80/20 Super Bets Review Howard Davis-Shaw

Created by Howard Davis-Shaw and offered through Winning Information Network, 80/20 Super Bets is a specialist horse racing tipster service.

What is the product?

80/20 Super Bets is a new tipster service based around the concept of splitting your stakes between two bets, a place bet and a win bet (80% and 20% respectively). Howard Davis-Shaw says that this method of betting offers insurance should a horse not win, whilst still offering the big money when they do. With that in mind, 80/20 Super Bets has not performed to an adequate standard with a strike rate of just 13.16%. This comes from a single winning bet and 4 place bets coming in. This is based off near daily bets (9 days have had selections out of a possible 11) with up to four selections per day (which means 8 bets on the 80/20 ratio). Whilst the staking for 80/20 Super Bets is somewhat interesting, Howard Davis-Shaw doesn’t explore how the selections are made which is definitely something that I would like to have seen. Because 80/20 Super Bets takes advantage of place betting, you will need to have an account through a betting exchange (the most popular of which is Betfair).

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Usually Winning Information Network would sell 80/20 Super Bets on a monthly or quarterly subscription. These would cost £79 and £158 respectively which is a huge amount for a tipster service and definitely the most expensive that I have seen to date. At the time of writing however there is a 28 day free trial of the service. In terms of a money back guarantee, essentially there isn’t one. Winning Information Network are a part of the Betfan group who say that refunds can be requested and that they will be reviewed but typically are not granted. In terms of income, this is by far and away the most disappointing aspect of 80/20 Super Bets. So far the system has incurred a 23.62 point loss or around 2 points per day.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the frankly ludicrous pricing and the results to date, I don’t believe that 80/20 Super Bets does represent value for money.


Howard Davis-Shaw says that in 18 months he experienced just 1 losing month using the methods that he employs for 80/20 Super Bets. This means that either this month is going to be 2 months in 19 or it is normal for the service to have extreme ups and downs. Personally I am inclined to believe that the former is more likely. With that in mind, it could simply be that 80/20 Super Bets has launched as a new product with very unfortunate timing however the lack of information on how Howard Davis-Shaw makes his selections doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. Is 80/20 Super Bets worth buying? At this moment in time, absolutely not. The fact is that due to the insane costs involved (over twice what I have seen profitable tipster services sell for), 80/20 Super Bets would have to be making major money on a consistent basis before I even considered it seriously.




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