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Offered as a part of the Betfan stable of products, In the Know is a horse racing tipster service that uses last minute selections to provide the most up to date data.

What is the product?

In the Know is something of a different tipster service to many that I look at in that it provides only occasional tips (around 4 per month), typically sent out an hour before the race begins via SMA. According Betfan this is because the tipster behind In the Know makes his selections based around last minute information about the runners in a given race. With a strike rate of 45.67% for combined win and place bets with some very good odds getting into double figures (according to BSP) there may well be something to this. This is further evidenced in the fact that In the Know has not had a losing month since June 2014.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

The downside to In the Know lies in the price. At £70 per month there are plenty of services that charge half this. There is no money back guarantee in place either although being a Betfan product they do state that they will review refund requests (although they are not typically granted). In terms of income In the Know doesn’t do terribly. In fact with a total of 384.44 points over the period proofed In the Know looks like it does very well. This works out at an average 76.88 points which is very competitive.  It is only on further investigation that these figures are based on 4 point stakes which I feel is actually misleading. This means that using 1 point stakes (which is likely more affordable for most people) your monthly average would drop to just 19.33 points.

Does the product provide value for money?

On reflection I don’t believe that In the Know does provide value for money for reasons I shall explore below.


If you take away the four point stakes, In the Know is actually a very average service. This would be fine at £35 per month but at twice that I simply don’t see how In the Know represents an attractive package. The fact is that for the monthly costs involved you could start a tidy little portfolio that would likely produce better results for the same money.




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