£500 Every Week Gambling Review

Offered by a bettor who goes only by Iain, £500 Every Week will actually show you several betting systems in one guide.

What is the product?

As I have already touched upon, £500 Every Week is not 1 system, but 4, all of which are claimed to be used frequently by Iain. This assortment of approaches that £500 Every Week employs include (without giving the details of how each system works for obvious reasons) a system that is based on in play betting, a system that Iain says will allow you to identify bets from almost any sport (including things like tennis, snooker and golf) as well as a system that has been designed for use at any time. Each of the approaches contained in £500 Every Week is claimed to have a strike rate of 90-95% and can be used by anyone from an experienced bettor to those who already make money through betting. The focus is on the most popular markets, namely football and horseracing which are the most popular betting markets. If you chose to use £500 Every Week you will need an account through a betting exchange with Iain recommending Betfair. This is namely the type of bets that you will be placing which are a combination of in play and traditional bets. Furthermore, Iain says that when the bets that £500 Every Week helps you to find are applied correctly, they are all flexible and help you to identify a number of bets.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

On the website £500 Every Week is marketed at a cost of £35 however when you click through to pay it turns out that the system is only actually £23.96. As an additional bonus, it is sold through Clickbank so should you find that you are unhappy with £500 Every Week in any way you have 60 days to claim your money back. In terms of the rate of return, it is in the name of the product. If however you want to be more specific Iain says that £500 Every Week will return between £400 and £600 per week.

Does the product provide value for money?

There are 4 betting systems at a cost of around £6 each and whilst they are not necessarily mind blowing or revolutionary, there is some decent information on offer.


£500 Every Week is at its best when viewed as a cheap and cheerful introduction to betting systems. I doubt that there is anything here that will be new to interesting bettors however if you have no prior knowledge of betting systems then £500 Every Week isn’t a bad place to start. The methods are generally unremarkable (for example a well known betting method based around draws is used) but there is definitely potential to grind out results with £500 Every Week. Will they be the income that Iain claims? I am rather sceptical, as I am about the strike rate, but there is not a lot of outlay and if you are really disappointed with £500 Every Week you can always claim a refund.




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