Copy, Paste, Profit Review

by Sharon Fussell, Copy, Paste, Profit claims that users can earn a second income using arbitrage selling between Amazon and eBay.

What is the product?

Copy, Paste, Profit comes in the form of a training manual that is supported by “onscreen” video tutorials and access to Sharon Fussell’s support and resource website. Also provided is a free bonus report that according to Sharon Fussell will help you to generate further profits with Copy, Paste, Profit. The system itself uses arbitrage selling which Sharon Fussell claims is entirely different from drop-shipping although she doesn’t explain how it is. To me, the two processes are identical. That aside the system is reliant on selling books although there doesn’t seem to be any reason that a savvy user could apply the same principles to other markets.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Copy, Paste, Profit is for sale at £69 which gives you the training manual and other content as well as the bonus report. In the event you are unhappy with Copy, Paste, Profit, Sharon Fussell provides a 30 day money back guarantee. In terms of your income from the system the amount is claimed to be between £291 and £508 per month with Sharon Fussell saying that this averages out around £300 per month.

Does the product provide value for money?

There are a few issues that must be raised when considering the value of Sharon Fussell’s product. Firstly is the lack of information supplied about income. Obviously she makes her claim but there is no evidence to back it up and most of the testimonials provided seem to be for her other products. There are no screenshots showing any sales results or income which is a little disconcerting.

Also given the simplistic nature of the product I am left wondering what exactly you are paying for here. I find it rather hard to get over these little niggles and given the quite high price I don’t think that this is a value for money opportunity.


Copy, Paste, Profit doesn’t do anything new, and it doesn’t do anything new for quite a lot of money. The lack of evidence is, as always with these kinds of systems, somewhat disconcerting. Finally there is the fact that Sharon Fussell claims that her product is not drop-shipping but she doesn’t provide adequate explanation as to what the differences are. It seems to me that what is really happening here is Copy, Paste, Profit is being marketed as something different to what it actually is and it is this that is really the deal breaker here.

The foundations are solid, but the product doesn’t appear to be so on that grounds alone I’d personally look to avoid Copy, Paste, Profit.


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  1. Harry says:

    With this all it is in essence is finding a product (be it books or whatever) on Amazon that is selling for less than it is on Ebay. So you copy the ad, upload on Ebay, if it sells and that is a big if, you order the product on Amazon and get them to dropship to your buyer. To make this viable the margins would need to be significant as once the eBay and Paypal fees kick in that is a good percentage of your costs. Potentially you could end up losing money. Not really a strategy I would use. Oh yes, Oliver Goehler tried promoting a similar product with little success a few years ago.

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