Reviews. Scam Auctions, or Genuine?

There has been much debate around the internet for the last couple of years regarding, and their online ‘auction’ website, which many people online are calling a scam, and not to bother. What are your thoughts? Have you used

When you initially look at the auction website, it all looks good, flashing low prices, refreshing, etc. etc. is all designed to lure potential customers in, in a similar way to which a gambling website does.

What is

If you visit the website, the first thing you will notice, is that very many popular products with a low number underneath them, which without a doubt, is designed to make the viewer think that there is the potential to purchase the product, or bid for the product, and maybe even win the bid, at such a low price.

Do people win products with low bids?

Well, if you think about it, any website offering those type of products, will have to make sure that there is evidence that people do actually win at low prices, but you also need to be aware, that is a business, not a charity, and although their main focus will be to make sure the website is highly profitable, they also need to make sure that there are enough ‘winners’ to ensure the legal people are satisfied without sniffing around too much, or asking too many questions.

Can you just make a bid, similar to eBay?

No, of course you cannot, because is not your typical bidding website, they make you pay to bid, which is most definitely where they make their money. And when you see some of the prices on the home page, it is easy to see why many people could quickly be enticed to buy ‘bidding packs’ to make a bid.

So, is a scam?

We will obviously not open ourselves up to confirm such a statement, but we do feel that the website is designed to receive more money than it pays out in bids. You simply need to be fully aware of what is happening here. In our opinion, we feel the chances of you ever winning one of these auctions are slim, to none, and that if you base your decisions around the prices that are shown on the website, when deciding to buy your ‘bidding packs’, then you will probably be very disappointed.

Would you advise people to use

Personally, no chance, it is a business website, with a designed theme around potential, not reality. There is no transparency, and unless you can see the facts behind the scene, then you can never REALLY know what is happening. The odds of you winning anything of value, is probably similar to a general lottery, which in effect, is what is. Highly hyped, and designed to attract sales of bids, and how valid these bids really are? That is open to debate.


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Rating: 3.3/10 (33 votes cast)
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Rating: -13 (from 19 votes) Reviews. Scam Auctions, or Genuine?, 3.3 out of 10 based on 33 ratings


  1. SusanT says:

    Do NOT use this website, is a total waste of time, I bought loads of bids, and never won anything.

  2. Jimbo says:

    hahahaha,, or should that be madbid.CON. Don’t fall for it, waste of money.


  3. Bike Pig says:

    Been there, and tried madbid. Total waste. The wife went mad at me for wasting money on it.

    I never won anything!

  4. Bidding assasin says:

    I have tried mad bid a few times over the last few months and never got a sniff of a win.

    As the admin says, they will probably make their money from bidding on the auctions, and the participants don’t win often enough to make it viable.

    Just my 2 cents

  5. Malcolm Allan Humphriss says:

    I am 67years old and new to the web, so I treated myself to a tablet!. Whilst I was playing. With my new toy I came across guess who YES MADBID, SO Being a customer of bid TV I-thought ha ha this is a good site to trust . SO I studied the game play and decided to play the 9.99 game!!!, so I played and placed my bids. I After a while my credits kept increasing ?, then alarms started to ring. I said to my wife I’m going to ring my bank to church my balance guess WHAT-my 9.99 turned into 49.99. IF You WANT to KNOW What action I took to get my money back and what mad bid said to me when I asked for my money back!!! , you can call me on 07842523396, malcolm, birminham

    • Daniel says:

      Hy it happent hi took for for my Acount 175£ without my permissions after I realised it was on term on condition but it is not fear and I call my bank I recover my money and wat do you think can recover back madbit the money?

  6. Smith says:

    Pure (moderator removed word for libelous reasons) stay away they will ruined your life and your money which u earn after so much hard work 500 poud lost already please please stay away

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Rating: 3.3/10 (33 votes cast)
VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: -13 (from 19 votes) Reviews. Scam Auctions, or Genuine?, 3.3 out of 10 based on 33 ratings