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Simple Win System Review

Created by Paul Mulligan, Simple Win System is a new betting system that claims to provide a substantial monthly income through small stakes on horse racing.

What is the product?

Simple Win System is being sold as a new betting system which according to the sales material, has one hell of a return rate (something that I will get to later). Unfortunately, creator Paul Mulligan has very little to say in terms of what you can expect from Simple Win System. There is plenty of sales based spiel (as you would expect) including a 5 minute video in which Paul Mulligan shares his stories of being broke and losing money hand over fist as a result of bad betting choices. As is often the case with this kind of story, he buckled down and after years of analysing statistics and historic racing data from all of the tracks in the UK and even Ireland, he says that he had his system. There is also some pretty impressive sounding commentary about beating the public win percentage. Read more

Paul Gargan Racing Review

Created by Paul Gargan, Paul Gargan Racing is a long standing horse racing tipster service that provides subscribers with both paid selections and free selections.

What is the product?

Paul Gargan Racing is a horse racing tipster service that on the surface of things, seems to be rather atypical. It offers selections on most days (missing just the odd one or two) which are sent out directly via email. There is also an option to receive these as text messages for a small premium. The selections for Paul Gargan Racing are all a direct result of Paul Gargan’s long standing involvement with the sport of horse racing. There is plenty of talk in the sales material for Paul Gargan Racing of contacts and informants (which wasn’t a surprise) as well with Paul Gargan actually going as far as to say that these are necessary to the selection process. Read more

Tony Langley Daisho Trading System Review – Our Opinion

On This Review we take a look at Tony Langley’s latest trading product, The Daisho Trading System. What is the most that you would conceivably pay for a betting system? Some people will start around £10. Some will go into the tens of thousands to join the right type of betting syndicate. What about £2,957? This is the amount that Tim Lowe is asking for his newly released betting system, provided with long time collaborator Tony Langley. The name of this system is a little bit strange, The Daisho System, however it is also strangely apt.

Having returned from Google, I can in fact verify the claim that Daisho refers to the practice in Feudal Japan of Samurai carrying two different swords. These were a bigger one that was used to fight their battles and a smaller sword that was a back up. Some even fought with both.

With today’s history lesson over, how exactly does this tie in with this new betting system? There are a few things that I happen to know about The Daisho System and one of them is that the fundamentals of the system are based on work that Tony Langley has carried out before. Having used some of his older systems, I can tell you that they are based around hedging bets. Read more

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