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Betting Income Program Review Tim Cook

Created by Tim Cook, Betting Income Program is a sports betting tipster service that provides users with daily selections from a variety of global sports.

What is the product?

Betting Income Program is a tipster service that provides selections based on creator Tim Cook’s betting system. The system itself is not explored in too much detail which does not surprised me as there is a huge question mark over the whole of Betting Income Program. That aside, I can explore what little information is provided. The system is claimed to be entirely mathematical and created solely by Tim Cook over a long period of time. Because of the nature of the system, parameters can be altered so that Betting Income Program subscribers only receive the best quality selections. In terms of Betting Income Program as a tipster service, there are a massive number of different sports covered from football to cricket to boxing and even Formula 1. Read more

Fiona Clark’s Betting Club – The Knack Review

Created by Fiona Clark and currently being marketed by Bet Kudos, the service is a horse racing tipster service that has successfully enjoyed a stint at Tipster Planet.

What is the product?

The Knack is a horse racing tipster service that draws on Fiona Clark’s claimed substantial experience in horse racing. She claims to have been interested in and betting on the sport since being in her teens although there does appear to be structure to the selection process (although Bet Kudos do not go into too much detail). Amongst the little information that is offered there are two things that stand out. The first is that The Knack seems to be based primarily on statistical analysis as Fiona Clark does say that she spends a lot of time at her computer reviewing the days races. Secondary to this (and no doubt a massive part of the statistical analysis) is the fact that prior to becoming a bettor, Fiona Clark worked at a bookmakers for a spell. Read more

Wayne Bailey Racing Review

Created by Wayne Bailey, Wayne Bailey Racing is a horse racing tipster service that specialises in providing subscribers with daily lay betting selections.

What is the product?

Wayne Bailey Racing is a lay betting tipster service that provides selections for horse racing for races staged around the UK as well as Ireland. One of the big pulls of Wayne Bailey Racing is the name attached to the service as Wayne Bailey holds and has held a number of high prestige jobs related to betting and Betfair in his native Ireland. He is a writer for the Irish Independent’s horse racing section and has previously held the title of editor for Betfair’s Irish blog as well as being an accredited trainer for the firm. In terms of his tipster service, Wayne Bailey Racing draws heavily on this knowledge which is then combined with a special rating system that looks at jockeys. Read more

Form Wins Service Review Tim Westbrook Tipster

Created by Tim Westbrook, Form Wins Service is a horse racing tipster service that offers its subscribers daily selections for races across the UK.

What is the product?

If you believe the copy, Form Wins Service is a tipster service that can produce a consistent profit with none of the hype that you would usually expect. In some ways, this seems to be the case. Form Wins Service has been operational for 16 months with Tim Westbrook claiming that in this period there have been 4 losing months with a maximum loss of 18.63 points. The selections are sent out to Form Wins Service subscribers daily (as mentioned), typically in the early morning. The selections themselves come courtesy of a personal form ratings system that Tim Westbrook says that he has in place. This form based approach isn’t anything new however and there are plenty of services using the method with mixed results. To talk numbers, Form Wins Service will send out an average of 3 selections per day (all of which are back to win bets) with staking recommended at 1 or 2 points. Form Wins Service has a strike rate of 31.66% which with average odds of 5.69 BSP isn’t bad at all. Read more

Speedy Equines Horse Racing Review

Created by a tipster who goes by Sandi, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a horse racing tipster service that provides a subscription based as well as a free service to users.

What is the product?

Speedy Equines Horse Racing is a tipster service that provides selections for races both in the UK as well as Ireland (with Sandi saying that the speciality is becoming Irish racing). Speedy Equines Horse Racing is not a daily tipster service as Sandi says that she prefers to send out selections when certain that they stand a chance of winning. In terms of what this selection process entails, Speedy Equines Horse Racing is based around Sandi’s analysis which looks at a number of factors. These include the form of horses and trainers, the course, distance and going as well as a number of additional statistics. This means that the selection process for Speedy Equines Horse Racing allegedly takes several hours per day and is based on information compiled over a number of years. Read more

Tony Langley Football Hedging System

Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System is the newest release from internet marketer Tim Lowe that has been produced in conjunction with his close friend Tony Langley.

What is the product?

The system is an entirely new method of trading on betting exchanges and offers a guaranteed, no risk method of making a decent income, Tax Free and on the side. Tony Langley’s Football Hedging System is available in a number of packages (each of which are priced differently) that provide different levels of service. All packages give you access to a special members only website which gives you everything that you need to know about implementing the methods that Tony Langley teaches. These are a combination of videos and step-by-step tutorials and show plenty of examples of Tony trading. You will also receive the full support of the man behind Tony Langley’sFootball Hedging System as well as his personal selections on which games you should be looking at (at a small additional premium). Read more

Bookie Blitzer Review Andy Thompson

Created by Andy Thompson, Bookie Blitzer is a new independent horse racing tipster service that claims to be able to offer long term profits to subscribers.

What is the product?

Bookie Blitzer is a horse racing tipster service operated by Andy Thompson, a tipster who has enjoyed considerable success with Football Acca Tips as well as an each way horse racing betting system. Bookie Blitzer seems to be his newest entry into the market and whilst information is disappointingly scarce there are some things that you can take away. Bookie Blitzer is a tipster service covering both flat and jump based horse racing with selections offered around two or three times per week. Read more

First Favourite Review Mel Gee

Created by Mel Gee, First Favourite is a horse racing tipster service that looks to provide a consistent and long term profit for its subscribers.

What is the product?

Mel Gee says that First Favourite is a horse racing tipster service that draws heavily on his knowledge and understanding of the sport. Something that has a foundation in an interest going back 45 years. As a service, First Favourite is based around a high strike rate which clocks in at an impressive 52% with average odds of in excess of 2.30. The selection process is pretty clearly laid out with First Favourite taking full advantage of Mel Gee’s insight. He claims that over the many years he has been betting he has built up an encyclopaedic knowledge of horse racing to the point where he could allegedly pick winners just by looking at a race. Read more

Football Betting Master Review Phil Rushton

Created by Phil Rushton, Football Betting Master is a product that shows users how to identify a certain type of bet for football games from all over the world.

What is the product?

Football Betting Master is a two fold product depending on which services you decide to sign up for. There is a tipster service which can be signed up for separately from the main product itself which is a guide to making selections for games based around over and under betting markets. Through using the betting manual you can theoretically use Football Betting Master any time and for any match with the results Phil Rushton shows suggesting that this can be applied to games from any world league or cup. As mentioned, Football Betting Master is also operated as a tipster service which offers subscribers around 3 tips per week for various games and again, these are in the over and under betting markets. Read more

Insider Betting Bot Review Thomas Anderson

Allegedly created by Thomas Anderson, Insider Betting Bot is claimed to be a piece of software that will identify winning horses for the days races.

What is the product?

Insider Betting Bot is supposedly a piece of software that is based on the same betting methods that the syndicate Thomas Anderson is a member of uses. If you believe the sales material, this “fool proof” method of betting has attained a strike rate of 72%. Selections are sent out on a daily basis covering races from across the UK. The selection process for Insider Betting Bot tips is allegedly based around two key aspects. The first of these is courtesy of alleged insider information which comes from a number of sources but all are people who work within horse racing and are “truly in the know”. Read more

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