 suppliers with over 1,000,000 products on offer wholesale. These are available in a huge number of niches from electronics to fashion. Ultimately SaleHoo is designed to give you the training and tools required to leave you better equipped to run a successful eBay business. SaleHoo also gives users a forum to allow discourse and sharing advice amongst members. Read more

Click Tipster Review James O’Rourke

Created by James O’Rourke, Click Tipster is a subscription based horse racing tipster service from the Betfan stable of tipsters.

What is the product?

Click Tipster is a service that is based heavily on the alleged understanding and knowledge of James O’Rourke. According to the sales material this is rather substantial with James O’Rourke claiming to have been a professional bettor for some time and that it horse racing has almost taken over his life. Providing almost daily selections Click Tipster was trialled with Betfan’s service for aspiring tipsters, Tipster Planet. After an overwhelmingly successful period there James O’Rourke is now offering his services as a fully-fledged tipster. Click Tipster uses a number of different bets, mostly made up of singles, doubles and lay bets. To date Click Tipster has achieved 6 out of 9 winning months with a strike rate of 49.47%. This is however a high stakes service with a considerable amount of bets standing at 10 points. Read more

Mark Your Card Review Greentree Consultancy

Created by Greentree Consultancy, Mark Your Card is a horse racing tipster service that provides tips with a focus on festivals.

What is the product?

Mark Your Card is a daily horse racing tipster service with something of a difference. Whilst selections are made available every day for subscribers, Mark Your Card also comes with options for festivals and single days. At the moment Mark Your Card is very much in the trial phase and Greentree Consultancy haven’t released too much information but the service appears to be win and each way betting with selections rated based on likelihood of a win. There is nothing about how selections are made but having ad some experience with Greentree Consultancy, Mark Your Card is likely to be heavily invested in statistics and analysis although this is merely speculative. As I mentioned there is a focus on festivals (such as Cheltenham) with packages available for the duration of those. Read more

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