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National Hunt Trainer Systems Review Ray Mills

Created by Ray Mills, National Hunt Trainer Systems is a system for making your own selections for horses that have been selected by certain trainers.

What is the product?

National Hunt Trainer Systems comes as a downloadable document that details the selection process for 11 of the biggest names in National Hunt racing. Each trainer has their own selection criterion which has been established by Ray Mills through a systematic approach to data. With each trainer National Hunt Trainer Systems shows which of their horses have been most successful by things like age, the amount of time since they last ran and distance. All of this produces a window in which the most successful bets are likely to emerge. Users also get 12 months of access to Ray Mills’ selections using the system as well as a access to a number of one off events that Ray Mills plans to release through National Hunt Trainer Systems in the future. Read more

The Banker Review Alex Cole and marketed by Zerohype

Created by Alex Cole and marketed by Zerohype, The Banker is a horse racing tipster service that provides tips for bets on betting exchanges.

What is the product?

The Banker is an email based tipster service that provides users with selective tips for win bets on betting exchanges. Alex Cole usually sends out selections before 9.30am with about 15-25 selections released monthly. Whilst the selection process isn’t discussed in any detail, Alex Cole claims to have grown up around horse racing fans and mentions form. He also discusses having to have a very disciplined betting style. The number of bets per month shows a clear desire to provide quality tips that represent value rather than offering tips for the sake of it. The Banker follows a percentile staking system with bets ranging from 1-5% to allow bets to be placed on outsiders without exposing too much of the bank. Read more

Kevan Minter The Colonel Review

Created by known horse racing personality Kevan Minter, Kevan Minter The Colonel is the latest horse racing tipster service under the Betfan umbrella.

What is the product?

Kevan Minter The Colonel is a horse racing tipster service that provides users with selective tips, all of which are win or each way bets. The selections come from the knowledge and experience of the eponymous Kevan Minter who has a lot of experience in horse racing (claimed to be over 25 years). During this period he has held a number of positions but now operates as an announcer and also providing hospitality and talks for several large UK race tracks including Ascot and Cheltenham. This makes it entirely feasible that as well as drawing on knowledge, Kevan Minter The Colonel also has some insider information, something alluded to when Kevan Minter says that he is in the know. Bets are pretty high stake going as high as 10 points per bet whilst the service has achieved a strike rate of 50% to date. Read more

Weekend Speed Ratings Review Paul Fowlie

Created by Paul Fowlie and provided under the Sportsworld Publishing brand, Weekend Speed Ratings is a tipster service providing selections mostly on the weekends.

What is the product?

Weekend Speed Ratings is a relatively casual tipster service that provides bets for weekend races only. Selections are made on the back of creator Paul Fowlie’s speed ratings (hence the name) however the actual method that he employs isn’t discussed and there are many variations, usually with each tipster having their own variant. Weekend Speed Ratings has produced a strike rate of 47% for January however it is early days and looking at the performance for 2014, this probably shouldn’t be taken as an indicator of future performance. Sportsworld Publishing recommend placing place and win bets with odds that range from evens into double figures. As well as the core service you also get bonus selections in the form of Paul Fowlie’s “on course” tips which are bets that he is placing at a race course. These will usually be between 2 and 4 bets each week. Read more

Super Affiliate Machine Review Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari

Created by Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari, Super Affiliate Machine is an application that helps you to create an SEO website in very little time.

What is the product?

Super Affiliate Machine is an application that can be used on any platform (including smart phones and tablets) due to its web based design. It has been created by Austin E. Anthony and Taqi Askari with the intention of allowing users to quickly and efficiently create niche websites in literally minutes. Drawing on a formula developed by Austin E. Anthony, Super Affiliate Machine helps you to find a niche based around a key word as well as brand new or expired domain names related to said niche. Super Affiliate Machine then installs WordPress onto your new site and ultimately, allows you to generate SEO optimised pages with articles, graphics, back links etc. Super Affiliate Machine is pretty simple to use as all you have to do is put in a keyword and as mentioned, Super Affiliate Machine will find targeted niche searches as well as identifying how strong (and therefore how profitable) your niche is. There is also a reasonable amount of bonus content included with Super Affiliate Machine which includes a list of profitable niches, a guide to building up social links and access to Austin E. Anthony’s original A.P.C. Course however these bonuses are only available for a limited time. Read more

Binary Code Breaker Review Jason Alexander

Created by known trader Jason Alexander, Binary Code Breaker is a Forex trading strategy that is based around trading binary options.

What is the product?

Binary Code Breaker comes in the form of a downloadable 80 page manual (although as it is sold through Canonbury Publishing there is also the obligatory hard copy) as well as a series of instructional videos. Binary Code Breaker has been created with the intention of offering a stable, easy and low risk trading strategy and as such Jason Alexander claims that it will thrive in these conditions. This is claimed to be the opposite of many strategies that thrive in the peaks and valleys of volatile markets. Whilst I can’t go into details about the methods, Binary Code Breaker is based around a well known Forex trading method but instead of having to monitor trades, place stop losses etc. it uses the much more black and white binary options method of trading. According to Jason Alexander, by using binary options you require a successful win rate of just 56% in order to show a profit. This is then followed up with a claim that the average strike rate for traders that beta tested Binary Code Breaker had almost 70% of their trades “win”. Binary Code Breaker is claimed to be easy to use, allegedly requiring seconds to see if a trade will produce a profit. Read more

Rainbow’s End Betting System Review Val Harrison

Created by Val Harrison, Rainbow’s End Betting System is a horse racing betting system that claims to be able to offer low risk bets.

What is the product?

Rainbow’s End Betting System comes in the form of a downloadable guide over the course of which Val Harrison shows the methods that he employs in his betting system. Given his background as a trade you would expect an analytical and mathematical approach to betting and this is what Val Harrison claims that Rainbow’s End Betting System delivers. The system is for self selection for races from across the UK and involves using the odds that bookmakers offer you to your advantage. Whilst I cannot divulge the exact methods used, Rainbow’s End Betting System wouldn’t seem too unfamiliar to bettors with experience in arbitrage and it doesn’t involve bonus bagging (although you can still use the bonuses that bookmakers offer). Because you make your own selections with Rainbow’s End Betting System this allows you to bet based around your schedule however there may not be bets available for all races. A point that isn’t mentioned on the promotional material for Rainbow’s End Betting System is that it is recommended that in order to get the most from it, you will need accounts through up to 15 different bookies. Also included is a spreadsheet that has been designed to allow you calculate what stakes you should be placing. Read more

Big Race Bookie Busters Review Betting Gods

Offered under the Betting Gods umbrella of tipsters, Big Race Bookie Busters is a horse racing tipster service from their blogger Tim.

What is the product?

Unlike the majority of tipster services that you will see, Big Race Bookie Busters chooses not to focus on finding day to day targets but instead offers selections for more important races. This includes “one offs” like the Grand National as well as festivals and weekend events with his limited selection process producing around 18-22 selections per month for Big Race Bookie Busters subscribers. Tim’s bets will be both win and each way bets with staking that ranges from 1 point all the way to six. Unfortunately Betting Gods don’t divulge any information on the selection process for Big Race Bookie Busters however having read Tim’s blog it is clear that he is keen on horse racing (it was actually in this blog that the seeds of Big Race Bookie Busters were sown) and this knowledge presumably plays a big part. If you look at the information that he pulls up it also seems reasonable to suggest that there is an aspect of statistical and form analysis (although his is only speculation on my behalf). All of this comes together in a package that has achieved a strike rate of 28.72% which doesn’t sound great but it is worth keeping in mind that Tim is yet to see a losing month with Big Race Bookie Busters. Read more

CPA Profit Secrets Review James Knight

Created by James Knight, CPA Profit Secrets is a course that shows users how to run successful marketing campaigns based around CPA.

What is the product?

CPA Profit Secrets is presented as a video training course that has been broken up into 6 different modules. CPA Profit Secrets presents this in a step by step format starting out with basics such as what CPA actually is and how it works right through to showing users how to use how to best use this with social media websites in order to increase your businesses conversion. James Knight presents the videos in an over the shoulder style where you are shown everything that you need to do. CPA Profit Secrets does place an emphasis on using YouTube and Facebook which on the face of things seems rather restrictive but applying the same methodology should open up other social media sites (for example Twitter) to you. Purchasers also get a copy of a recording of a webinar hosted James Knight in which he explores some advanced methods and techniques as a bonus. Read more

Betting Opportunity Review Howard Davis-Shaw

Created by Howard Davis-Shaw and his brother and offered under the Betfan umbrella, Betting Opportunity is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in managing risk for bettors.

What is the product?

Betting Opportunity is a horse racing tipster service by Howard Davis-Shaw and his unnamed brother, both allegedly experts in betting. The bets for Betting Opportunity are a mixture of odds from the longest (as high as 28/1) to much much closer calls with bets coming in the form of singles, doubles and each way bets. According to Howard Davis-Shaw’s statistics this would place Betting Opportunity at a strike rate of less than 25% for 2014 which based off 2-3 bets per day, means that you will potentially have whole days without a winning bet, something that Howard Davis-Shaw feels that you can overcome overall by following Betting Opportunity selections as a longer term strategy. Further to this, the selections that come in on longer odds for Betting Opportunity subscribers comes from an informant network with informants allegedly producing these selections only occasionally. Read more

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