Flat Attack Review Chris Anzani

Created by Chris Anzani and operated by Winning Information Network, Flat Attack is a specialist horse racing tipster service that operates for the duration of the summer flat season.

What is the product?

Flat Attack is your chance to get consistent winning selections, and most importantly, profits, over the summer flat season according to Winning Information Network. As a service Flat Attack is rather typical of what you would expect from a tipster service, albeit possibly a touch more choosy. This is something that is reflected in the quantity of selections that are provided with most days having just one or two and even busy days generally having no more than five. This is possibly down to the selection process which Winning Information Network say is based on two different factors. The first of these is information coming from contacts in the industry, something that is described as the very best information coming from the very best contacts.

This information is then assessed by Chris Anzani with his claimed substantial experience as a professional punter seemingly forming the basis of the analysis. Flat Attack looks at a variety of bet types including each way, win bets and some doubles and other small accumulators. This is paired with the standard Winning Information Network staking plan of one to five points per bet. The strike rate for Flat Attack doesn’t look amazing at 26.76% but this doesn’t really reflect the overall results.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are two subscriptions on offer for Flat Attack which are a monthly (which runs for 28 days) subscription which costs £49 plus VAT for the period  as well as a seasonal subscription. This costs £147 plus VAT and as the name suggests, provides you with Flat Attack selections for the duration of the season. Unfortunately neither option comes with any real money back guarantee with Betfan stating that they do not typically offer refunds however they will look at all requests.

In terms of the income potential, since launching at the end of the last flat season, Flat Attack has made a profit of 443 points with 160 of those in the last five weeks of last season and 280 points made this season.

Does the product provide value for money?

If you get in at the start of the season and opt for the full thing then I definitely feel that Flat Attack represents value for money however on a month by month basis I am much less convinced.


There are various products that deal with horse racings flat season however Flat Attack is possibly one of the better options that I have looked at. The results to date are solid and most importantly they appear to be able to offer consistency which is where I feel a lot of services fall down. At the time of writing it is too late really to think about getting on board with Flat Attack however it is one I would keep in mind for next year.



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