44 Day Millionaire Review Daniel Sawyer

Offered by Daniel Sawyer, 44 Day Millionaire is a piece of software that automatically trades Bitcoins based off of their value when held against various commodities.

What is the product?

44 Day Millionaire comes as a piece of software allegedly created by Daniel Sawyer’s old college roommate Tyler. 44 Day Millionaire can allegedly trade with a 99.99% accuracy rate when trading Bitcoins. To gain access to the software you have to use a specific broker, in this case it is Vault Options. There isn’t much detailed about how the software actually works. Daniel Sawyer says that his friend and the creator of the software was an international trader at HSBC and that they were something of a financial whizz coming from a financial family. There is no evidence of this though so I would take it with a pinch of salt and chalk it up to marketing talk.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Technically 44 Day Millionaire is free to access but as mentioned above you do have to make a deposit through Vault Options. Although the actual amount involved is not mentioned anywhere on 44 Day Millionaire it is typically a minimum of $250. In terms of the rate of return, Daniel Sawyer claims that he has personally made just over $1,000,000 with the system.

Does the product provide value for money?

For reasons I shall outline below I don’t believe that 44 Day Millionaire does provide value for money, despite the product being free.


On paper 44 Day Millionaire looks like great value for money. The product is free and claims massive amounts of profitability. The issue with 44 Day Millionaire is that simply put, I don’t believe that the product will work as advertised. 44 Day Millionaire is actually part of an ongoing trend whereby trading products are offered to users for free. In return users are expected to make a deposit through an approved broker. This broker will then typically five the marketer of the product some kind of commission or referral fee. There is little evidence that the software works and I recommend avoiding them at all costs.



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