Andy Ireland AITST21 Forex Trading Review

Created by Andy Ireland, Andy Ireland’s AITST21 is an investment opportunity whereby you can have your trading account mirror that of the creators.

What is the product?

Andy Ireland’s AITST21 is a chance to have Andy Ireland, a self-taught Independent Financial Trader, control your investments. This doesn’t mean that you give him your money, instead a piece of software by 4x Solutions will allow your trading account to mirror the trades that Andy Ireland instigates on his own trading account. This means signing up for one Andy Ireland’s AITST21’s approved brokers which are ETX Capital, FX Pro, City Index UK and FXCM. You are encouraged to sign up for ETX Capital over the other options, allegedly as they offer a strong joining bonus (a £14,000 deposit is turned into £20,000 to trade with) and also on the grounds that this is the broker that Andy Ireland employs.

No doubt the actual trading will be based on the creator’s experience in this industry having been trading since 2007 and there will likely be use of methods that Andy Ireland has showed people how to use before now that increases the leverage of their trading accounts.

Whilst Andy Ireland’s AITST21 is being sold as a complete opportunity there are numerous allusions to AITS which is a 12 month training course that Andy Ireland operates to teach people about financial trading. Whilst the obvious link is that you can gain a better knowledge and insight into the trades and decisions that Andy Ireland makes on Andy Ireland’s AITST21, there are also sales tactics involved in getting you to sign up, for example only certain questions will be answered to Andy Ireland’s AITST21, unless they are subscribed to AITS.

Perhaps more pressingly however is the fact that Andy Ireland says that he will only “notify you each month of what [his] intentions are with regards to removing profits from accounts and any changes to brokers etc.”

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Your initial investment for Andy Ireland’s AITST21 is recommended at £20,000, a figure that Andy Ireland mentions a number of times and seems to be the only investment figure that he is really interested in discussing. That havAndy Ireland’s AITST21ing been said he does mention that any amount can be invested, however the various brokers will have minimum deposits. In terms of costs, Andy Ireland’s AITST21 will only charge you when your account is in profit at which point you will be charged 15% of profits made.

4x Solutions software comes in at £23 per month and then there is the much touted AITS which is a rather steep £99 + VAT per month, if you wish to get the most out of Andy Ireland’s AITST21. In terms of the income potential, Andy Ireland says that the goal is 10% profit per month. The endgame result however is being pushed as turning £20,000 into £1 million over a 4 year period. Allegedly, Andy Ireland’s AITST21 have reported making £1,000 per week so far.

Does the product provide value for money?

Whilst Andy Ireland’s AITST21 is made to look like exceptional value for money I am personally not convinced for reasons that I shall explore below.


There are three main things that I find off putting about Andy Ireland’s AITST21. The first and I think possibly the most important (to me at least) is that AITradeSafe Limited (Andy Ireland’s company) is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Whilst I accept that this isn’t necessarily a requirement, there are plenty of small businesses that are registered for the peace of mind that this offers its customers. This is particularly relevant in so much as the Financial Ombudsman can only really get involved in cases where the business is registered.

The second and third problems kind of tie in together and these are mainly based around the way that Andy Ireland is operating Andy Ireland’s AITST21. He seems to be very interested in squeezing every penny out of potential clientèle through a number of methods. The first of these is the constant pushing of AITS which I don’t like as I feel that the advice of your trader should be covered by the commission that you pay. You shouldn’t have to pay an extra £120 per month to find out what they’re doing with their accounts (which since you are making the exact same trades should represent what you should be doing with your accounts).

If you just wanted to learn more, it would be a different kettle of fish, but when it seems you are withholding a part of your product, it isn’t good. Next are the brokers that are recommended. The fact that you are tied down reminds me of Binary Options products that are free, so long as you sign up through a trusted broker (who conveniently pays out commissions). Whilst I understand that some of this may be down to the software Andy Ireland’s AITST21 uses, at least one of the links to brokers is a commission based one.

There isn’t a lot more to say about Andy Ireland’s AITST21. There are plenty of great sounding things going on but in my opinion, not enough proof that this works. The fact is that with a smaller investment, this may not be a problem. After all, we all go into any opportunity knowing that there is risk and reward, but the £20,000 that Andy Ireland is asking for is a lot of money to sink into something that is so fundamentally untested. If you do want to sign up for Andy Ireland’s AITST21, I would recommend exercising extreme caution.



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  1. A Jones says:

    Lost all my money with Andy Irelands T21… do not go anywhere near this guy…

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