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The Price is Right Review Stark Investors group

Offered by the Stark Investors group of tipsters, The Price is Right is a specialist service that provides users with selections that are based on backing horses at the most favourable odds.

What is the product?

The Price is Right is sold as being able to show its subscribers where the smart money is being placed. That by following the advice of Stark Investors, you will be placing bets where the professionals put theirs. This sounds impressive but the question remains of how The Price is Right is as a service. In many respects The Price is Right is a rather typical example of a tipster service with selections sent to subscribers on a near daily basis. The focus is on identifying value odds which means that you can expect to be backing horses at odds of up to 12/1 and as low as near evens. There is however some method to the selection process with Stark Investors saying that most of The Price is Right is based on market movements. They claim to have a team of experts who monitor the markets looking for any large movements in price on horses. Read more

Racing Matrix Review Peter Herd

Created by Peter Herd, Racing Matrix is a horse racing tipster service that the creator claims is able to consistently provide subscribers with winning bets.

What is the product?

According to the sales page for Racing Matrix, Peter Herd can help you to make an income you can rely on. This is claimed to be mostly down to the consistency with which his selections win (something I shall look at below). As a service Racing Matrix is in many ways not that different to its peers. Selections are sent out by email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the website for Racing Matrix with 2 to 4 selections each day on average. Quite what the selection process for Racing Matrix involves isn’t something that is looked at enough for my tastes. Whilst Peter Herd says that he has drawn on his experience as a software designer to create a computer programme that will pick horses for him. Read more

High Rollers Betting Review Betting Gods

Offered under the Betting Gods umbrella of tipster services, High Rollers Betting is a horse racing tipster service that provides selections with longer odds.

What is the product?

High Rollers Betting is a daily horse racing tipster service that The Betting Gods say has been established with the goal of providing profits on a consistent basis. The selections themselves are sent out by email to subscribers each morning, usually before 10am. Unfortunately the selection process itself isn’t something that the Betting Gods team look at in any real detail, simply stating that selections are heavily researched. This is a point of contention for me personally as I like to have an idea what I’m paying for. As a service High Rollers Betting is rather high volume with 125-130 bets per month advertised as the average however it is worth keeping in mind that some days can produce more than double the daily average number of bets. Read more

Nigel Seeley Betting Club Review

Created by the eponymous Nigel Seeley and operated as part of Betfan’s Tipster TV programme, Nigel Seeley Betting Club is a new sports betting tipster service.

What is the product?

Nigel Seeley Betting Club is the first tipster service to come out of Betfan’s Tipster TV website outside of Tipster TV itself. The service is operated by regular Tipster TV contributor and well known betting personality Nigel Seeley (as you could probably discern from the name). Nigel Seeley Betting Club is a sports betting tipster service which Betfan TV say is predominantly based around football with Nigel Seeley adding that the focus is on lower leagues where the best value is. In spite of this focus, since going live Nigel Seeley Betting Club has advised of selections for rugby, darts, tennis and golf, all within a short space of tine. The selection process for Nigel Seeley Betting Club isn’t something that is explored in too much detail however Nigel Seeley is a very well known name in the betting industry having made contributions to a number of services including The Sun newspaper. Read more

Ultimate Betting Tips Review Jon Owen

Created by Jon Owen and offered through his company Equine Investment Management Limited, Ultimate Betting Tips is a service that provides numerous sports betting and horse racing tips.

What is the product?

As a product Ultimate Betting Tips appears to actually be composed of three different products with Equine Investment Management Limited saying that the service provides a one stop solution for your betting needs. As mentioned Ultimate Betting Tips is rather multifaceted with the core product seeming to be a rather typical horse racing tipster service. Unfortunately Jon Owen provides very little information about the selection process or what Ultimate Betting Tips  actually entails with the only information confirmed being that selections are sent out directly to your email. The second part of Ultimate Betting Tips is the sports betting tipster service which is creatively called Ultimate Betting Tips Sports Bet.

Read more

Maximum Racing Profits Review

Offered by Winning Information Network in conjunction with a tipster referred to simply as Terry, Maximum Racing Profits is a specialist, selective horse racing tipster service.

What is the product?

Maximum Racing Profits is a horse racing tipster service that according to Winning Information Network and its creator, involves backing horses that have the best chance of making a profit. This seems like a rather moot selling point however as this is surely the goal of any tipster service. That aside, as a service Maximum Racing Profits is a little different. As touched upon it is a highly selective service with no more than 2 selections in a day and even this is a rarity. All selections are advised as win or each way and come with staking details which range from 1 point to 5 points. As well as the details of the bet Terry also sends out his reasoning for a selection. Read more

ITK Racing Review In The Know Raving Club

Offered by Bet Kudos and operated by an anonymous tipster (who is said to be a well known name), ITK Racing or In The Know Raving Club is a last minute tipster service.

What is the product?

ITK Racing is sold as being your best chance of getting in the know and last minute tips for horse racing tips each week. The reality is that ITK Racing is something of an oddity as a tipster service. This is mostly down to the sporadic way in which selections are issued. Whilst I am happy to accept that a service that is based around last minute tips isn’t going to update day in, day out on the dot, ITK Racing can go up to 5 days without any selections only for the next 3 days to have 4 selections. This seems to be down to the selection process which is something that isn’t covered in as much detail as I would like however I will look at what information Bet Kudos do provide. Essentially at the centre of ITK Racing is a tipster who is described as in the know. Read more

Soccer Hot Shots Football Software Review

Created by Kevin of Horse Racing Rates, Soccer Hot Shots Football Software is a new piece of software for helping users to find football bets based on a certain set of conditions.

What is the product?

Soccer Hot Shots Football Software is a piece of software (it is worth noting that this is Windows only) uses a selection process of Kevin’s design to find very specific betting opportunities. The software itself is very easy to use and there shouldn’t really be any problems in this regard. What Soccer Hot Shots Football Software does is it scans a number of different leagues across the UK and Europe (including ,major English and Scottish leagues as well as top flight in the major European footballing nations) looking for teams who have either won 5 games in a row or drawn 4. This form based approach is one that I have seen used before with mixed results however where Soccer Hot Shots Football Software  stands out is when it comes to the betting strategy. Read more

The Judge Greyhound Racing Review BetKudos

Created by a tipster for whom the service is named, The Judge is a greyhound racing tipster service that is operated in conjunction with the Bet Kudos tipster stable.

What is the product?

The Judge is a new tipster service that is based specifically around greyhound racing, more specifically open races which have bigger prices and stronger races. Bet Kudos say that this allows The Judge to be action packed and provide subscribers with a thrilling betting system. As far as the service goes The Judge is relatively straightforward in many respects offering users daily selections for races across the UK .The selection process for The Judge is based around the experience of the eponymous tipster who Bet Kudos claim has over 17 years of experience within the sport. As well as drawing on his experience in the field, The Judge also has a strong focus on extracting the best possible value, something that he says he is able to do by looking at greyhound racing TV and identifying when a dog have made a pricing error and odds are likely to shorten. Read more

Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing Review Betfan

Created by Betfan with selections coming from the eponymous Dr Boom, Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a new horse racing tipster service that offers specialised selections that you only pay for if they win.

What is the product?

Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a tipster service that allows users access to professional without having to take out any lengthy and costly subscriptions. The service is operated by “Dr Boom” and is rather unlike Betfan’s usual offerings. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around very selective betting, so much so that you shouldn’t really expect more than a selection every few days on average. This is mainly down to the selection process. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around horses that have been primed for a certain race, for example they may have been entered before into races that are a bit too long for the horse (which alters the handicap for said horse). Dr Boom is then notified of these races through his contacts with various trainers which he then sends out to Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing users. This also means that most selections that Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing send out will be value selections with no bets to date having odds of less than 2.0 however many do go higher than this. Read more

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