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Stallion Soccer Picks Review Sportsworld Publishing

Offered by Sportsworld Publishing, Stallion Soccer Picks is a sports betting service that is operated by the same team behind Stallion’s Horse Racing Service.

What is the product?

Stallion Soccer Picks is a sports betting tipster service that has a focus on certain types of football bets. The service is email based with Sportsworld Publishing saying that subscribers can expect anywhere between 3 and 5 selections per day with tips being sent out near daily. As mentioned Sportsworld Publishing looks at certain betting markets and all bets will be for over 2.5 goals or correct outcome with combinations of bets often being offered too, all of which are advised on a level staking basis. Although the selection method isn’t something that is explored, given the nature of these bets and the fact that Stallion Soccer Picks has selections from all over the world (although the focus is on European football), it seems likely that Stallion Soccer Picks is statistic and form based (although this is speculative). There is further evidence to back this up as these are the same methods that the team behind Stallion Soccer Picks use for their horse racing tipster service. Whilst Sportsworld Publishing provide proofing for Stallion Soccer Picks, there is no strike rate and whilst it hasn’t been calculated, looking at the results a fair estimate would probably be around 40-45%. Read more

Binary Ascend Review

Binary Ascend is a piece of trading software that according to the creators will identify profitable binary options calls for users.

What is the product?

Coming in the form of a piece of Windows and Mac compatible downloadable software Binary Ascend follows a specific plan in order to identify profitable trades on the EURUSD currency pair. The team behind Binary Ascend  say that it uses 10 different indicators combined with trend analysis in order to identify the best possible trades. These appear as a popup on your desktop or alternatively can be emailed to you for mobile access and will tell you whether to call or put and what time scale you should be using. Binary Ascend is claimed to be able to identify in excess of 14 of these trades per day over a 24 hour course (the software operates all hours that the markets are open) with a win rate of  75% claimed for 2015 to date. Interestingly for a piece of binary options trading software, you are not tied down to a single broker with Binary Ascend being compatible with any binary brokers that use an MT4 platform. Another interesting thing about Binary Ascend is that you aren’t actually buying one system but three. There is a low risk version which offers only the most likely signals, a normal version which occupies the middle ground and a high risk version. This final one does require you to have knowledge of trading as you are expected to analyse the signals before you trade. Obviously the riskier the version of Binary Ascend  that you use, the more trades you will get per day. Read more

Absolute Certainty Betting System Review The Betting Scientist

Created by The Betting Scientist, Absolute Certainty Betting System is a betting system that claims to be able to pick out winning bets for horse racing.

What is the product?

Absolute Certainty Betting System is a relatively typical downloadable betting system which isn’t surprising given the fact that The Betting Scientist claims that he has been using Absolute Certainty Betting System since before the advent of internet and even telephone betting. Looking at the method itself, Absolute Certainty Betting System is pretty simple to implement taking around 15-20 minutes to use once you have it down. Essentially it involves looking at horses in a certain band of odds as according to The Betting Scientist these have an increased chance of the favourite winning the race. So much so that the strike rates for the selections for Absolute Certainty Betting System are said to stand at 89.52% for win bets and an unbelievable 96.35% for place bets (although no proofing is provided for this so I’d take this with a pinch of salt). By applying further filters to this group you end up with your selections that produce the afore mentioned strike rates. The Betting Scientist also provides a number of additional bonus products with Absolute Certainty Betting System that will allegedly help you to increase your profits. Read more

Beat the Competition Review James Croft

Created by James Croft, Beat the Competition is an email based horse racing tipster service that the creator says will generate consistent profits for its subscribers.

What is the product?

Beat the Competition is a rather typical example most tipster services available these days. Selections are sent out daily to subscribers with James Croft saying that these will usually be issued before 9.30am. All staking for Beat the Competition seems to be on a level staking basis. Selections come from analysis carried out by James Croft which is claimed to be in depth and covering the whole field “one by one, horse by horse”. Quite how this translates isn’t really looked at and I find this rather disappointing as much of the sales material for Beat the Competition  is dedicated to a somewhat questionable claim by James Croft that he has been banned from Betfred for being too successful. Whilst I accept that a tipster idn’t ever going to divulge their full system I have seen plenty that give you an idea of what you are paying for without giving away the details. What James Croft does claim is that Beat the Competition will beat the competition 46% of the time. What this competition is isn’t something that is looked at but my best guess is that this is the claimed strike rate (although as there is no proofing there is no real way of verifying any of this) however this is rather speculative. The fact is that as with most of the sales material for Beat the Competition, there is very little in the way of any clear information. Read more

Betting Tips Live Review Tipster Service

Offering a combination of horse racing and football based sports betting selections, Betting Tips Live is a relatively new tipster service on the scene.

What is the product?

At its core Betting Tips Live is (as the name suggests) a tipster service offering users tips based around horse racing and football betting (although there are options for SEO services and links to a Forex trading bank however I will be ignoring those for the purpose of this review). Whilst the selection method isn’t looked at there is information that suggests that Betting Tips Live is an analysis based system however this is only speculation on my behalf. In terms of the service, selections for Betting Tips Live are uploaded to a member’s area on the website where you can access them throughout the day. Horse racing bets are usually uploaded in the mornings with any football bets recommended later on in the afternoon. The bets that are advised for horse racing are pretty straight forward and are mostly win or place bets however when it comes to the football side of Betting Tips Live, things aren’t so simple. In fact bets cover a huge variety ranging from identifying a winner to betting on cards and the ever popular over/under markets. From what I have seen Betting Tips Live is a rather hit and miss affair with no particularly consistent winning services with the possible exception of laying tips which have a claimed strike rate of 87% (it is worth noting that this is the only service with a published strike rate and unfortunately there is no proofing for the football and horse racing side of things). Read more

Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service Review

Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service is a horse racing tipster service by the eponymous Jon Owen of Equine Investment Management that offers subscribers daily tips.

What is the product?

With Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service you are given daily selections directly to your email from Jon Owen. Whilst the methodology behind selections isn’t really discussed in any detail, Jon Owen does offer some insight. He says that through Equine Investment Management he says “As you can imagine I get access to one hell of a lot of top quality information” through the various services he offers outside of Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service. These tips are then filtered out to the best suited service. Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service seems to put a focus one somewhat longer odd horses with selections ranging from 2/1 odds all the way up to double figures on some bets. The staking that Jon Owen recommends is also rather interesting with Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service advising anywhere from 12 to 18 plus points staked across at least three bets per day. These are broken down into Nap of the Day (aka the strongest bet), Next Best and Each Way Steal which is usually massively long odds bet each way. You may also find that Jon Owen Racing Morning Report Service advises placing a double bet on occasion too. Read more

The Four Step Horse Racing System Review Simon and Lorraine Foreman

Created by Simon and Lorraine Foreman and marketed through Castle Sporting Services, The Four Step Horse Racing System is a betting system for horse racing.

What is the product?

The Four Step Horse Racing System is a horse racing system that according to Simon and Lorraine Foreman allows you to generate “guaranteed” profits through daily betting. Castle Sporting Services provide The Four Step Horse Racing System as a downloadable PDF (a change from the usual methods that Simon and Lorraine Foreman employ which is usually direct selling of a physical copy). The system itself is claimed to be simple to follow, allegedly taking no more than around 15 minutes and either a daily paper or access to the internet. In terms of what the system entails, there is very little information provided in the sales material with the only information being that The Four Step Horse Racing System follows four simple steps that will identify winning horses that “have the best chance”, interesting phrasing given the fact that Simon and Lorraine Foreman  say that the system is guaranteed. The methods contained within The Four Step Horse Racing System can allegedly be used in a betting shop or online with only a minimal betting bank required as the system is claimed to be “recession proof”. As a bonus, when you purchase The Four Step Horse Racing System  through Castle Sporting Services you get four additional betting systems which are all available in the same PDF format. Read more

Zero to $1 Million Review Peter Douglass

Created by Peter Douglass, Zero to $1 Million is a product that the creator claims will show you how to made money using virtual currencies such as bitcoin.

What is the product?

Zero to $1 Million is a PDF document that over 72 pages will allegedly teach you about virtual currencies and how to make money through these. Arguably the most well known example of these is Bitcoin which garnered a lot of public attention when it reached almost $1,000 per coin and this is what Peter Douglass chooses to focus on. He covers a number of different methods of making virtual currency including trading and mining which are probably the most common options. Much of the content of Zero to $1 Million seems to be based on Peter Douglass’ experiences as well as advice that appears to have come from numerous different sources, all of whom are (or were) high profile investors in Bitcoin. Read more

Juicy Plums Review Tipster Nick Pullen

Created by known horse racing tipster Nick Pullen, Juicy Plums is a free horse racing tipster service that seeks to identify horses with the best value.

What is the product?

Juicy Plums is a free tipster service that provides weekly tips for major weekend horse racing events. Any tips that Nick Pullen identifies are uploaded to the website where they can be accessed on Friday evenings from 5pm. Selections for Juicy Plums do not come from a typical pattern with Nick Pullen  saying that he often uses his instinct as much as his intellect and where other tipsters will look purely at form, he trusts in the feel of a race. This makes his considerable time and experience in horse racing quite important.  Juicy Plums doesn’t produce a lot of bets with there being around 3-6 events covered on a weekend with the number of bets per event rarely numbering more than 2. Odds are anywhere between 5/1 going as high as 25/1 although Nick Pullen says that the majority of Juicy Plums selections will be double figures. With these high odds come a low strike rate which although not published can be contextualised by pointing out that the service has produced just 1 14/1 winner for 2015 to date. Juicy Plums selections are usually win bets however in the event that there are 16 or more horses bets will be advised as each way. Read more

Elite Video Evolution Review Ryan Phillips

Created by Ryan Phillips and a whole team of internet marketers, Elite Video Evolution is a guide that will teach you how to make video sales letters.

What is the product?

Elite Video Evolution is a nine module training course developed by Ryan Phillips in conjunction with Craig Crawford, Robert Phillips and Todd Gross. The course is a how to guide for using video sales letters to encourage people to buy products from you. Elite Video Evolution is itself (not surprisingly) video based with each video covering a separate topic. These offer a step by step guide that will cover everything from what a video sales letter is to scripting them, the psychology of video marketing right through to several videos on how to create the best looking videos. Much of the content appears to be based on the combined knowledge of Ryan Phillips and his team who it is heavily implied have a significant amount of experience in this subject (something that I know to be the case when it comes to Todd Gross who has cropped up on a number of video marketing products that I have looked at). The core idea behind Ryan Elite Video Evolution is that when people watch your video they are more likely to engage you and purchase your product as opposed to a lengthy email that is unlikely to be watched. As well as the core training Elite Video Evolution comes with a number of bonuses provided by Ryan Phillips however they don’t particularly synergise with the main product. Read more

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