Betfair Scalper The Review

Betfair Scalper is a product designed to help traders generate income from the Betfair Market place.

What is the product?

Scalping on Betfair is achieved through adopting certain positions using software specifically designed to place the user in a position of advantage when money is entering the market. Most scalping is done before the race has started, when the activity is not as frantic as it can be when a race starts. This gives the user an advantage, and the viewpoint to react with enough time to take trading positions that are advantageous. Scalping can be very profitable if done correctly, and we know of traders who make a living doing this every day.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

The advantage with scalping, is that Betfair as a very low minimum trade of just £2, which can then be scaled up when you are comfortable with a method of generating profits. This means that once you have become comfortable, you can place larger trades for higher profits, but equally place lower trades during your learning stage.

As with any trading on Betfair, once you adhere to the minimum stakes, it is then very easy to up-scale the stakes for much higher returns, and this is something we always advise that you do. New traders should always be cautious, as although Betfair can look to be a platform where ‘easy’ profits can be achieved, it is rarely a place where fools make quick money. Therefore, please, when using any method advertised as making money trading, start as slowly as you can, gain confidence, and then see if the methods can be scaled to increase your initial gains.

Does the product provide value for money?

We do believe that the product provides value for money, as scalping as been widely documented as a workable activity, once you know how to take advantage and have learned the procedures required, usually from people who do this for a living.


Scalping works, and many people make scalping work for them. But, you must learn the methods, and procedures from people who do this, not from people who have never done it. Many people make money on Betfair, but you also must have the right mindset to be able to trade on a daily basis, not everybody can do this, but if you are somebody who possesses such a personality trait, then this may be for you.

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