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Soccer Hot Shots Football Software Review

Created by Kevin of Horse Racing Rates, Soccer Hot Shots Football Software is a new piece of software for helping users to find football bets based on a certain set of conditions.

What is the product?

Soccer Hot Shots Football Software is a piece of software (it is worth noting that this is Windows only) uses a selection process of Kevin’s design to find very specific betting opportunities. The software itself is very easy to use and there shouldn’t really be any problems in this regard. What Soccer Hot Shots Football Software does is it scans a number of different leagues across the UK and Europe (including ,major English and Scottish leagues as well as top flight in the major European footballing nations) looking for teams who have either won 5 games in a row or drawn 4. This form based approach is one that I have seen used before with mixed results however where Soccer Hot Shots Football Software  stands out is when it comes to the betting strategy. Read more

Index Wizard Trading System Review – Ian Williams Streetwise News

Created by Ian Williams, Index Wizard Trading System is a method of Forex trading that can allegedly provide users with a solid income. It is being offered at the moment by Streetwise Publications.

What is the product?

If you buy into Streetwise Publications sales pitch (something that I would always do with a healthy pinch of salt) then Index Wizard Trading System will unlock the same trading methods used by an “eccentric (but scarily successful) trading genius”. This is none other than the creator of Index Wizard Trading System, Ian Williams. As a product there are 4 main elements to Index Wizard Trading System. These are a hard copy of Ian Williams’ methods, a piece of software that automatically trades for you on the same principles, video updates from Ian Williams as well as support from the creator himself. Read more

Stark Investors Daily Racing Review

Offered by Stark Investors, Stark Investors Daily Racing is a general horse racing tipster service that aims to provide subscribers with daily tips for various race types.

What is the product?

Stark Investors Daily Racing is a horse racing tipster service that is allegedly capable of delivering a decent daily income however this is rather misleading as I shall explore. The details of Stark Investors Daily Racing are actually rather straight forward. As you can probably discern from the name, Stark Investors aim to provide selections to subscribers on a daily basis. There will usually be between 2 and 3 selections each day backing a huge range of odds from 10/1 all the way down to evens. The selection process isn’t anything too outlandish with Stark Investors simply stating that they have tried to get some of the best race readers in the UK to analyse races and provide the best possible selections. All of these race readers allegedly have careers as professional gamblers and have a history of profitable betting. Read more

The Judge Greyhound Racing Review BetKudos

Created by a tipster for whom the service is named, The Judge is a greyhound racing tipster service that is operated in conjunction with the Bet Kudos tipster stable.

What is the product?

The Judge is a new tipster service that is based specifically around greyhound racing, more specifically open races which have bigger prices and stronger races. Bet Kudos say that this allows The Judge to be action packed and provide subscribers with a thrilling betting system. As far as the service goes The Judge is relatively straightforward in many respects offering users daily selections for races across the UK .The selection process for The Judge is based around the experience of the eponymous tipster who Bet Kudos claim has over 17 years of experience within the sport. As well as drawing on his experience in the field, The Judge also has a strong focus on extracting the best possible value, something that he says he is able to do by looking at greyhound racing TV and identifying when a dog have made a pricing error and odds are likely to shorten. Read more

Summer Soccer Predictor Review BetKudos

Offered as a part of the Bet Kudos stable of tipsters, Summer Soccer Predictor is a specialist tipster service that provides sports betting selections exclusively over the summer months.

What is the product?

Summer Soccer Predictor is something of an interesting tipster service when compared to the majority on the market. This is because the (anonymous) tipster behind the service has to apply his “powerful system” for around 6 months of the year. As you can guess from the name Summer Soccer Predictor is based around football betting and because of the time scale in which selections are offered there is a focus on Scandinavian (mostly Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) and American MLS. The selection process for Summer Soccer Predictor isn’t something that is covered in any substantial detail however according to Bet Kudos the tipster has a long history in the betting industry. This includes a significant amount of time working for a well known bookmakers as well as some time spent as a Football Odds Compiler. Looking at the details of Summer Soccer Predictor, the service takes advantage of a number of different bet types, mostly based around various goal markets. Staking wise you can expect the usual Betfan approach of staking 1-5 points per bet. It is worth noting that there isn’t too much risk of bank exposure despite this as actual bets are somewhat sporadic. Unfortunately Bet Kudos haven’t published a strike rate for Summer Soccer Predictor however in light of the fact that just 2 of the last 6 months were profitable this isn’t a huge deal. Read more

Target Betting Review

Created by Mark and John, Target Betting is a sports betting system that claims show users how to bet on a variety of sports in order to generate a consistent profit.

What is the product?

Target Betting is a sports betting product that according to the creators is able to show users how to bet on a wide variety of sports with each one appearing to have its own method. These look at Football (which is where Target Betting started out) as well as Snooker, Greyhound Racing and even Baseball. Interestingly Mark and John also make reference to Target Betting being used for NFL and Rugby however neither of these is listed in the sales particulars. In terms of how Target Betting actually works, there is very little of the sales material dedicated to this. The only thing that Mark and John have to say on the matter is that it is based around consistencies however quite what this means contextually isn’t explained, something particularly frustrating when you consider that they slam the notion of patterns in betting. As well as the rather distinctive lack of information on Target Betting as a product, there is also a lack of any numbers or figures. What there is available comes courtesy of a published testimonial which claims a strike rate of 76% over 7 months. As well as the information for finding your own bets if you opt for the top tier package of Target Betting then you will also get access to selections directly from Mark and John. Read more

Guaranteed Winners Review Eddie Newman

Created by Eddie Newman, Guaranteed Winners is a brand new independent horse racing tipster service that allegedly offers massive profits to subscribers with almost no risk.

What is the product?

Guaranteed Winners is a horse racing tipster service and there is almost no arguing that this is the case. This is however the only thing on the entire sales page that seems to be factual with Eddie Newman making a lot of claims that I don’t feel he is really able to back up. There is very little information about the service itself with Guaranteed Winners providing no information on betting or staking, nor is there any proofing supplied (which is hardly a surprise), something that is contrary to the claim that the service is 100% verified. Instead of the information that you would look for from a tipster, Eddie Newman uses Guaranteed Winners to talk about choosing “lucky bets” for his Dad and Uncle at a young age and how life ultimately led to him being a broke graduate who decided to turn to professional gambling to make an income. This involved developing a “unique” and “ground breaking” system which featured data input and “finely tuned algorithms”. This is all topped off with a claimed strike rate of 96.7% which is absolutely immense however without proofing one is forced to remain cynical. Read more

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