Football Elite Review Matt Love

Created by Matt Love, Football Elite is a sports betting tipster service. Selections are football based covering the main five European leagues.

What is the product?

Football Elite is a tipster service that provides users with selections for English, Spanish, Italian, German and French top flight football. Matt Love offers selections that he refers to as contrarian meaning that he tips teams to win against the face of popular opinion. This is because he believes that many bets that people make in football are based on emotion or a sense that a match must clearly go one way. There are actually four different betting strategies available which are based around backing home teams to win, backing away teams to beat home favourites, bets for the lower English leagues and an ante-post system that provides long term bets. Football Elite selections are not daily due to the nature of football and should typically be sent out for the weekend.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There is a 30 day free trial on offer for all Football Elite subscribers (one per household) after which the subscription may be continued at a cost of £29.99 per month, £99.99 every 6 months or £179.99 for a year. Also provided is a pay as you win option starting with a £100 initial charge and then an additional £100 for every 10 points of profit made. Whilst this doesn’t sound like it will go very far, Football Elite is a long term betting option making 192.27 points of profit since August 2006. The other services mentioned have made 20.56 points profit since January 2012, 22.19 points profit since August 2013 and 9.21 points of profit since August 2012. These don’t look amazing but viewed as a percentile ROI, they have made 11.9%, 7.7%, 14.5% and 52.6%.

Does the product provide value for money?

I feel that if you are seeking out a long term betting strategy then Football Elite is definitely value for money.


Matt Love has put together something of an oddity in so much as the service on paper doesn’t look great. This is of course when compared with most tipster services that offer big point profits but are also rather risky. For the more conservative investor, Football Elite looks like a decent option however a reasonable sized betting bank is probably needed to justify costs.



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