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Ebook Cover Factory Review

Created by Colin Scott, Ebook Cover Factory is a selection of over 200 ebook cover templates, each of which is fully customisable.

What is the product?

Colin Scott claims to be a Kindle author who commissioned a large number of ebook covers for his own work. Ultimately he is now passing on the opportunity to gain access to some of these for yourself in the form of Ebook Cover Factory. There are 200+ covers as well as facilities to make more of your own for free using Gimp (a free editing suite that Colin Scott also provides training for) and a collection of over 400 high quality images that are also provided with Ebook Cover Factory. The covers look to be good quality and is this that Colin Scott says will help you to sell more copies of your own ebooks. There are also a few bonus products that help authors find profitable niches and other related services. Read more

Kindle Autopilot Tycoon Review

Created by Andrew Waring, Kindle Autopilot Tycoon is a training program that allegedly teaches you how to create Kindle books using outsourcing and sell them for profit.

What is the product?

Kindle Autopilot Tycoon is provided as ten videos during which Andrew Waring claims he will teach you to how to go about finding places to outsource the creation of your Kindle books, how to negotiate the best prices with writers and editors and even how to market your Kindle book on Amazon’s Kindle Store. The money making aspect is built around selling these videos you have created through outsourcing for a profit on the Kindle store. Read more

Amasuite 3 Review

amasuite 3AmaSuite 3 gives you a set of tools for researching the most likely profitable keywords and products which can be sold for profit as an Amazon affiliate. They are Azon Keyword Generator, Azon Top 100 Analyzer, and Azon Product Inspector. You also get the AmaSync WordPress plugin you can use to easily create Amazon affiliate stores advertising any products you want. It also offers invaluable training, typically in the form of videos, on many aspects of making money as an Amazon affiliate, particularly through creating WordPress affiliate stores. Read more

Simple Novice Profit Review

Simple Novice ProfitSimple Novice Profit is a training program that is designed to ensure that you know how to make the correct decisions when using online affiliate marketing to get the most profit. There isn’t much information on what it actually does, but presumably there is some material given to you which you can use to learn how to get out of the Novice stage of affiliate marketing. Read more

A Guaranteed Way to Make £250 System, a Complete Review

The £250 System Reviews. This guarantees to make you about £250 per month, from working at your computer. Maybe you have heard of it? If not, then in this review were are looking at one of the most popular methods on the internet at the moment.

This method REALLY WORKS, and the work is actually very easy. From what we have reviewed your earnings are directly related to how much time to have to spend completing this simple work. If you could use an extra £250 per month for a couple of hours work per day, then this new method could definitely be what you are looking for. Read our review on it today, and make money today. Read more

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