Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing Review Betfan

Created by Betfan with selections coming from the eponymous Dr Boom, Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a new horse racing tipster service that offers specialised selections that you only pay for if they win.

What is the product?

Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is a tipster service that allows users access to professional without having to take out any lengthy and costly subscriptions. The service is operated by “Dr Boom” and is rather unlike Betfan’s usual offerings. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around very selective betting, so much so that you shouldn’t really expect more than a selection every few days on average. This is mainly down to the selection process. Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is based around horses that have been primed for a certain race, for example they may have been entered before into races that are a bit too long for the horse (which alters the handicap for said horse). Dr Boom is then notified of these races through his contacts with various trainers which he then sends out to Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing users. This also means that most selections that Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing send out will be value selections with no bets to date having odds of less than 2.0 however many do go higher than this.

Staking so far has been advised at 5 points per bet so far which is in line with most Betfan products however I would expect this figure to drop occasionally. The strike rate for Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is particularly exceptional with 66% achieved on average since its launch (although this has only produced 20 bets to date so it could get worse).

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There is no initial investment in Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing as it is entirely free to register to receive selections. Users receive a notification that there is a bet via email and can then opt to receive it. .If they do they will be charged at £10 for the bet if the horse wins (with VAT on top of this). If the horse loses then there is no cost incurred.

Income wise, Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing has made 85.53 point of profit to date however it is worth keeping in mind that this doesn’t cover subscription costs. If you wish to factor these in you will need to stake a minimum of £3 per point (based off 5 point stakes) to produce a point of profit.

Does the product provide value for money?

Given the fact that you only pay when you win, it is hard to see how Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing doesn’t represent value for money.


If Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing continues on its current path then it is a definite must have for any bettor. As it stands I feel that Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing is possibly better suited to casual punters who are maybe looking to have a bit of an edge or want an affordable “in” for a tipster service. If you do however have an existing portfolio there is no risk in adding Dr Boom’s Betcha Racing to this really.



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