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Mobile Betting Club Review Leon Dijskra

Created by Leon Dijskra, Mobile Betting Club is an app based tipster service that allows you to get your tips on almost any internet enabled device.

What is the product?

Mobile Betting Club is a horse racing tipster service that is claimed by creator Leon Dijskra to be different to anything else on the market as you can get your tips sent straight to your phone. Selections from Mobile Betting Club are daily and are claimed to be rooted in “the most reliable and ‘agreed’ selections” (whatever that actually means). Leon Dijskra then goes on to talk about how Mobile Betting Club ignores a number of statistics such as form, the odds, the weather, track and even the RP Ratings. Read more

Prem 10 Review Dave Gibson

Created by Dave Gibson, Prem 10 is a football tipster service that specialises in providing users with tips for the English Premier League.

What is the product?

Prem 10 is a tipster service that provides subscribers with bets for Premier League games. On the surface this isn’t anything new however the bets are typically different to the norm covering things like above/under bets for the number of goals, corners and cards. Dave Gibson will typically release 4-5 bets on a Friday with an analysis of why they have been selected. This is steeped in information that comes from OPTA Sports Data, probably the most recognisable sports data company in the world. This is courtesy of a license for Oxfordshire Press (the company that Dave Gibson also serves as the MD for). Many of the bets that Prem 10 provides are built around statistical predictions that in turn have their basis that historically have a 70% statistical likelihood. Read more

SMS Tipster Review Andrew Mount

Created by Andrew Mount, SMS Tipster is a combined sports betting and horse racing tipster services that offers tips to users directly via SMS.

What is the product?

SMS Tipster is a multi faceted tipster service from Andrew Mount that claims to offer its users daily horse racing and football based selections. These are sent out directly to email and (as the name of the service suggests) via SMS. SMS Tipster is an independent tipster service  and there is very little information provided about anything frankly. The roots of SMS Tipster allegedly go back to when Andrew Mount would send out tips to his various mates who would report back on their winnings. Read more

Stop at a Winner Bot Review Steve Davis

Created by Steve Davis, Stop at a Winner Bot is a piece of software that uses multiple strategies to identify horse races where there is a potential for profit.

What is the product?

As touched upon, Stop at a Winner Bot is a downloadable trading bot (not that this is unfortunately only compatible with Windows) that uses a number of strategies selected by Steve Davidson to trade profitably. There are a few factors that come into each strategy but fundamentally they are based around backing favourites at certain odds. Because it is a trading bot you will require an account with Betfair however Steve Davis does say that Stop at a Winner Bot is capable of trading below the minimum stakes. There are 5 strategies that you can implement with Stop at a Winner Bot which are essentially as follows. Read more

Value Football Betting Review Kevin Laverick

Created by Kevin Laverick, Value Football Betting is a sports betting tipster service base around identifying value bets for football games.

What is the product?

Value Football Betting comes as a piece of software that Kevin Laverick claims is able to show users the best value bets on Betfair. Despite this comment Value Football Betting is also advertised as being able to work on any bookie however realistically I would expect to use a Betfair account with Value Football Betting due to how it works. Essentially Value Football Betting looks at the various games that are playing out on a given day and then uses a database of statistics to identify the best possible bets. Read more

Fluid Bet Review Grey Samuels

Created by Grey Samuels, Fluid Bet is a webinar that shares his various betting tips and systems.

What is the product?

According to Grey Samuels Fluid Bet is able to use its software to predict betting outcomes with a 92% accuracy rate. There are also appears to be several combinations of different betting systems that are designed to complement the selections made by Fluid Bet. Unfortunately there is very little else made available during the several hour webinar which is an immediate cause for concern. Read more

My Lucky 15 Review Betfan

Created by Martin and offered as a part of the Betfan stable of tipsters, My Lucky 15 is a sports betting tipster service that covers a number of sports with a focus on football.

What is the product?

Martin has built My Lucky 15 around the type of bet that it is named after. This means backing a number of different bets per bet with a view to making high profit wins. I’ll start by explaining what exactly a Lucky 15 bet is as this is not just key, but central to the service. A lucky 15 bet involves placing 4 single bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold bet. This means that in theory, even if some aspects of you bet lose, you can still potentially win however this is rarely the case. Where it really works for My Lucky 15 is that when there are wins, they tend to be very much on the big side. As a service, Martin says that he will try to offer users selections daily however this isn’t always possible. Read more

Winner 15 Review Winning Information Network

Created by an unnamed tipster and offered through Winning Information Network, Winner 15 is a horse racing tipster service that is based around a specific bet type.

What is the product?

Winner 15 is a tipster service based around lucky 15 bets. For those who don’t know what this entails, users will back 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold bet. This means that each bet totals 15 points so it is worth keeping that staking in mind. Selections for Winner 15 are sent out near daily with Winning Information Network saying that the service “does deliver on most [days]”. The selection process itself doesn’t really go into too much detail simply saying that there is a secret pocess that identifies the best nap combination of the day, something that I personally find to be rather disappointing. Whilst you would expect Winner 15 to have a low strike rate (and in some ways it does, especially if you only count all 15 bets coming in as a win), in the short time that it has been operational it has a profitable bet rate of about 66% according to the proofing supplied by Winning Information Network. Read more

Zig Zag Tennis System Review

Created by alleged ex professional tennis player Gary, Zig Zag Tennis System is a tennis betting system currently being sold by Streetwise News.

What is the product?

Zig Zag Tennis System  is a 20 page manual over which Gary shows you the same methods that he claims to have employed to make big profits every week. Zig Zag Tennis System is a tennis system which means that this will not work for the month of December however Gary and Streetwise News say that this shouldn’t be a problem as you will still produce selections for each of the other weeks. Whilst this weekly approach is the core of Zig Zag Tennis System, Gary is very keen to highlight how much can be made during the Grand Slams which are where the big bucks look to be earned. Zig Zag Tennis System  does require a Betfair account because as you will see from the way it works, the system seems to exploit movement in the markets. Read more

Turf Profits System Review Jim Dunn

Created by Jim Dunn, Turf Profits System is a horse racing betting system for picking out your own selections for the flat turf racing period.

What is the product?

Coming in the form of a downloadable PDF, Turf Profits System is claimed to be a method of allowing you to make your own horse racing selections for flat turf races across the UK. With that in mind it is worth noting that Turf Profits System is a seasonal thing (running March to November) and so you cannot get a year round income. Whilst I cannot go into too much detail about the methods that Turf Profits System employs (for obvious reasons), Turf Profits System is based around identifying horses with long odds and backing them to win. This does produce some rather significant losses with losing streaks in excess of 10 losses being relatively commonplace however when a horse comes in the profits are substantial enough to offset this. With 843 bets for the 2014 season though you can see why a large betting bank is needed, even with average odds that Jim Dunn claims come in at 11.26 (Betfair SP). Unfortunately there is no strike rate available for Turf Profits System however I wouldn’t expect much from this given the nature of Turf Profits System.  Perhaps more telling is that for 2014 there was only one losing month (November) Jim Dunn alleges was a little over 10 points. If you do buy Turf Profits System you will be offered an up-sell to receive the selections rather than working them out yourself. Read more

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