Golf Profiteer Review

Allegedly operated by a tipster called Carl, Golf Profiteer is a golf based tipping service that claims to be able to profit by betting in certain markets.

What is the product?

Golf Profiteer is a golf based tipster service that according to “Carl” the creator, makes specialised selections in the “wonderful” sport of golf. In terms of the selection process Golf Profiteer allegedly draws on Carl’s “natural flair for golfing profits”. Furthermore, the whole process is claimed to be based around a ratings system that incorporates physical and mental attributes which are then compared with various external factors. All of this sounds pretty impressive however as I shall explore below, I am pretty sure that I’ve heard some of this before now (literally verbatim). In terms of the service, it is claimed that Golf Profiteer will send out tips 6 days a weeks with staking advised upon subscribing.


Because of the focus of Golf Profiteer, the majority of your bets will be on longer odds (including 100/1 bets) which are usually each way although some are straight wins. You would expect a low strike rate for this kind of system but I was not at all surprised to find that Golf Profiteer does not have any proofing, nor are any claims made.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

At just £19 for a year, Golf Profiteer seems like a really cheap tipster service that is offering exceptional value however I have a number of doubts about this. I shall at this point highlight that Golf Profiteer does technically come with a money back guarantee however this is only referred to in a banner on the site with payment processed via Paypal. This means that any money back guarantee would leave you in the owner’s hands. In terms of income, there are no specific claims made about Golf Profiteer which fits with my theory on the origins of this product.

Does the product provide value for money?

I don’t believe for one minute that Golf Profiteer does represent value for money and I would actively recommend avoiding the service.


Having recognised a few choice words from the copy for Golf Profiteer, I was surprised to find that it is taken word for word from an old Betfan service, Golf Bet Profits. This is evidenced in the fact that Golf Profiteer makes reference to 2013 being a good year for golf betting, despite the fact that the website that hosts the service wasn’t launched until December 2014. Unfortunately the website for Golf Bet Profits is no longer operational however there does appear to be another Betfan product from the same tipster that reuses some of the copy which you can see there. The fact is that there is a lot about Golf Profiteer that strikes me as questionable, from the fact that payment takes you through an oil and gas investment website to the idiosyncratic text that links the copy to a previous product.

The lack of proofing is the nail in the coffin and as such, I would personally recommend avoiding Golf Profiteer, even at such a reasonable sounding price.



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