Bundesliga Bets Review Dolf Krause Circle Media

Created by Dolf Krause and offered through Circle Media, Bundesliga Bets is a sports betting tipster service offering weekly tips for the Bundesliga.

What is the product?

Bundesliga Bets is a German operated tipster service offering weekly selections for Germany’s top football league. Selections are sent out by email, typically around 9am with Dolf Krause providing 4 or 5 bets a week on average with an average strike rate of 80% for this year so far. The bets that Bundesliga Bets recommends will be a combination of win or draw bets which according to Dolf Krause makes things much simpler. Whilst the ins and outs of how selections for Bundesliga Bets selections are made isn’t covered (with the copy offering a story about his Uncle giving him a betting system that if followed won’t lose), much of the service seems to have a basis in the claim that because Bundesliga Bets involves betting on German games, you will typically receive better odds.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Pricing for Bundesliga Bets seems to be based around a one off payment of £50 although this is also advertised as a mid season special price so this isn’t entirely clear. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you subscribe to Bundesliga Bets courtesy of Clickbank. When it comes it income, Dolf Krause claims that by staking £10, Bundesliga Bets subscribers can expect to make an average of £1385.58 per month.

Does the product provide value for money?

I am rather conflicted on whether Bundesliga Bets represents value for money for reasons I shall look at below.


Bundesliga Bets is an interesting prospect. There is a lot of potential in the results and that is a huge positive. The fact that it is linked with Circle Media is however a slight worry as their products have a very sporadic track record. Perhaps the most positive way of looking at Bundesliga Bets lies in the idea of betting on paper and seeing if it can deliver. Personally I am not so certain about this but there is nothing to lose in trialling Bundesliga Bets.



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  1. phill. says:

    Paid Dolf Krause 10 days for his selections not received anything back no selections or email to say i am on his list not happy.

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