AdvantEDGE Review Charlie Burton Currency Trading and Forex Course

Created by Charlie Burton, AdvantEDGE is a new forex trading system brough to the market with the aim to teach new customers how to trade the currency markets.

What is The Product

The product is a teaching, and training course that is given in monthly increments, and including videos and teaching from Charlie Burton. Also included in the payment, is software that allows to you trade Forex an an automated basis. AdvantEDGE is advertised as one of the easiest ways to make money, and with users just selecting, and opting to use the included software, profits can be made. On top of this, the course teaches more advances method of making profits.

Whilst we do have some experience with Forex trading, Forex can be complex. In spite of this, some of the questions that are asked most often is:

how do you trade?

What should I invest in?

How do you trade?

And so on.

The fact is that trading is hard work. Even doing what we do and playing around with pocket change whilst trying to learn the markets can require a lot of focus, time and effort.

With this in mind, we on this website have been looking for about 6 months for a decent training course. Not for us, but so that next time somebody asks how I do it, we can tell them to go there instead.Of course 99% of what we have looked at has been vague in content, or had a price of £5,000 just to consult with the creator.

What is AdvantEdge, and How Does It Work?

AdvantEDGE is a neat little piece of software which is operated by one Charlie Burton. We don’t expect his name to mean anything to you, unless you know anything about Forex, and the circles within it.

Charlie Burton is a pretty big deal in the Forex world, and has also been given the confidence in the past to manage accounts as large as £50 million, in a trading fund

The product aims to teach you all about trading, and at the same time, the software that comes with AdvantEDGE will make you some money. How much? This will of course depend on how much time you dedicate to it, but indications are that an average of 9%+ can be made on a monthly timescale.

It works by combining a powerful piece of software which shows you trades that Charlie is recommending whilst also giving extensive training. For AdvantEDGE, this means that you are looking at 12 months of solid training and with such a big name behind it, you know that you’re getting top quality information.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

One of the things about AdvantEDGE that really jumped out at us is the approach that Charlie Burton takes to Forex trading. He is all about risk management and subsequently, reckons that he has found a way to pretty much eliminate the risk from trading. I also liked that he openly talks about Forex trading as being hard work. This is clearly somebody that knows their craft well and isn’t afraid to talk bluntly about it.

Surprisingly, AdvantEDGE is pretty affordable (at least in our opinion). The first three months sell at £89 per month with the nine months after this selling for £149. This is a pretty fair balance though as after 3 months, your Forex trading should be paying a fair amount toward (if not covering) the rest of your training.

Does the product provide value for money?

If you aren’t happy with AdvantEDGE, then there is a 30 day money back guarantee and – in a move that left me hugely impressed – for the first 30 days you also get a guarantee from the broker. This states that so long as you have only followed Charlie Burton’s trade and not just had a wild punt, the brokers will pay you back any losses that you have incurred through trading. This is a very decent, and honest guarantee.

AdvantEDGE seems to be tailor made for making serious traders out of those who perhaps don’t know understand Forex very well. We have had a look at some of the content and We are satisfied with what we read, and watched. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme but that simply isn’t what Forex trading is about. In fact, this focus that AdvantEDGE has on teaching you how to become a trader is definitely key to the whole course.

Conclusion on the AdvantEDGE Course

All in all we am  impressed with AdvantEDGE and it is definitely something that we would recommend to those who want to be a Forex trader.

It isn’t an easy process, but if you are serious and dedicated to achieving genuine education on all things Forex, then I can think of much worse places to start. The only arguable complaint is the cost, but AdvantEDGE is an investment in and of itself and those who are unable to invest in their future, are only going to struggle investing in Forex markets.

More information on AdvantEDGE can be read here:

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