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Adsviser Review Abhi Dwivedi & Oliver Goodwin

Created by Abhi Dwivedi & Oliver Goodwin, Adsviser is a specialist piece of software that claims to be able to show you the methods of advertising that your rivals are using in their Facebook campaigns.

What is the product?

According to the sales material for Adsviser, it is a method ethically and legally stealing the secrets of other marketers Facebook advertising campaigns. This information (which is rather clumsily sold as being what “your competitors” didn’t want you to see) is broken down into key details on the demographics that the product is being marketed at. As a piece of software Adsviser is easy to use and entirely online so you can access it from pretty much any device. Finding advertising campaigns is an easy enough process that is based around searching based of URLs, keywords and even countries. Read more

Social Kickstart Review Mark Thompson

Created by Mark Thompson, Social Kickstart is a piece of software that allows you to update all of your Facebook fan pages as well as monitor your advertising campaigns from one place.

What is the product?

Social Kickstart is an application that according to Mark Thomas will allow you to improve your presence on social media sites whilst also growing your traffic and leads. As a piece of software Social Kickstart is easy to use and provides several rather interesting functions. The first is that by using Social Kickstart you can upload posts etc. to all of your Facebook fan pages from one place, either following a release schedule or doing it “there and then”. These posts can also be configured to allow you to post to Twitter and LinkedIn as well. For the posts you can get content from other sources with Social Kickstart providing the ability to share content that has already gone viral on other websites such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram (all of which Social Kickstart can sync with). Read more

Instant Video Machine Deluxe Review Matt Bush

Created by Matt Bush, Instant Video Machine Deluxe is being marketed as a complete business opportunity that will give users access to their own video agency business.

What is the product?

Instant Video Machine Deluxe is being sold on the back of a rather interesting pitch, namely that by using his product, Matt Bush claims that you will be able to start making money selling video adverts with a focus on local videos. If you purchase Instant Video Machine Deluxe you get access to 3 main things. The first of these is a WordPress plugin that will automatically set up the website for your new video agency business. This includes the second part of Instant Video Machine Deluxe  which are a number of demo videos, 50 to be precise. These feature “professionally trained actors” as well as various CGI based videos, all of which demonstrate how a company’s logo and marketing can feature. Read more

WP Scope Review Cindy Battye

Created by Cindy Battye, WP Scope is a new WordPress plugin that automates the process of building a blog based around videos from the app Periscope which can be used to drive traffic.

What is the product?

WP Scope is a new product and WordPress plugin that is different to anything that I have really seen before now. As already touched upon you can use videos uploaded to the Periscop App (with Cindy Battye going out of her way to highlight the fact that this includes household names such as celebrities and Fortune 500 companies) to drive traffic to your website. If you are unfamiliar with Periscope it is a relatively new app that allows a user to turn their smartphone into a device that streams what is happening around them live to the internet. As a product, WP Scope allows you to utilise this for your own needs, all of which is handled via an automated process. Read more

Blast 4 Traffic Review

Blast 4 Traffic is an online company that offer its users access to an allegedly massive list. By placing solo ads, they will email their list with your product.

What is the product?

Blast 4 Traffic is a solo ad service that places a huge emphasis on the size of their mailing list. In fact, they go as far as to say that you can reach in excess of 70 million people. This number isn’t quite representative however as this is based off you sending out a daily email to their 2.3 million subscribers. For those who aren’t familiar with solo ads and how they work, it is a service rendered where you pay for a company or person to send out an email on your behalf to their mailing list. Read more

Elite Marketing Pro Review Tim Erway

Created by Tim Erway, Elite Marketing Pro is a product that claims to offer a way to make guaranteed money online through a number of marketing methods.

What is the product?

Fundamentally Elite Marketing Pro is a suite of tools that are designed to help you with marketing etc. It includes staples like capture pages, pop ups and a “traffic getting content marketer tool” that appears to find content for your website. Elite Marketing Pro also comes with a blog hosting platform as well as a number of training resources. In theory by bringing all of this together you could use Elite Marketing Pro to increase traffic, lists etc. however really, Tim Erway makes everything sound incredibly simplified and dumbed down choosing to overlook the work that is necessary and this makes Elite Marketing Pro seem like a solution to everything however as I shall explore below, this is rarely the case. Read more

How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast Review

Created by Terry Wilson, How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast is a complete guide offered through Streetwise Publications that shows you how to start your own home business.

What is the product?

How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast is a physical guide to starting a business from your own home that according to Terry Wilson will help you to make a rather substantial income. According to the sales material for How to Make £1000 per Day Before Breakfast, Terry Wilson stumbled upon a second hand book at his daughters jumble sale that was previously owned by a successful businessman. Because this is copywriting world, this businessman had helpfully highlighted all the parts that Terry Wilson needed to start being his own boss after walking out from his typical underpaid underappreciated set up that copywriters love. Read more

Azon Authority Review Sean Donahoe

Created by Sean Donahoe, Azon Authority is a WordPress plugin that uses Amazon’s affiliate scheme to help you start up your own online store.

What is the product?

Coming in the form of a WordPress Plugin, Azon Authority is a piece of store building software that is packed with features to help you to start your own ecommerce business. The entire thing is built around Amazon’s popular affiliate program however what Azon Authority does differently is it allows you to make your site look like an independent store. Sean Donahoe says that this helps in two ways. The first is that Google will not recognise it as an affiliate site and this allegedly means that an Azon Authority store will rank higher. Secondly it draws people into exploring your store where they are more likely to make purchases. Read more

EngagiFire Review Stuart Frank, Tom and Ayoub

Created by Stuart Frank together with Tom and Ayoub, Engagifire is a piece of software for creating your own popups on your website.

What is the product?

There have been a significant number of popup creation/customisation products cropping up on the market recently and EngagiFire is the latest example of this. Boasting a massive number of options and customisable aspects, EngagiFire covers all the features that you would expect such as email capturing, calls to action and video content. Interestingly, there are multiple calls to action available with one of the main selling points being a social call to action which encourages visitors to share your content. EngagiFire also comes with popups that have been specifically designed for videos as well as stopping further reading of an article unless you supply details and also limited time offers to create a sense of urgency. Whilst you would expect all of these examples, EngagiFire also offers more niche examples as well such as Amazon affiliate popups, popups that sell you something complete with a built in PayPal button and finally Teespring campaigns. Stuart Frank, Tom and Ayoub have designed everything to be modified with a simple drag and drop interface although templates are provided if you don’t want to get involved with this. Stuart Frank, Tom and Ayoub also say that EngagiFire’s popups can be set to appear following a number of actions such as time passed, scrolling through a page and when people first access your site. As a bonus, Stuart Frank, Tom and Ayoub provide EngagiFire Unlimited Site License customers with Remote Commander, a product that allows you to apply EngagiFire popups to third party websites. Read more

TTS Sketch Maker Review DMA LTD UK

Created by DMA LTD UK, TTS Sketch Maker is a piece of software that allows you to easily make whiteboard based videos that are also commentated by built in vocals.

What is the product?

There are an increasing number of marketing videos that contain “whiteboard sketch” style content. These involve a hand that draws images and writes words that illustrate what is being said over them offering a visually stimulating alternative to text. TTS Sketch Maker allows you to quickly and easily make these videos yourself based around preloaded content (although you can also expand the library with your own). DMA LTD UK have included 12 different fonts that you can use as well as 150 animated images. As well as the visual side of things DMA LTD UK  have built in 25 text to speech voices covering all kinds of languages from English to Spanish and even Polish and Czech for TTS Sketch Maker  to use. DMA LTD UK  say that these videos are human sounding however I don’t believe this to be the case at all. Whilst they are a huge step up over Microsoft Sam and the like, they are definitely not human sounding either. Videos can be encoded for 4 different formats with all examples coming out HD ready. The interface for TTS Sketch Maker is easy to use with a drag and drop interface and clearly labelled text boxes etc. but if for any reason you are unsure, DMA LTD UK have also created a full training guide. On top of this TTS Sketch Maker get a full year of support and a number of bonus products which are mostly based around video marketing. Read more

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