5% of a Million System Review Streetwise News

Created by David Wallace and offered through Streetwise News, 5% of a Million System is a guide that shows you various resources to become an international broker.

What is the product?

5% of a Million System is something a bit different and if you believe the hype from David Wallace will help you to set up your own international business from home. This is handled as a brokerage agent for a number of different items and commodities in niches that 5% of a Million System will help you to find. According to the cop, David Wallace came up with the initial idea for 5% of a Million System after seeing how an arms dealer was able to make £20 million setting up a transaction. This thought was then further cemented when a friend commented that he was paying an agent 5% of the value of his £1 million Portuguese villa.

Since then, he has apparently gone on to not just create his own guide to this, but to become knowledgeable enough to write a product that shows people with no experience how they can get involved in this industry. By drawing on this knowledge, 5% of a Million System will allegedly show you a number of things to help you get started including things like finding products that you can sell, where the buyers are for these products as well as a number of pre-written templates for sales emails and letters that are allegedly guaranteed to work. Finally, you get to become a part of the 5% of a Million System network, a group of people who have bought the product and can share contacts, details and generally offer support to one another.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

At the time of writing, 5% of a Million System is being sold for a one off cost of £59 with payment being handled via Streetwise News. This does represent a discount on the usual price which is £127. There is a money back guarantee in place for 5% of a Million System which allows you to claim a full refund within 35 days “no hassles, no questions asked”. In terms of the income potential of 5% of a Million System, there are claims of making anywhere from £20,000 from a single transaction all the way up to £100,000 with a goal of £250,000 per year.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t believe that 5% of a Million System does provide value for money for a number of reasons.


The thing with 5% of a Million System is that whilst there is something to what David Wallace teaches, the reality is that you will almost certainly not be making 6 figures a year. To be honest, the best that I can see for anybody looking to use this method to make money is that they might get the odd thing fall into place but really, you will likely be dealing with scraps from the table at best. With that in mind, I don’t see 5% of a Million System as a complete business however it may make an interesting hobby/second income for some people.




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