Flippa.com Reviews Scam Websites Warning

Is Flippa.com now becoming a scam haven for people selling to the gullible, and unwary? If you are looking to buy a website business, then be very careful what you believe in and who you trust, because you might just find yourself getting bitten for thousands of ££’s.

But please be careful what you buy into…If you have been looking at starting a business from home, then no doubt you have seen the popularity of Flippa.com, which is fast becoming known as the venue for buying, and selling websites. But should you use caution? We believe you should, and here we tell you why.

Everybody wants a website business that will bring them additional income, and countless people are constantly searching the internet, day after day, looking for those illusive gems that not only carry value for money, but also generate them a passive income without too much effort.

What is Flippa.com, and Why do I need to be careful?

Flippa.com is now very popular for people searching for these money-making websites, and here is the problem; because people are actively searching, then you can bet your last pound that there will be sharks on there looking to sell you the dream.

If you have not been on Flippa, then it is a venue for buyers and sellers to promote their wares. You will often see websites being sold for tens of thousands of $$’s, and the reason for this, is usually the seller has advertised that the website being sold is making the owner a lot of money, and thus the price is high on a resale value.

The problem is, all this can be faked, and sometimes is.

The problem, is that income-generating websites create instant excitement to potential buyers, who then let their guard down as to the real potential of what is being offered. For example, if you see a website being advertised that is stated as generating $5,000 for the current owner, then you will probably be tempted (assuming you have the funds) to place a bid for such a website, of say $20,000. After all, it is only 4 months profit, so you will have gained the funds back in 4 months, then be making $60,000 a year, right?

Well, not always. You see, the sellers on Flippa.com are extremely clever, and many of the advertised aspects of revenue can be faked, for example:

  • Paypal payments can easily be faked.
  • Traffic stats can easily be faked.
  • Alexa traffic can easily be faked.
  • Google Analytics can also be faked.
  • Adsense earnings can also be easily faked.

The list is pretty much endless, and you will NEVER really know for sure, that what you are buying, is genuine, and that you have not just purchased a donkey. You need to be very, very careful here, because some of these websites are attracting tens of thousands, and the buyers are not doing their due diligence on the real potential, or current earnings. They are getting scammed, left, right and centre.

What can I do to limit the chances of being scammed on Flippa.com?

Sellers are getting banned all the time on Flippa, so just be aware that it happens

There are a few measures you can take to try and protect yourself, but as mentioned above, you can never be 100% sure that a seller is selling you a fake. There would be no worse feeling, than say, spending $5000 on a website, only for the income not to stack up when it is now in your control, and instead of making a few thousands dollars/pounds a month, you are just making a few hundred.

But, remember to check the following:

  • Have a look at the Alexa ranking yourself, of a website that is claiming high traffic. When did all the traffic start? Was it recent? If so, then it can easily drop off just as quickly as it started. And remember also, that Alexa traffic can quickly, and easily be faked using certain software tools that fabricate false visitors to the sellers website.
  • Also, check when the website was registered. If the website is only a few months old, but the seller is claiming the site is generating high revenues, then chances are that this is just a blatant lie, and that the seller is just advertising potential. Potential does not make money, facts do.
  • Start your buying small, and get a genuine feel for what is real, and not, and also make sure that you check the sellers feedback, selling history, and what else is has for sale. Many times a particular seller advertises a ‘unique’ website, only to offer the same type of website 2 weeks later, showing the same high stats. This is usually fraud, and people are getting caught out all the time on Flippa.com.

Take an interest, by all means, but be very skeptical of what you believe.

Good Luck.

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Author: Ben James

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Flippa.com Reviews Scam Websites Warning, 3.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


  1. Charlie says:

    I know what you mean about flippa.com. There are LOADS of scammers on there!!

  2. SEO Guy says:

    I nearly got scammed myself on Flippa, out of nearly $3000. It is very lucky that I checked the seller out, as he was selling the same site elsewhere under a different name.

    That was close, and you have to be on your guard on Flippa.com.

    SEO Guy

  3. scagman says:

    Loads of peeps have been scammed on flippa. Dont believe a word you read on there, as most sellers are using fake details, then close down, and just open a new account. It is scary what sellers get away with on there.

    I would advise that yo do not use flippa, r at least dont spend more than 100 on a website.

  4. Just a comic says:

    I agree about the flippa comments, you do have to be ultra careful when buying, as there are some very dodgy people on there.

  5. tvwandhalter says:

    Always ask the seller good questions on flippa.com, and check their credentials!!

  6. Sheila says:

    great post, thanks for taking the time to write it

  7. Marc says:

    I would not buy anything from Flippa in fairness, people simply do not sell websites that are making money….think about it!!

  8. Patty says:

    I very nearly got scammed once when on Flippa.com website. But luckily the seller got caught out before the sale was completed. It was another member who alerted me to a few facts.


  9. sam says:

    Thanks for the advise on this. I was looking to maybe start a website business, and did look at Flippa.com.

  10. amateur guy says:

    I have a friend who got scammed on Flippa. There was no help either from flippa afterwards. I would not buy from there now.

  11. Riccky says:

    Flippa can be ok, but as it says definitely look out for the scammers, there are loads of them on flippa.com just looking for new buyers to dupe.

  12. Sandy Sharma says:

    I have also made account on flippa. I had created my full account but after that i have seen if you want add your listing on your website. you will pay some money.But i am not aggery for that. Because if you want some charge for you service so you can charge of us but after sell or buy.Do charge in beginning i think it is not fare. So please start free service. After buy or sell you can charge.

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Rating: 3.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Flippa.com Reviews Scam Websites Warning, 3.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings