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Created by David Guindon, Interest Architect is a product designed to help you to identify keywords for niches you can target through Facebook marketing.

What is the product?

Interest Architect is a piece of software that has been created to enable users to find niche keywords for use in Facebook marketing. David Guindon has set Interest Architect up so that users can instantly scour a number of websites based off a keyword of your choosing. The websites that Interest Architect looks at range from obvious things like Facebook fan pages to IMDB, Wikipedia, websites and even sites like Amazon (for finding brands) and books/magazines. Using these websites Interest Architect will then return a more specific search term for you (for example searching for fishing on IMDB will return films that are on the subject of fishing). David Guindon goes on to say that by using these more specific tags you can market to a more specific niche with a view to finding the right audience for what you want to offer. It is worth noting at this point that Interest Architect is designed to tie into Facebook’s marketing which does unfortunately make the product rather restrictive. As a bonus product, you also get Social Port Browser, a piece of software that David Guindon  says allows you to reverse engineer other advertising campaigns on Facebook and see what sales tactics they are using and how you can apply them to your own campaigns.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

David Guindon is selling Interest Architect for the rather high ticket price of $147 (although it is said that this price may increase without notice, this seems to be nothing more than a clumsy marketing strategy). There is a money back guarantee in place if you aren’t happy with Interest Architect however this is only vendor backed. In terms of the income potential, there aren’t any claims made, nor are there any testimonials to give you a ballpark figure. Realistically, I wouldn’t come into Interest Architect expecting too much in terms of returns. This isn’t a direct money making product per se and so whilst I would expect to see some improvement, this is probably difficult to put a dollar value on.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally I don’t believe that Interest Architect does represent value for money. I feel that it is far too expensive for what the product actually does.


I personally feel that when you’re looking at a product there are two key questions that need to be asked. The first is whether it does what it says, the second is whether or not this really adds value. In the case of Interest Architect, it certainly does what it says, whether or not this adds any value is much less black and white and unfortunately, I don’t believe so. First and foremost is that for ever keyword that Interest Architect finds that is beneficial you will also get a lot of irrelevant results and whilst these can be filtered, there is still a pretty frustrating error margin. Even as a research tool, I see Interest Architect as more of an interesting idea rather than a genuinely practical solution to identifying niches and at almost $150, I just don’t see it as being enough.



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