Fold 4 Gold Review Betfan Stable

Offered as part of the Betfan stable of tipsters, Fold 4 Gold is a tipster service covering a number of sports and long shot bet types.

What is the product?

Fold 4 Gold is something of a unique proposition in the tipster world as the service is designed in a way that you almost anticipate losing. What Fold 4 Gold does is provide selections for horse racing, football and other sports. The bets supplied are built around things like accumulators, multiple fold bets and lucky 15’s with other examples cropping up. This service was launched by Betfan with a view to offering a more “exciting” alternative to the usual more measured tipster services on offer. Betfan further go on to say that this allows Fold 4 Gold to appeal to more casual punters. Whilst the selection method isn’t covered in any real detail Betfan elude to bringing together some of their best tipsters although the results aren’t exactly indicative of this as I shall explore below.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Betfan charge a reasonable price for Fold 4 Gold at £19.99 per month, especially when compared to some of the more recent pricings. In terms of money back guarantee, put bluntly, there isn’t one. Betfan do not typically offer anything like this however they do say they will review requests. In terms of income, Fold 4 Gold has produced a total profit of 208.4 points of profit since its launch in November 2011.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t see Fold 4 Gold as value for money for reasons that I shall explore fully below.


Whilst Fold 4 Gold sounds like a potentially interesting alternative to your average tipster service (and it probably is). The problem however is the costs involved in that. In order to have covered your subscription costs for the service you would have to have wagered £4 per bet. With 24 losing months this soon becomes a lot of money for the occasions where it pays off. If you want to make your usual tipster service more exciting, perhaps consider doubles or accumulators based on advice from a reputable tipster. In terms of Fold 4 Gold, I just don’t see enough value as a product to warrant the expenditure.




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