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Auction Sales Machine Review Ben Doyle

Created by Ben Doyle, Auction Sales Machine has been created as a guide to leveraging repeat custom to increase the revenue of your eBay business.

What is the product?

Auction Sales Machine is a PDF document that over 36 pages shows users the methods that Ben Doyle claims that he used to double the profits of his eBay business. Essentially this is handled through using your purchasers emails to create a mailing list where you can send them information about your latest offers etc. What isn’t made clear in the promotional material is whether or not you offer users a way of opting in or simply use the email address linked to the PayPal account. Whilst Ben Doyle claims that the methods Auction Sales Machine uses are within the rules of eBay and PayPal, if it is the latter it seems rather questionable. That aside, at the core of Auction Sales Machine is the idea that people who have bought off you once will be interested in the other items and therefore you have customers waiting to buy your products rather than you having to find them. Read more

Cash Converters Franchise Review

Cash Converters are one of the largest pawn brokerage companies in the world. Opening a franchise with them is a great way of getting into this profitable business with a house hold name.

About The Company

Cash Converters are a global firm operating with 700 stores, 230 of which are UK based. The UK sector is one that Cash Converters are looking to expand on and as a nationally recognised company they are arguably many people’s first choice when a pawning service is required. Cash Converters have been trading for 30 years and have put a strong emphasis on franchising with Cash Converters in the UK being full members of the British Franchise Association. As well as this they are a council member for the Consumer Credit Trade Association as well as the Consumer Finance Association. CEO David Patrick is also a board member for The National Pawnbrokers. This is indicative that the Cash Converters business utilises good practice to operate a sustainable operation. Read more

McDonalds Franchise Review

Arguably one of the most well-known franchisers in the world, McDonalds is also a globally recognised brand.

About The Company

When people talk about franchises it is not unlikely that they are thinking of McDonalds. McDonalds have pioneered franchising in the UK. Nowadays McDonalds aren’t the biggest fast food franchiser, that title now belongs to sandwich company Subway, yet despite this the brand name is more valuable in the UK. When buying a franchise you are buying the brand, that is the long and short of it, and I don’t think there is a better known fast food brand in the UK. As well as this powerful brand, McDonalds are a full member of the British Franchise Association and took home the bfa HSBC Franchisor of the year in 2011. Read more Franchise Review offer franchises selling and managing their web design services across the UK. All franchisees are given an exclusive patch to operate in.

About The Company are specialists in web design, using their own system it’seeze to make custom websites that fit the criteria set out by clientèle. This clientèle is primarily focused on the business sector with an emphasis on smaller businesses. All franchisees are home based workers which if you are starting out your own first business, mean low overheads and minimal operational cost. are rapidly growing in terms of franchises in the online marketing and website development sector. Additionally are not members of the British Franchise Association. Read more

Subway Franchise Review

Owning your own Subway franchise is an ideal way to become a part of the largest fast food chain in the UK, and arguably the fastest growing.

About The Company

Subway are a global brand with over 13,000 stores across the world. Of these 1,847 are within the UK and Ireland. This number now surpasses McDonalds as the largest fast food franchise operation in the UK, an unofficial title that has been held since 2008. The expansion of the Subway brand continues with there being an average five new Subway franchises opening weekly. As reassurance for you as a franchise, Subway are members of the British and International Franchise Associations. Read more

etyres Franchise Review

etyres is a company that specialises in providing mobile tyre replacement services. As a franchisee you will be the face of etyres in your own patch.

About The Company

etyres are a business that provide tyre changing at the roadside or a location that is convenient to customers. As a etyres franchisee you will act as an agent for etyres and providing the physical side of the service. Because of the business structure that etyres uses, they are able to offer lower costs than traditional garage and service settings. This is good news for you as a franchisee as it allows you to keep your overheads down and to work on your own schedule. etyres is a full member of the British Franchise Association. Read more

Pack Send Franchise Review

Offering specialist logistic solutions, Pack Send are a company that offer tailor made packaging and transportation with an emphasis on unique packages.

About The Company

Since their creation in Australia in 1993, Pack Send have placed an emphasis on the customer and their needs. This operation went live in the UK in 2009 and since then Pack Send has experienced a pretty steady growth. Pack Send offer a number of standardised logistics and packaging options but the company really comes into its own when you look at some of the more unique jobs they have carried out including the packaging and sending of a 150KG replica Sherman Tank form the UK to the US and £1,000,000 worth of lab equipment. In terms of their record as a franchiser, Pack Send are accredited by the British Franchise Association whilst the Australian arm won the Australian Franchiser of the year. Read more

Belvoir! Letting Agents Franchise

Belvoir! Letting Agents are one of the largest and most established franchise opportunity if you wish to get involved with the property letting market.

What is the Business?

Belvoir! Letting Agents operations extend to 160 offices within the UK. This means that should you purchase a Belvoir! Letting Agents franchise you are buying into a nationally recognised brand that may not be a household name yet, but is certainly well positioned to achieve this. Belvoir! Letting Agents has a pretty firm pedigree as a franchise opportunity having been voted Letting Franchise of the year for 2010, 2012 and 2013. As well as the brand, Belvoir! Letting Agents provide extensive training which I shall now look at. Read more

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