Glory Trader Review Summer Roberts and Frank Kerr

Created by Gregory Becker, Joseph Whiting, Summer Roberts and Frank Kerr, Glory Trader is a new platform or trading binary options, allegedly producing huge amounts of money with very little effort.

What is the product?

It has been a while since a binary options trading product has crossed my path and I wasn’t that surprised when looking at Glory Trader to see that the copy is still full of wonderful unsubstantiated claims. In terms of what Glory Trader actually entails both as a product and as a training strategy, everything is entirely automated. The “state of the art” cash generating system automatically places trades for users through a broker of Gregory Becker, Joseph Whiting, Summer Roberts and Frank Kerr’s choice. At the time of writing this is BMB however this will be subject to change. It is worth noting that whilst Glory Trader is sold as free software you will have to open a new account through the chosen broker which usually has a minimum fee (which I will look at below).

The trades are carried out based on a strict system that Gregory Becker, Joseph Whiting, Summer Roberts and Frank Kerr say they have created over time. This involves Glory Trader looking at “accurate” data (with big banks all allegedly having biased information that is wrong).

Because Glory Trader is entirely online it means that users can use the software anywhere that they have an internet connection. Outside of this there is very little information of claim made which is rather typical for products like Glory Trader.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

As mentioned earlier, strictly speaking Glory Trader is an entirely free product as there is no payment for the software/services. There is however the small fact of the minimum deposit that BMB have in place which is $250 at present. You will however be encouraged to start out by depositing more than this, allegedly so that you can make more money in the first few weeks.

Naturally there is no money back guarantee in place for this deposit. In terms of the income potential, the sky is seemingly the limit with testimonials that range from a few thousand dollars extra each month all the way to claims of making more than $1 million in a month. Not at all surprisingly, these claims aren’t really backed up by any real evidence.

Does the product provide value for money?

I see nothing about Glory Trader that I would consider value for money and in fact, I would recommend actively avoiding the product.


There are a number of different binary options products on the market and I have looked at more than a few of them. As with Glory Trader there is often very little evidence that binary options trading really works.

This kind of product is in fact mainly there to make the marketer money by signing users up as new referrals through binary brokers. This is why even if you have an existing account with the same broker, Glory Trader still makes you create a new account. This is the purpose of Glory Trader and products like it and as such the actual usability is secondary and the most likely event is that users lose out on money.



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