Fresh Store Builder Review Carey Baird

Created by Carey Baird, Fresh Store Builder is a piece of software that automates the process of creating a store for selling through Amazon’s affiliate program.

What is the product?

Fresh Store Builder is a simple to use application that allows you to fully customise and create your own Amazon affiliate store. For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon’s affiliate program, you can earn a percentage of sales (usually up to 15%) that are made through your store. All other aspects of the transaction (such as shipping, handling etc.) are all handled through Amazon. By using Fresh Store Builder you can make your store look how you want changing colours, layouts and fonts to suit your business. You can also choose what items you want to sell with Fresh Store Builder allowing you to pick your own list out or alternatively, you can use keywords and have related products automatically listed. Another neat feature of Fresh Store Builder that helps to keep this as an automated business is that your store will automatically show the details for the product as they are listed on Amazon. This means that things like prices are automatically updated and you aren’t required to keep this up to date. As well as the software itself, Carey Baird gives away a number of bonuses with Fresh Store Builder including full training on using the software as well as access to a member’s only forum.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Fresh Store Builder is currently available for a one off charge which comes in at $97 which represents a $400 reduction on what Carey Baird claims is the normal price. This price is claimed to be for a certain time only. It is worth noting that Fresh Store Builder does come with a 30day money back guarantee. In terms of income potential I feel like there are is definitely some there however Carey Baird’s claims see a little fanciful with the creator claiming between $500 and $10,000 regularly being reported. I can just about believe the former but I would have to see some evidence of a 5 figure income and this isn’t provided.

Does the product provide value for money?

If you are in the right business then Fresh Store Builder probably does provide value for money however as I shall explore below, it is a bit of a small number.


The biggest issue with Fresh Store Builder lies in the profits that Amazon pay. Whilst they make for a great side earner for an existing business owner, getting this off the ground as a sole method of generating an income will be a difficult process. This all boils down to finding ways of driving traffic to your store. For newbies, you are unlikely to have the clout to get the numbers that you need to make it a worthwhile venture on its own whereas an existing business can simply sell related products to an existing customer base. With that in mind, Fresh Store Builder isn’t a bad product, far from it. I do however feel that Carey Baird rather undersells the work that is involved in this.



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