Affiliate Profits Club Review Shouvik M

Seemingly created by Shouvik M, Affiliate Profits Club is designed to show users different ways of getting started as an affiliate marketer.

What is the product?

Whilst it is marketed as a complete solution to teaching yourself about affiliate marketing, there is a lot that Affiliate Profits Club doesn’t cover that I shall look at later. What Affiliate Profits Club claims to offer is a 4 step plan that outlines everything that you need to do to become successful in affiliate marketing. This is presumably based on the experience and methods that the creator uses, a creator who for all intents and purposes is nameless (the only way that the name Shouvik M came to light was in an email when Affiliate Profits Club was purchased). Obviously in teaching you affiliate marketing the core goal of Affiliate Profits Club is to show you how to create a successful business and this is done by showing you things like identifying people to market to and the mistakes that beginners make when getting started. Rather intriguingly there is also a huge amount of content within Affiliate Profits Club that is based around not getting ripped off by sellers as well as identifying products that you can trust (incidentally, the company behind Affiliate Profits Club have a number of different products that are available on an affiliate basis).

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Access to Affiliate Profits Club is charged at a one time payment of $27 which is claimed to be a discount on a regular price of $47. There is also an extensive and expensive sales funnel with Affiliate Profits Club offering you a gold membership immediately (something that I shall once again look into later). I am not surprised to see that there is no money back guarantee on offer and as such I would always presume this to mean that there is nothing in place. In terms of your income potential for Affiliate Profits Club, there are no claims made by the author nor are there any examples in testimonials.

Does the product provide value for money?

Even though it is not particularly expensive, I don’t believe that Affiliate Profits Club represents value for money in the slightest,.


There is a lot missing from the “standard” silver membership version of Affiliate Profits Club with the actual content being very basic at best. Instead you get plenty of allusions to how the Gold Membership can offer you more and better ways of doing things. The fact that this upsell features so prominently in product itself is great cause for concern, especially when paired with a marketer that I can find no information on. What content is available to silver membership holders is crude and basic to the point where there is plenty of free information that covers the theory as well, if not better. The fact that the information isn’t much better than free and the costs are relatively speaking rather high, I would be inclined to give Affiliate Profits Club a miss I and instead choose from a myriad of better and betting quality affiliate training guides.



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