Bet Manager Review Phil Benwell

Created by Phil Benwell, Bet Manager is an online application for keeping track of your horse racing betting systems performance.

What is the product?

Bet Manager has been created to help users to manage their numerous betting and tipster services and to monitor their performance. Unfortunately, Bet Manager is only for horse racing covering track races in the UK and Ireland as well as the United States and France. What Bet Manager does is essentially streamlines and simplifies what most bettors with a portfolio currently do on a spreadsheet. You can create numerous profiles, each of which should contain selections for that particular system. All you have to do is enter the information on a bet (such as the horse and race details as well as what kind of bet you placed and the odds. As races come in over the course of the day Bet Manager will automatically update itself with the results based off the information you supplied. It also comes with its own built in analytics tools that monitor things such as win and loss streams, strike rate and average odds which it updates in real time and presents in a neat summary. As well as this, Bet Manager offers charts that show how a given system is performing at a glance.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Bet Manager is sold on a subscription basis which will cost you £10 per month however you can claim a free 10 day free trial before you buy it. As a further bonus, as it is sold through Clickbank, Bet Manager comes with their 60 day money back guarantee. In terms of the rate of return, there isn’t really any “return” to be had. The fact is that Bet Manager is a tool designed to make a process easier and as such does not really generate an income. What Bet Manager can do for you however is assist in identifying services that you are paying for that may not be making you money.

Does the product provide value for money?

In some respects, Bet Manager does represent value for money however it is worth bearing in mind that there is nothing here that can’t be done by yourself.


Starting with the obvious, Bet Manager provides a service that simply put, most bettors already handle themselves. With that in mind, what exactly is the audience for Bet Manager? Realistically, I think that there are two kinds of people who would probably find it very useful. The first of these are bettors who have a significant number of betting systems so that they can get a broader view of how their portfolio is performing. The second group are those who are perhaps not as up on technology. The fact is that whilst you could configure an Excel spreadsheet to do pretty much the same thing as Bet Manager, this would involve setting up a number of macros and formulas which can be tricky. If you aren’t technologically inclined, then the fact that Bet Manager can do this for you for a tenner a month is a very fair deal. Realistically, you will have known long before now whether you can do what Bet Manager does for you yourself, and if so, there is nothing to see here.




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