King of Jumps Review Mark Cadwell Tipster

Created by Mark Cadwell, King of Jumps is a seemingly new horse racing tipster service that provides specialist selections for the UK and Irish National Hunt Season.

What is the product?

King of Jumps I seemingly a rather typical tipster service with the copy rarely feeling the need to embellish what is involved. According to Mark Cadwell (the apparently self proclaimed King of the Jumps), King of Jumps subscribers can expect selections each day with him making reference to his “fantastic daily service”. Subscribers can typically expect around 90 selections per month according to the sales material for King of Jumps which amounts to around 3 per day as an average. All bets are advised as “value” win bets and “big” each way bets with a level staking plan. There is unfortunately no discussion about what the selection process entails however.

This is particularly bothersome for me given all that Mark Cadwell really has to say about his service is that he has allegedly been running it for 4 years (this is despite the fact that the website was only registered and uploaded less than 2 weeks ago). One of the key issues that I have with this lack of information on the selection process is that King of Jumps comes with no proofing.

Again, for a service that has allegedly been operational one way or another (apparently under different names), you would expect some kind of results to be on offer, even if they were just the last 12 months. This lack of proofing makes all claims rather doubtful in my eyes, especially in terms of the claimed strike rate which over the last 12 months allegedly averages 30.82%.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are two payment options available for King of Jumps. The first of these is a monthly subscription which costs £19.95 per month (with a discounted rate of just £4.95 for your first month) or alternatively you can get tips for the year for just £49.95.

Because Mark Cadwell is selling King of Jumps through Clickbank this means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place too. In terms of the income potential for King of Jumps, the service has allegedly made 233.28 points of profit. Based off around 1000 bets this makes for a reasonable ROI (about 25%) however again, there is nothing to back these claims up.

Does the product provide value for money?

Personally, I don’t see any value for money in King of Jumps at all.


There are a number of tipster services on the market and as I’ve said on a number of occasions, the most reputable one will provide some kind of evidence. Unfortunately King of Jumps doesn’t do anything in this regard and that is a huge red flag. That having been said I can see where there is some appeal to the service, namely the price and the fact that there is a money back guarantee in place.

For me however this isn’t enough to warrant investment in a service and on a personal level, I would consider other services before King of Jumps.



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