BetHawk Review Created by Ace Bots

Created by Ace Bots, BetHawk is a piece of software that automatically places bets on the Betfair exchange based around a number of built in systems.

What is the product?

BetHawk is made up of two pieces of software, both of which are different sides of the same coin really. The first part of BetHawk is what Ace Bots refer to as the config application. This is the part that most bettors are going to be most interested in as it dictates which systems to use as a basis for betting. BetHawk comes with a number built in “micro” systems, each of which follow their own (undisclosed) rules for identifying bets. These are a combination of win and lay betting systems with results varying massively from one to another. As a user you can technically use as many of these systems as you want when configuring BetHawk however Ace Bots use a credit based system to manage how much you can stake.

What this means for you as a consumer is that for each £2 you stake on a given system, BetHawk counts it as a credit. When you sign up for BetHawk you are given 10 credits to play about with which would mean you could bet on all 10 of the systems (which you wouldn’t want to) or you could bet £20 on one system.

If you want to do more than this then you have to buy more credits. Once you have used BetHawk config to decide which bets you want to place you simply run the second part of the product which is a piece of softwar that will automatically place all bets for you on Betfair’s betting exchange.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Because of the rather odd way that BetHawk works, the pricing can vary hugely depending on what you are betting. Fundamentally the software license will run you to £39 per month which also gives you 10 free credits. Subsequent credits are £4 each unless you are buying in certain multiples in which case it can be cheaper.

The final option for BetHawk is an unlimited credits package which costs £81 per month however stakes are limited to £50 per bet with this. In terms of the income potential, the most profitable of BetHawk’s systems broke 950 points of profit in the last 12 months which is definitely a strong figure.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I’m not entirely convinced that BetHawk does provide value for money for reasons that I will look at below.


BetHawk is something of a unique proposition and as such one can only put forward my thoughts on it which are that it isn’t a terrible effort. There are some downsides involved, for example over 12 months, if you were looking to play the profitable systems you would have made just over 7,300 bets which means 20 per day, a number that is definitely intimidating.

There is also the fact that if you want to stake anything decent through BetHawk you have to pay through the nose for it, but ultimately this is a risk vs. reward scenario. If you can make do with the 10 basic credits BetHawk is worth a look but this isn’t something that will work for everybody.



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