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Never heard of dropshipping, or thinking of starting a dropship business and don’t know where to start? Dropshipping is now a business model is is accepted as a way of serious online commerce, and people are using the drop ship vehicle to start business every day.

When using a dropshipper, you can also sell on eBay, or other auctions websites to make profits, from home, and on limited resources. If you have heard of the concept, but wish to know more detail about how to make it work for you, then read this review. Thousands of people all over the world are now using dropship to supplement their income, and you can do this too.

What is Dropshipping exactly?

The dropship model can probably best be explained by using a retail outlet you already know. Let’s say for example you went to your local Argos to purchase a leather chair, and then waited for the product to be delivered. Do you think Argos themselves actually hold the chair in their warehouse? Of course not, they will use a THIRD PARTY company to store, and deliver the product to your home – This is dropshipping.

How Can I Make Money From Dropshipping?

You do this in a similar way to how Argos make their money, by advertising thousands of products for sale, and then when you make a sale, the THIRD PARTY company pick, pack and deliver the product to your customer, meaning you never have to store any products, or even see any products. It is a great business model, and the THIRD PARTY company, which is the dropshipper will also supply you at trade prices, and you make YOUR money from the difference between the retail price, and the trade price.

Sounds Good, What Dropship Products Can I sell?

You can sell any products you wish. Lingerie, tools, gadgets, computer products, perfumes, etc. In fact ANY product that has a high customer attraction is what you should be aiming for. The possibilities for dropshipping products is literally endless. You simply choose what ranges you are interested in.

Where Would I Sell The Products I am Dropshipping?

This is the interesting part, because you literally have the whole globe as your customer base, and because you are not delivering the products yourself, you have no limits on where you can sell. Most people who use the dropship model sell on eBay, Amazon, or even their own website, where there is instant attention to your products.

I Understand Selling on eBay, But What about a Website?

Yes, many dropship companies now give you the option of owning your own website business, populated with the product range of your choice. This is fantastic, because not only can you use the supplier, and their products to sell on eBay, and other auctions sites, but you can use your own website that is provided to sell to the rest of the internet as well, therefore dramatically increasing your chances of great sales.




  1. corey says:

    There are lots of dropship companies out there, and make sure you always ask for samples from the dropshippers, most will oblige.

  2. reise says:

    I have done dropshipping for a good while now, and it works if you can find the right suppliers to work with.

  3. zaloha says:

    Some nice dropshipping reviews there, fellas.

  4. HC says:

    Good dropship reviews.

    Do I need a paypal account for dropshipping?


  5. Jamie Gorst says:

    I have a range of dropshipping companies which I’ve built websites for. I can plugin PayPal, WorldPay or a whole host of other payment gateways.

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