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Digital Publishing Riches Review Stuart Stirling

Created by Stuart Stirling, Digital Publishing Riches is a guide that according to the creator will take you through the steps required to start publishing your own information products.

What is the product?

Digital Publishing Riches is presented as a step by step by step guide that according to Stuart Stirling will have you easily pumping out information products that will allegedly sell like crazy. All of this is a rather bold claim for a PDF based guide (that is also backed up by some MP3s as well). One of the things that I find most interesting about Digital Publishing Riches as a product is the sheer number of claims that Stuart Stirling makes about its capabilities. These range from things that you would expect from an information product creation guide such as identifying a niche, actual details on how to create a product and how to drive traffic. Digital Publishing Riches also allegedly covers “6 ways to leverage and profit from Amazon” “How to tap into the powerful ‘inner force’ that’s really drives you to succeed online” and “How to turn physical products into information products”. Read more

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review Anton Louis Kraly

Created by Anton Louis Kraly, Drop Ship Lifestyle is a product that teaches users everything that they need to know in order to start their own business running an online store.

What is the product?

As far as training products go, Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the more complete examples that I have seen. Anton Louis Kraly presents a number of videos spread over 7 modules that show you the various methods that he has used throughout his various businesses and how you can do them too. One of the things that works particularly well about Drop Ship Lifestyle is that what you are being taught through the course is not what the majority of drop shipping products I have looked at before, i.e. a somewhat grey area involving Amazon and other sites such as eBay. Read more

12 Minute Pay Day Review Justin James

Created by Justin James, 12 Minute Pay Day is a product that he claims is able to produce a guaranteed income through affiliate marketing.

What is the product?

At its core, 12 Minute Pay Day is an affiliate marketing product suppose, however it does this in a way that I haven’t really seen before now, frankly, nor do I wish to. Your affiliate marketing journey with 12 Minute Pay Day starts out with you “plugging in” a website to Justin James’ larger product which appears to be 12 Minute Pay Day as well. Interestingly he claims that he has used this same method as a money making method online. 12 Minute Pay Day is also said to be entirely free to do with no website building (you get a “website” from Justin James) or hosting (your “website” is hosted on 12 Minute Pay Day) and allegedly very little knowledge of marketing required. From what I can gather the reality of 12 Minute Pay Day seems to be rather removed from the pitch. The actual idea behind it seems to be that you get people to go to your 12 Minute Pay Day “website” of which there are 5 templates available and they are encouraged to put their email in which you then capture. You can then use this as a springboard for building your own list and ultimately marketing to them on an affiliate basis. Luckily there is some training provided by Justin James on what affiliate marketing is and how to utilise this technique. Read more

Digital Production Machine Review Alex Jeffreys

Created by Alex Jeffreys, Digital Production Machine is a training course that the creator says will show you how to create your own products for selling online.

What is the product?

Digital Production Machine is spread over 6 video based modules with the focus being on new content creation. As well as the videos which can be watched online, there are also audio files made available for download containing the same information. Digital Production Machine covers what is arguably one of the most important aspects of being an internet marketer in content creation. Really launching your own products is one of the best ways of getting your name and brand “out there”. Alex Jeffreys show you how to do this via a step by step process starting with a quick start guide before moving on to creating the product, launching it and even generating traffic. Finally Digital Production Machine puts a focus on using email marketing to ensure that you keep in touch with your customers and build a relationship with them. Digital Production Machine is also sold with a huge amount of “bonus” content which comes in the form of a checklist for launching a new product, access to a live Q&A with creator Alex Jeffreys. There are also a copy of the resources that he utilises as well as a guide to the most profitable niches and a guide to avoiding what are referred to as fatal traps when creating a product. Read more

Gratips Review Theo Kournis

Created by Theo Kournis, Gratips is a website that offers a number of different sports betting and horse racing based tipping services.

What is the product?

Gratips offers two things to users. The first is a number of different tipster services but for the purposes of this review, we will be looking at the general Gratips tips that are made available. The way Theo Kournis handles this is actually very interesting, especially when compared to most standard tipster service. They are sold in bundles of 100 tips with the selections coming from the various tipsters that Gratips employs. Based off what information that is available it appears that Gratips has achieved a strike rate of 43%. It is difficult to discern the selection method for Gratips because they come from so many different sources. On the plus side this does bring a few advantages. For example the number of sports that Gratips covers is substantially more varied than a typical tipster service which focuses on just the one sport. Read more

Silver Lotto System Review Ken Silver

Created by Ken Silver, Silver Lotto System is a system that has been devised to allegedly improve your chances of winning on the lottery.

What is the product?

Silver Lotto System comes as a downloadable guide spread over 52 pages. The actual contents are relatively simple and are mostly built around the idea that certain events and sequences are less likely to happen. This is however false as the odds for a lottery are designed to entirely reset once a ball has been removed. That means that whilst (as Ken Silver points out) 1,2,3,4,5,6 have never been selected as winning numbers, the odds are still the same as 7,13,20,29,34,41 coming in (a little over 1/13,000,000). Essentially Silver Lotto System follows a rather potent example of gambler’s fallacy. Ken Silver says that as numbers are typically spread out, this is a pattern that should be looked for and bet around when in actuality it is all a huge coincidence. For what it is worth, Silver Lotto System provides systems for all lotteries except for two 90 ball examples in Italy and Malta. Read more

Facebook Profits Frenzy Review Bill Winters

Created by Bill Winters, Facebook Profits Frenzy is a blueprint for successfully making money through Facebook.

What is the product?

Facebook Profits Frenzy is a training course that takes you step by step through making money on Facebook. This appears to involve using Facebook as a marketing platform for either your own products or products you market on an affiliate basis. Either way this is somewhat speculative on my behalf as Bill Winters actually does nothing to say what his product really is or what it does. Instead you are expected to buy into the notion that Facebook Profits Frenzy is the “quickest and easiest system to make money online”. The rest of the promotional material doesn’t fare much better with an emphasis on the “story” behind Facebook Profits Frenzy and how he beat the guru’s and cracked the code. What little information there is suggests that Facebook Profits Frenzy is a step by step training guide that also comes with a cheat sheet and additional secrets to making money on Facebook included as bonuses. Read more

The Kitchen Table Cash Machine Review Drew Franklin

Created by Drew Franklin Gates, The Kitchen Table Cash Machine is a guide to becoming a successful internet marketer.

What is the product?

The Kitchen Table Cash Machine is an eight module training course that according to the creator Drew Franklin Gates will show you the secrets that the internet elite use to market online successfully. The information in The Kitchen Table Cash Machine allegedly cost Drew Franklin Gates $25,000 which was spent infiltrating the circles that top internet marketers allegedly operate in. Of course there is no evidence of this, and the content of the course certainly doesn’t corroborate based off what I have seen. The eight modules don’t really get more advanced than traffic generation and affiliate marketing and frankly, The Kitchen Table Cash Machine seems to be a little outdated. This makes the claims that The Kitchen Table Cash Machine will help you to build a business that will make money on autopilot even less credible. Read more

Social Lead Freak Review Marcus Lim

Created by Ali G and Marcus Lim, Social Lead Freak is a tool that allows you to use Facebook groups to generate sales leads.

What is the product?

Social Lead Freak is a downloadable application (compatible with both Windows and Mac) that allows users to search for groups on Facebook based off keywords. Social Lead Freak then takes the user ID’s of the people within that group and exports them to a spreadsheet that you can then use for targeted marketing. The fact that you are targeting groups who have an existing interest in your products will, according to Ali G and Marcus Lim, provide you with a huge boost in sales. Social Lead Freak is a simple enough piece of software to use from what I have seen and it is definitely capable of doing what it says on the tin. Read more

Quick Earners Cloud Review Rob Benwell

Created by Rob Benwell, Quick Earners Cloud is a product that gives users a free cloud based website which is optimised for making money.

What is the product?

Whilst this should be a straightforward question, it is actually rather difficult to explain. For those who aren’t aware, “The Cloud” is loosely defined as a shared resource that is accessed from a number of machines over a network. This is mostly used for data storage by your average person. With that in mind it is difficult to see how Rob Benwell’s claims that Quick Earners Cloud is able to generate a better income “in the cloud” than a normal website. In terms of what is claimed, Quick Earners Cloud provides you with a free, optimised and monetised website courtesy of Rob Benwell and his team. You then use this website as a method of marketing (seemingly on an affiliate basis) and ultimately making money. The website comes with a free domain that whilst referred to as premium is far from it (I was offered which is a Canadian domain for women in the UK). In order to claim your free Quick Earners Cloud website you must sign up for a hosting package through Cloud Pro Hosting. Read more

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