Drop Ship Lifestyle Review Anton Louis Kraly

Created by Anton Louis Kraly, Drop Ship Lifestyle is a product that teaches users everything that they need to know in order to start their own business running an online store.

What is the product?

As far as training products go, Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the more complete examples that I have seen. Anton Louis Kraly presents a number of videos spread over 7 modules that show you the various methods that he has used throughout his various businesses and how you can do them too. One of the things that works particularly well about Drop Ship Lifestyle is that what you are being taught through the course is not what the majority of drop shipping products I have looked at before, i.e. a somewhat grey area involving Amazon and other sites such as eBay.

Instead Drop Ship Lifestyle is all about building a sustainable and long term online business. You are not looking at arbitrage between sites and identifying flash in the pan opportunities, instead Anton Louis Kraly shows you how to work with manufacturers and businesses that produce high end products and get them to handle the shipping side of things. If all of this sounds complicated (it isn’t, however you should be prepared to put a lot of hard work into Drop Ship Lifestyle), then Anton Louis Kraly explains everything clearly and concisely so that you understand what is expected of you. As well as the core training, Anton Louis Kraly provides Drop Ship Lifestyle customers with full access to him offering Q & A calls as well as working with you to ensure that your niche is profitable. You also get two store templates and a host of other bonuses.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is definitely not what I would call cheap coming with a rather hefty price tag of $997 which is a one off payment. Anton Louis Kraly also offers a monthly payment system where you can pay $297 per month for a 4 month period. There is a vendor backed 14 day money back guarantee however this does come with a $300 cancellation fee which is unusual. In terms of the income potential from Drop Ship Lifestyle, Anton Louis Kraly claims that his businesses earn him over $100,000 per month however this is unlikely to be amount that most people will achieve. The fact is though that due to the nature of Drop Ship Lifestyle, once you are up and running you will make a profit eventually.

Does the product provide value for money?

Despite a high sale price I believe that Drop Ship Lifestyle probably does provide value for money.


Of the many ways of making money online that I look at there are very few that I could see working for a lifetime however Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of these. The thing that really makes it worthwhile is that you are not operating a business based on gimmicks or really relying on a single person to keep your operation going. Instead, you are looking at companies and businesses that also have a vested interest in the same markets that you do.

Yes, Drop Ship Lifestyle is expensive, but it is also one of the more genuine products that I have looked at and as such I believe if you are serious about setting up an online business, is probably worth a look.




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