Auto Binary Signals Review Roger Pierce

Created by Roger Pierce, Auto Binary Signals is an online app that generates signals for users that allegedly show the markets movements.

What is the product?

Auto Binary Signals is an online signal generator that provides users with advice on which way currency pairs are likely to as well as including a percentile representation of this happening. This comes from creator Roger Pierce’s own experience in training but also from 5 different indicators that Auto Binary Signals uses in tandem to analyse said percentile chance. This is all brought together with Roger Pierce’s own risk management system to maximise profitability of Auto Binary Signals. The system is claimed to notify to you of trade opportunities wherein there is an 80% or higher chance of the trade coming good. Once this has been ascertained you are then supposed to call or put the trade with your chosen binary options broker. This is backed up by a full training guide for Auto Binary Signals as well as a bonus member’s area which includes access to daily market analysis.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Auto Binary Signals sells for $97 which is a one off cost. There is also a full 60 day money back guarantee through Clickbank should you be unhappy with any aspect of the product. In terms of income, Roger Pierce is very clear in the claims that he makes saying that users can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month as well as talking about weekly profits of $59,177.10.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t believe that Auto Binary Signals does provide value for money. This is based on a number of thing that I shall explore below.


I have never made any effort to hide the fact that I am not sold on binary options and Auto Binary Signals does nothing to change my mind about this. The fact is that there is very little evidence of Auto Binary Signals actually working as advertised. Instead there is the typical focus on questionable screenshots of huge bank accounts and promises of helping you to get the house and car of your dreams. This is always a red flag for me and when combined with something as questionable as binary options, Auto Binary Signals just becomes a big no no.




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