Betting HQ Review

Betting HQ is a subscription based multi tipster service that seems to be backed by the same people who operate Tipster Warehouse and Betting Gods.

What is the product?

Betting HQ is actually made up of a number of different products. At the core of this are a series of in house tipsters/services. These are comprised of the following:

Matt Jones – Value Wins
Thomas Henderson – Double Dutching
Charles Allison – Place Profit
Tom Lowe – Double Up Profit

As well as their in house tipsters Betting HQ also provide rotated 60 day trials of tipster services from Tipster Warehouse and Betting Gods. Unfortunately there is actually very little information on each of these tipster services which I find rather disappointing .As well as the tipster services Betting HQ also provide various betting systems for football, horse racing and greyhound racing. On top of this there are also a number of e-books that Betting HQ say teach you how to become a smarter bettor.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Betting HQ is available for £19.95 per month to the first 100 people to subscribe to the service. After this Betting HQ state their intent to increase the price by £5 per 100 people. Interestingly Betting HQ is sold through ClickBank so there is a 60 day money back guarantee. The returns are only shown as a cash value so there is no real way of determining the point profit but this stands at £1,052.65 or June and July. Unfortunately there is no information about the staking required for this which is a concern for me, as is the fact that one of the services (Place Profit) lost out on £666.80 for July.

Does the product provide value for money?

As Betting HQ is still in a relatively early phase I am inclined to say that it doesn’t represent value for money at this moment in time.


I am always wary of tipster services that claim huge profits with no real evidence and Betting HQ provide an excellent example of that. The lack of points profit is very worrying and makes me wonder just how well Betting HQ will work in the long term. At this time I would recommend watching this for now as it is undoubtedly cheap, it just remains to be seen if it will be profitable.



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