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The Bookmaker’s List Review BetKudos

Offered under the Betfan subsidiary Betkudos, The Bookmaker’s List is a new horse racing tipster service that provides selections most days of the week.

What is the product?

The Bookmaker’s List provides users with horse racing selections Monday through Saturday directly to their email inbox. The selections for The Bookmaker’s List are usually sent out the evening before with selections allegedly coming from a source that is seemingly pretty high up in the bookmaker’s world. Each day that The Bookmaker’s List sends out tips they send out one horse for every race that day. These horses are apparently on the bookmaker’s list, a top secret list of horses that bookies are “worried” about. This elusive informant, one Mr. X, is a contact of a contact of a mate which seems rather tenuous. Bets are to be advised as win or place with odds that range from evens to as high as 25/1. Unfortunately, at the tiem of writing, The Bookmaker’s List has no published results online which means there is no information on strike rates etc. Read more

Stars and Stripes Review Betting Gods

Offered under the Betting Gods umbrella of tipster services, Stars and Stripes is a sports betting tipster service that is centered on US sports.

What is the product?

Stars and Stripes is a new tipster service provided through the Betting Gods group that specialises in betting on NBA, NHL and American Football. The man behind the service isn’t named but is referred to as a “US Sports Betting God” who devotes their time to monitoring trends and team news. This suggests to me that Stars and Stripes is heavily steeped in statistics and form, particularly the latter as it tends to make up a much bigger part of American sports when compared to most Europeans sports. Unfortunately this must remain speculative as Betting Gods provide no insight or information into the selection process for Stars and Stripes.  Bets for Stars and Stripes are sent out directly to your email with around 55-65 bets released each month which Betting Gods say should produce a strike rate of 58.9%. The bets follow a simple level staking plan backing win selections, total points and over under bets being the main ones that you will be betting on. Read more

Honest John Review John Sidwell

Created by John Sidwell, Honest John is an independent horse racing tipster service that sends out selections directly to users email.

What is the product?

In Honest John, John Sidwell has put together a fairly typical tipster service fundamentally. Selections are issued directly to subscribers via email, typically before 11am (it is worth noting that there is also an SMS service in the works). The actual selection process that Honest John uses isn’t discussed in any detail at all really however there are a few snippets of information that provide some insight. It would appear that selections for Honest John  come from a system based around statistical and form analysis as John Sidwell  sends out analysis of all his selections. There is also a strong element of extracting the best possible value with Honest John very rarely recommended odds of less than 3.0 with odds on rare occasions coming in at over 20.0.  Honest John has been operational in some form since 2013 however John Sidwell unfortunately fails to provide any proofing for these years however he does say that Honest John has a focus on obtaining a strike rate of 25% to 30%. Based off my calculations, it is just about performing at the moment with a strike rate of 26% to date. Read more

Top Tennis Tips Review

Top Tennis Tips is a tipster service that specialises in providing its subscribers with tennis bet selections made by a specialised AI.

What is the product?

Top Tennis Tips is definitely a tipster service with a difference in so much as all the selections allegedly come from a specialist artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence has allegedly been filled with information about in excess of 400,000 professional tennis matches from the past. These appear to have bene from ATP, WTA and ITF games which are what selections are for (no that ITF selections are only available to Premium Top Tennis Tips subscribers). Top Tennis Tips interprets this data and produces a percentile chance of a given outcome with higher percentages being the selections that you should back. As I have touched upon there are two different packages which primarily change the number of selections that Top Tennis Tips will generate each day for you. The Basic package will generate around 50 selections from ATP and WTA games that Top Tennis Tips will calculate per week as having a 70% chance of winning. Meanwhile the Premium Package will generate 350 per week. As well as providing you with the selections that Top Tennis Tips identifies, you can also develop your own betting system which you can then back test to see how it would have performed. In terms of proofing and results, there aren’t actually any supplied as you are essentially making the choice yourself as to which games you want to back and with over 8000 to date this year, covering all possibilities is not really a viable option Read more

Automatic Winners Review Michael Stevens

Offered by Michael Stevens, Automatic Winners is a piece of software that is able to identify winning horses for races from across the world.

What is the product?

Automatic Winners is a downloadable piece of software that is able to allegedly produce winning horse racing selections 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all with a 98% success rate. Furthermore, Michael Stevens says that this only requires a few minutes of your time each day to generate selections and that you don’t have to do any maths to find selectons, nor are there any formulas or codes to use. Unfortunately, there is no actual explanation for how Automatic Winners makes its selections which given the claimed figures are so high doesn’t actually surprise me at all (for reasons that I shall explore below). Much of the how’s about Automatic Winners are dismissed by Michael Stevens with him only really saying about the software that it uses a scientifically proven method to make selections and that the software analyses odds from “the most important races around the world”. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually do anything to explain how Automatic Winners works and most of the information surrounding it coming into his hands come from a rather fanciful tale about him receiving it for winning a settlement for a client whilst he worked as a lawyer. Read more

Betting Revenue Review

Betting Revenue is an investment opportunity in which the team behind the service use sports betting with investor’s capital to produce a profit.

What is the product?

Despite being based predominantly around sports betting, Betting Revenue is presented as a bonafide investment as opposed to the standard tipster service or betting system that is usually attached to betting. With a team of around 30 people behind him in a variety of roles, co-founder of Betting Revenue Arialdo Gerbasi claims that Betting Revenue works based on tweaking things to get to the current setup. Essentially this involves people working for Betting Revenue in a number of different roles that range from attending matches to monitor the very latest to bookmakers and even insiders for teams. The betting focus for Betting Revenue  lies in obscure games with the service claiming that you won’t have any clue about 90% of their bets. Interestingly, they also claim that some bets cover games that are fixed, namely in Eastern European leagues. The service is advertised as being ideal for those who have no prior knowledge of sports betting in any capacity as they do the work for you. Unfortunately there are no details or statistics made available to calculate an actual strike rate, however it is claimed that Betting Revenue has had 30 positive months in a row. Read more

Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays Review

Offered as a part of the Pro Betting Club, Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays is a lay betting service that provides horse racing tips to subscribers.

What is the product?

Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays is a rather typical lay betting tipster service and unfortunately there isn’t that much more that you can say about it. There is very little information supplied on the selection process which is rather concerning given its strike rate which stands at just 68% which is definitely on the low side for a lay betting service. The only insight that the Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays team give as to the selection process is that they lay short priced runners and that there is a very “specific method” in place. In terms of numbers, Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays provides 1-2 selections per day which have average odds of 2.92. Staking is based on level stakes however there is a loss recovery system in place which can very quickly add up over, even over the 3 losses in a row which has been the maximum that Pro Betting Club Sequence Lays has exposed users to so far (albeit on a number of occasions). Read more

Goal Bet Formula Review Winning Network

Offered under the Winning Information Network brand of tipster services, Goal Bet Formula is a football based tipster service that predicts goal scorers for games.

What is the product?

Offering selections throughout the week (with the vast majority falling on weekends), Goal Bet Formula isn’t too different from most football services on the surface of things. Once you start to examine the bets that are offered however, it becomes apparent that Goal Bet Formula uses a betting method that I’ve never seen before in a sports betting service. The Goal Bet Formula Team make selections for players to be either first goal scorer or to score during a game with selections drawing on analysis of games in immaculate detail according to Winning Information Network. There is still value in this kind of betting with Goal Bet Formula frequently obtaining odds of 3/1 or 4/1 on bets that you would say have a very reasonable chance of coming in. That having been said, because you are betting on very specific outcomes there are plenty of losing bets suggested by Goal Bet Formula. This high risk, high yield approach involves following the staking advice of the Goal Bet Formula Team which ranges from staking one point per game all the way up to 5 points per game. Read more

Stable Race Winners Review Paul Price

Created by Paul Price, Stable Race Winners is a horse racing tipster service that offers daily selections betting using level stakes.

What is the product?

Providing daily selections for horse racing across the UK and Ireland, Stable Race Winners is an email based tipster service. Bets are level stakes and are generally backing horses to win at odds of between 1.7 and 21. Paul Price sends out selections directly to Stable Race Winners subscribers around 7am typically. Unfortunately Paul Price doesn’t reveal a strike rate for Stable Race Winners but a look at the results show reasonably frequent 10 or more losing streaks. Given the process that Paul Price says that he went through to find the right selection process for tips, this is a little off putting. Over a 12 month period Paul Price claims to have trialled 40 different horse racing betting systems. Of these, 7 were allegedly proofed for a further 6 months before 3 were identified as long term winners. Stable Race Winners now uses these systems as the basis for all selections. Read more

Forex Triple B Review Vladamir Ribakov

Created by Vladamir Ribakov, Forex Triple B is a forex trading robot that provides indicators for users when a successful trader is identified. You can then decide whether to place it.

What is the product?

Forex Triple B is described as a semi automated forex trading bot, so called because as mentioned above, Forex Triple B does everything for you, but ultimately you have to place the trade if you so decide. The actual selections come courtesy of a Vladamir Ribakov’s allegedly considerable experience as a professional trader and hedge fund trader which is in turn condensed down to an algorithm that he claims has been able to produce a 99% model quality on Meta Trader. Whilst on the subject, Forex Triple B is compatible with the Meta Trader platform and “as many currency pairs as you like”. Forex Triple B also comes with built in stop loss and take profit systems. As well as the bot itself, Forex Triple B comes with a guide to advanced trading and a training manual on how to use the software. Read more

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